There is good exercise and bad exercise.

Yesterday morning I experienced the former by doing some hand sawing of limbs and then afterward taking a walk to Glenwood Park Kroger in order to buy a couple items.

Yesterday afternoon I experienced the latter. My first frustration was self-inflicted because I forgot to tell the Ibotta app that I bought the cheese for which I’d get the purchase price refunded. I have contacted Ibotta and am waiting to see if I will receive a refund. [update: I wrote that bit last night, as of this morning I have been informed that the refund has been processed.] The second frustration came at the virtual hands of the Girl Scouts. I was attempting to buy some cookies online. I thought I’d be brilliant by turning my $20 cream cheese gift card into $20 in cookies but the form required a name on the card; this was the problem I experienced trying to use the gift card at Amazon. Still wanting to buy cookies I decided to get them using my credit card, but when the form refused to correctly handle auto fill, it kept inserting asterisks for numbers in the credit card number field, I got frustrated and gave up. This is how I will lose weight, right?

Last night’s Betsy dinner was fake chicken enchiladas. No matter if you read that as “fake” chicken enchiladas, or “fake chicken” enchiladas you are correct because it was a non-authentic attempt at the meal using fake chicken meat as the protein. Even though I took liberties with the recipe, the meal was quite delicious.

I am amazed each time I try to check an eBook out from the library. No matter how obscure the title I wish to check out, there seems to be other people waiting for it. The title in this instance is “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” written in the early 1960s by a woman named Jane Jacobs. I discovered the book while reading another book called “The Columbus Anthology”. There is one copy of the book in the Dekalb Library system, it is checked out, and there are two other people ahead of me in the hold queue.

It appears that the woman who cuts my hair has either changed her mind about quitting the business, or has delayed her closure. Either way, I am seeing her this morning for a haircut. Woot.

Depending on what I hear from Bonnie about her plan for the evening I will most likely attempt to do a little more choring in WLF and then either tuck into some leftovers or make a pizza for dinner.

Hope that your week has been good and you are remaining healthy.

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  1. According to my USPS Informed Delivery email I am getting something from the US Census Bureau today. Why? Is this bullshit spam acting as an official mailing? Anyone else get/getting this?

    Apparently here’s what I should do to ensure it is authentic.

  2. Steve says:

    A fairly quiet day. Debbie went and hunted while I worked. I left my hunt radio on, just in case they got nearby. They only have a limited range and I heard bits and pieces, but they really weren’t close.

    My correct part for the scooter should arrive today. The wrong part is on it’s way back after a stop at the PO on the way to the podiatrist. The doc shot my foot once again and the results today are sort of sore. He said it might need another, but it might be done. I have another appt, but will likely cancel it.

    My trip to Nashville next Tuesday is on. My “normal” hotel had prices double most everyone else. I think there must be a hockey game happening. Oh well, a Doubletree will have to do.

    I was surprised to watch Jeopardy last night and see her streak end. She wiffed the final (The only country whose name ends in an H?) and I was like, “Really??”


  3. Bonnie says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t just manually type your credit card number into the Girl
    Scout form when auto fill didn’t work. Wait, I can. *Kiss emoji* But like you said, you’ll be skinnier (and I will be fatter).

    I spent my cream cheese $20 on Amazon by purchasing a $20 Amazon digital gift card for myself. It worked. I was Googling issues with spending digital cards and that was a hack provided.

    I am going to Wendy’s tonight for girls night. I am therefore free tomorrow afternoon/evening.

    Yesterday I ran a sloooow 5K. I can’t remember the last time I ran that wasn’t a hash.

    Trying to decide if I’ll make the trek down to Newnan for the hash Saturday. I could drive and try my new non-alcoholic beer! The hash sounds like it will be a fun one. Except that the high is only 36!

  4. Steve says:

    And the final Jeopardy question: What is Bangladesh.

    It seemed pretty easy to me as well. But then they are like that when you know the answer. I’ve thought about applying to the show, but then they have a category of something pop culture and I’m so out of it.

    I see where the Saturday trail is “in the ‘hood” but I don’t know what the plan is for this weekend. And my foot hurts…

  5. Barb says:

    Its massage night here at the Grove household.
    It has been way too long!!!! Can’t wait!

    Saw there is now a Tai Chi class at the Y these days, Allan took a class at Penn State & liked it, so he’s going to the Y to check it out this morning. Now that I’m starting to get in the groove here working, I’m going to try to start getting back to the stretch & yoga classes.

    Allan works Saturday, so not sure if we will make the trek to Newnan. I’m sure it will be a fun trail. And- now you get both AH4 & PH3 credit for any trail – I’ll finally get my Pine Lake mug someday!

    Is there a start for Black Sheep yet?

    • From BSH3:

      Boy, do I have a great trail for y’all, or do I have a great trail for y’all? Cum on out and find out! Hint: it rhymes with “chess.” Or is it “snow?”

      That’s right – it’s Black Sheep time! No, not NOW, silly, take your shoes off.

      When? Sunday, January 30th. Gather at 1:30PM. On-Out at 2PM. Pretend to give the hare 5 minutes at 2:02PM.

      Where? Rosel Fann Recreation Center, 365 Cleveland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30354

      How? Find those shoes you just took off. Bring a change of hosiery, and $10 for climate-controlled beer.

      Trail is dog friendly. Maybe even hasher friendly.


  6. Home from a busy morning. I need to get exercise, not sure if my farm choring will get me enough. May go out for a walk, or mount the trainer instead.

    • Steve says:

      I got a good 50 minutes last night, but my right ankle decided to act up. I had to clip out and shake it out a few times- weird. My left foot is sore to walk on after the appointment yesterday, but is getting better as the day goes on. Might walk later as well.

  7. Back from a three mile walk. Still have some calories to burn to get awarded for “movement” but I should be able to get there by bedtime.

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