I made it through another Valentines Day as a singleton loser — my eighteenth consecutive!

I spent all of yesterday puttering around the house whilst allowing my knee to recover. The “highlights” of my day included taking out the trash and recycling (turns out I’m should have lugged my two yard bags to the curb since the City inexplicably picked up yard waste on two consecutive weeks), making all-new breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, washing dishes, and realizing how far away I am from being employable (answer: super very far away).

Breakfast was a twist on a Paulie favorite, a breakfast casserole. For this experiment I used English muffin halves as the bread base, vegetarian chicken patties as the meat (my freezer contains many), and cream cheese for the cheese topping. The result was good, the eggs baked in the nooks and crannies of the muffins (as well as in the gaps between them). The only improvement would be to use a cheese which melts better, say shredded cheddar or parmesan.

For lunch I made a batch of elbow macaroni, and then mixed in a jar of Clancy’s (one of Aldi’s house brand I believe) Cheese Dip, which is more like Velveeta than a dip, and a packet of buffalo wing sauce that I didn’t use when I baked the Field Roast chicken nuggets with which it was packages.

Dinner was made using four Field Roast sausages mixed into a preparation of Zatarian’s Dirty Rice.

Part of my entertainment last night was watching episode 5 of this season’s “The Amazing Race”. Through no fault of the TAR crew this will definitely not be my favorite season. Too many teams, some of which I think were very strong, didn’t return, and some of the remaining teams will fare better than they should because of this. I won’t provide spoilers as there are still two episodes available that I have not watched. It always amuses me how editing can really affect my mood toward teams. As of the restart there are two teams I like, two teams that I don’t mind, and three I despise. Feel free to guess which is which in the comments, but please don’t spoil anything which occurs in the two episodes I’ve yet to watch.

Today I will do more house puttering, and perhaps go for a long walk later this afternoon. You’ll see below that I need to start eating less and exercising more. If my knee hurts I need to find exercise which doesn’t require its complete participation. My secondary goal is to not drive anywhere again today, as tomorrow I will be motoring to Sandy Springs knocking out a shitload of errands along the way. But wait, that’s tomorrow’s blog…

Hope you had a good day yesterday, and will continue that trend today.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 190.0 pounds (+2.4 from last week’s weigh-in); dangen! Funny thing, I felt thick all day yesterday so I was not surprised to read that the scale was not my friend this morning. Time to rectify this, even while protecting my knee from further injury.

I solved today’s Wordle in three!
(Wordle emoji deleted because WordPress sucks now)

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19 Responses to 2022-02-15

  1. Steve says:

    Tanner is no longer a stallion, but a gelding. I’m sorry son, it was not my idea. The vet also gave Ceili an injection in her hips with an impressively long needle (>10″) that he fed down into her hips from her backbone. Something else to watch!

    After riding some of the gravel route, I am considering riding my mountain bike instead of the CX. Mostly for the suspension. I gave it a bit of a tune and a lot of cleaning last night. The front suspension needs… something and I might be out on the Youtubes to find it.

    Dinner last night was from Gobble and was a house specialty… schnitzel! Complete with spetzle and red cabbage slaw. It was a big hit! (not as good as mine, but still good).


    • That’s a very cruel thing to do on VD! Lol

      Your array of food services boggles my mind. That meal sounds delicious to me however.

      • Steve says:

        Gobble seems to be the vendor of choice. We told Martha to take a hike and Home Chef was just a bit more work than Gobble.

        It was not intended as a VD day celebration, that’s for sure. I haven’t look in on him this morning, but last night he didn’t seem that worse for wear..

  2. Bob says:

    I’ll guess!
    You like the boys and the flight attendants, you tolerate the you tubers and the twins, and you dislike the father/daughter and other couple? Although I may have switched the you tubers and flight attendants.

    Day 3 and I can almost look to the left, couple more days and I should be good to go.

    • I’ll confirm/deny this afternoon. Lol

    • Barb says:

      I find the twins annoying. You Tuber Penn plays to the camera too much, but he’s entertaining. Father & Daughter – they just do dumb stuff too much. We watched the most current episode last night, so we are caught up.

      • Bob says:

        The twins are very annoying and the Father/Daughter don’t stand a chance, like you said they do too much dumb stuff. I’m rooting for Penn and Kim, they may be corny but I have sort of been following them since they made their first viral video. They are definitely a you tube success story and seem like people I would hang out with.

    • Bonnie says:

      That’s exactly what happened to me!

  3. Barb says:

    We cooked up some Mahi last night, and I found some heart shaped pasta at Aldi (or Lidl, or Home Goods) so had it was the Rao’s spicy marinara (jarred sauce). People have been talking about how good the Rao’s brand is, so thought I’d try it. It was very tasty. I may quit making my own sauce, I never really have perfected it anyway.
    Hadn’t had asparagus in a while, and found out it was the veggie of choice by the photos of dinners I saw last night.

    At 1045 I get my next round of gummies at Jackson – this time its immunity support, and $60. Guess I’m taking an early lunch.

  4. Barb says:

    New gummies picked up, last one was 6 days worth for $75, this one is only 2 days worth for $60. Worth the trip over there for sure! Fill out a survey every morning, & get vitamins to take. I could do as many of these as they can give me.

    We are going to see Death on the Nile tonight – newest Kenneth Branagh movie. I remember reading Agatha Christie books so long ago, I think it should be good.
    We like the $5 Tuesday deal, and we haven’t gotten around to going to a movie in months. A friend started going to get Mexican food 1st, then the movie a few months ago, decided to join him. If I get stuck working a little late, there’s always food (& beers) at the theatre.

  5. Just did a 4.5 mile walk to Publix and back. Because Strava kept losing data I switched to Wahoo Fitness, which failed to record my map data today. Dangen!

  6. Teams I Like:
    – wrongly jailed bro
    – YouTubers

    Teams I Tolerate:
    – flight attendants
    – Buffalo cops (even though they are statistically the worst team to ever compete)

    Teams I Despise:
    – twins
    – father and daughter
    – husband who keeps yelling at wife

    Teams Which Did Not Return
    – probably no long get together newly daters (mid-pack at best)
    – married men couple (thought they’d do well)
    – heroes on a train (probably top three?)
    – Caucasian man / Asian woman married couple (mid-pack at best)

    • Bob says:

      I think it will be interesting, the bros have speed and strength but the youtubers have age and wisdom and have heavily prepared for the race. It will be fun to see how it plays out.
      The dating couple that had never spent any time together was painful to watch. There is zero chance they are still together.

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