As I write this it is a cold Friday morning, I am sitting indoors, watching the finale of season 5 of “The Great Canadian Baking Show” thanks to YouTube uploads, while drinking some cheap coffee. Did you know that there is also a “The Great American Baking Show” that was filmed in Britain? Seriously. The same YouTuber is uploading those episodes as well.

Yesterday’s “accomplishments” were getting a haircut, and spending money at Kroger and Publix buying things that are either essentials or were part of some rebate offer. I guess I can take credit for the three mile walk I did yesterday as well.

The census mail I mentioned yesterday appears to be authentic. Apparently my household was “randomly selected” for some sort of annual data collection survey. Sure, another survey for which I will receive no money… *eye roll*

This morning I will go down to the basement and mount the trainer for an hour. This should do well towards attaining my daily exercise goals, even if I don’t do any choring this afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of choring to be done in WLF, I am just not sure that I want to get into it today.

Starting tonight a cold front is supposed to blow through town; the predicted lows for the morning are in the 20s, with a windchill making it feel as if it is ten degrees colder. While the routine Saturday morning walks with Betsy and Bella usually don’t get delayed due to weather, the predicted temperatures may mean that we might take a break for a week. Though, tomorrow afternoon may be a hashing day. Yes, it will be cold in Newnan too, but hashing with temperatures in the 30s is not that unusual.

Sunday will most definitely be a hashing day because Black Sheep’s start is not far from the ITP Estate, and is also not far from the are in which Bonnie and I have laid trails in the past four months. The start may be too far to run over our trails, but it’s in an interesting part of town that I have looked at over the years but have shied away due to parking concerns.

Hope you have had a good week, and that a happy and healthy weekend lies ahead.

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11 Responses to 2022-01-28

  1. Steve says:

    Another quiet day, yesterday. As my foot is still adjusting to the shot of 2 days ago, there was no exercise.

    The part for my scooter was supposed to arrive yesterday but did not. Hopefully today.

    My new glasses arrived and the script is spot on. As my eyes are getting better over time, this is a weaker script, but with just the right mag for close up. I suppose I will be on only readers at some point.

    The section of road where the Amazon drivers like to get stuck (3 in the last year) which is not navigable without 4WD now has a new sign at the start of the dirt section- BRIDGE OUT! I laughed. The dead end sign has been there for some time and has not saved them. Maybe an additional “No Through Traffic” would help. We shall see.

    I did cook a Martha Stewart (of course we are calling it Martha Screwit) meal last night. Too much work, ingredients not bagged together, directions sort of confusing- “prepare this item now, but don’t use it for 3 more steps!” WTF, O? We will stick with Gobble or Home Chef.


  2. Bonnie says:

    Nice evening catching up with my girlfriend. For COVID reasons we sat outside. I finally had to declare my feet were frozen and I needed to go home while I could still move them. I will be choring today until at least early afternoon.

  3. Forgot to mention that the new Pinegrove album “11:11” dropped today. I was expecting to see them perform at The Eastern tonight, but once again The Pandemic has ruined plans and their tour has been postponed.

  4. Hour on the trainer done! (I love being unemployed) *high five* Now, shower.

    • There are two problems with having exercised and showered by 10:00
      1. I am hungry but it’s too early for lunch.
      2. It’s highly unlikely that I will go out and sweat doing chores this afternoon.

  5. Steve says:

    Lunch was a “Spicy Korean Pork Bowl” from Gobble. Fairly quick and tasty!

    GCN viewers- CX worlds coverage starts at 1:20. Team mixed relay- should be fun to watch.

  6. In from watering WLF with water collected from recent rain, man that water is cold!

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