The rain has arrived. It’s not a heavy rain, but will probably create enough runoff to refill my trash can rain barrel.

Yesterday’s WLF choring didn’t accomplish nearly all I had hoped. Once again a seemingly quick project, leveling the red clay in the farmland into which I will place a raised garden bed, is taking me longer than I expected. I spent at least two hours struggling to get the plot (almost) level, encountering tree roots along the way. Amusingly, as if it anticipated me to be out digging again, a small bird visited me, hovering around, looking for breakfast. I didn’t get around to sewing any seeds, but I did transplant a handful of Swiss chard plants that lasted surprisingly long in seed trays; I hope the plants accept their new surroundings and grow big and strong. For whatever reason, critters don’t seem to eat Swiss chard to the degree that they tuck into my broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce. Due to my inability to get outside today I think that I will do a little more garden planning — the plants I want to have ready for spring, and how I anticipate protecting them from being destroyed by Nature.

To take advantage of the dry, but chilly, weather I walked up to the Madison Yards Publix yesterday to buy some BOGO items. Strava once again failed to accurately record my walk. I’ll continue to use the platform to keep up with my friends’ activities, but I shall no longer use it for recording my walks. I used the Wahoo Fitness app for the walk home, and it recorded my walk flawlessly. My chore earned me three miles of walking.

Of course I went to Betsy’s last night. She made us a gnocchi and Brussels sprouts dish, served with a mixed greens salad; it was tasty. We watched two episodes of a show on Netflix called “Chef’s Table” which came out in 2019.

Today I will me mounting the trainer to get my exercise. In order to provide an entertaining distraction I will watch the first episode of the latest season of the “The Amazing Race”, which I purchased yesterday in iTunes. Look at me, buying things on iTunes like it’s 2005… No spoilers, please.

To fill my belly I have already made a pan of eggs with tempeh bacon. I was shocked to find that I had eaten all of the breakfast casserole that I baked earlier in the week, so I had to whip up something. Lunch today will be leftover hotdog/bean casserole, and I *think* dinner will be frozen pizza.
“Must use food already purchased” is February’s mantra.

Hope you are all doing well.

HBD to my one and only brother, “Ronnie” to me, “Bill” to the rest of you lot.

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22 Responses to 2022-02-03

  1. Thirty consecutive days of Duolingo! Yay me!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday I stayed home all day. Blah. I prepared a
    Cooking Light “Nutty Fried Rice” for dinner.

    I get to stay home today to accept a signature-required package of the husband’s that is expected to be delivered by noon. I may also have to wait for an additional package of his that is expected by 6pm. TBD. Good thing it’s raining, but I did have some things I had thought about getting out and doing today.

  3. Bob says:

    I’m watching Amazing race this season too. There is a couple of You-Tubers from Raleigh that I have been watching on and off for a few years racing. It’s fun to watch because it’s almost like I know somebody on the show.

  4. Steve says:

    Glad to be back home. Late yesterday, my boss called, along with my partner Sam, to discuss issues the BIG boss was having with Teams. It’s always a network problem when you can’t get your application to behave.

    A good 45 minutes on the trainer last night watching another episode of “Chef’s”. This chef lives on an island in the middle of nowhere, Patagonia! Cooks with a lot of open fires. Interesting. Not sure how he translate that to a restaurant…

    Happy Birthday rBoInnLiLe!


  5. Using some of my store-bought ingredients to bake a pumpkin bread. And, using the oven to help heat the ITP Estate.

  6. Barb says:

    Yesterday was my niece’s birthday – 22 years old on 2/2/22. I’m guessing she got some birthday drinks last night.

    We had the in-laws over for dinner – decided to make meatloaf. I suggested 2 or 3 smaller meatloafs, but Allan made a big one, so we needed to have guests. Always good to catch up with them, they live across the street, but we don’t really talk much.

    Tomorrow I need to go to Jackson at 1130, picking up some vitamin gummies. Can’t remember how long the test will take, but eventually I’ll get $75. (started marking the $ amount in my calendar reminder, since I tend to forget what I’ll get paid)

  7. Rats, just failed to get into a tortilla tasting at Curion on 2/17.

  8. Barb says:

    vitamin gummies picked up – get to taste/take a different one every day for 6 days & answer the questions. In a week I get $75. Should be interesting. took almost exactly an hour to drive there, get the packet, answer the same questions I did online to get in, then get back home.

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