Well, you win some, you lose some.

I was having a very good weekend until I tweaked my knee running Black Sheep yesterday; it’s still bothersome this morning. The pain is not exactly where my torn meniscus pain was, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is not another major injury and that with some rest all will be okay. Regardless, it means that I definitely won’t be choring today, nor hashing tonight. BTW, Bob, your Invisible Man outfit was spot on yesterday. :-p

On Saturday night I sat around my firepit with some friends. After 10:00pm we saw two opossums waddling across the fence line. Turns out, opossum like to eat vegetables too, so they are probably another species dining at WLF as if it were a free buffet.

As if I needed another indication that I don’t fit into to the current society I was bored and completely not entertained by the Super Bowl halftime show. I’m sure if rap and hip hop are your thing it was good, but they are not my thing. From where did 50 Cent come? I didn’t know who he was, and no news article before the show mentioned him.

Not being a fan of either team I didn’t have any investment in the game, and only watched the first half. I just read that the Rams won, of course, because that gives the “Dawg Nation” something else to brag about since Matthew Stafford is one of theirs. Was it a good game? From the article I read I sounds as if it was. Not even the commercials interested me… I believe Super Bowl commercials have jumped the shark.

Over the weekend I heard about another way to earn a little money, a service called “User Testing”. A service critiquing websites seems right up my alley, but of course I was rejected. I don’t even think that they knew that I am over 50, white, and male. The just flat out didn’t want me. Good news for you Bonnie as it probably means that you will be accepted since we never seem to get accepted for the same things.

I nearly failed at Wordle today, getting the word on my last attempt.

This morning I finally got notification from the Post a office that my free COVID tests are on their way. I was beginning to think that was going to be a lost cuause.

All my failures on Valentines Day; how apropos.

Hope that you had a good weekend and all is going well on your end.

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21 Responses to 2022-02-14

  1. Steve says:

    After a long afternoon and evening in the orifice, we pulled the plug on the cutover. The vendor could not see our equipment and didn’t have a clue as to why. Sadly, this is not the first time they couldn’t get their act together. You’d think that a customer like us would get the best service, but no.

    Saturday there was a little scooter ride, some chores, then met Meg and Ella (Debbie’s college roommate and daughter) for dinner.

    Sunday, I took the scooter over to the Border Wars Gravel route. After getting Ride with GPS to accept my payment, I could follow the course. And while my off road skills are good, I learned you cannot bunny hop a 600 lbs. motorcycle. Not that my reflexes didn’t try. And even with the GPS working fine, the turns weren’t always clear. And apparently there is a bridge out early on that the course still is running over. I wasn’t going to try to get through on the scooter. I finally realized I was being foolish riding this alone and came home.

    We watched the Superb Owl to the bitter end. We didn’t have a dog in the fight, but were rooting for Cincy (Skyline chili). There were just a couple of clever ads.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m listening to Dr. Dre on Spotify this morning. *Grin* I do like some 80s/90s/2000s rap, mostly the earlier years.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Paulie, I did indeed fail my UserTesting application test (“it wasn’t quite what they were looking for” LOL), but they are going to give me another chance.

    • “Unfortunately, we’ve determined that you don’t meet the testing requirements of our customers.

      Thanks for taking the time to apply, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”

      Sometimes I feel like a complete loser. 🙁

      • Bonnie says:

        Well you can console with this loser who can’t qualify for Newton X because I don’t have a linkedin account…

        • Create one. I don’t know if Newton X will contact you since you are not a nerd, however.

          • Bonnie says:

            It’s funny—part of my job was training people how to best utilize their LinkedIn accounts. I was locked out of my old one and I had a fake one for training and testing purposes. I suppose I should work on it someday…

  4. Bonnie says:

    My next door neighbor’s house is for sale if anyone knows any nice folks looking for intown digs in Glenwood Park.

  5. Bob says:

    I hated to miss coming out to see you all yesterday. Being an old man now and susceptible to “sleeping injuries” I somehow pulled a muscle in my neck while sleeping Saturday. I was couch ridden pretty much all day which really sucked. At least you all had a nice day for hashing.

    • Except for getting injured it was a decent day, if not a bit cold at circle.

      Hope you are feeling right as rein rain today.

    • Steve says:

      As the guy who can create vertigo just by rolling over in bed, I can relate. Hope you’re better today.

    • Barb says:

      I could not get motivated Sunday – I guess I was too social on Saturday.
      I did rally to go to PantyWaste’s house to watch the Superbowl, but that took effort. Good to see old hasher friends, Enema, Saddle Sores, Dumb BUF, Cowtipper, Silver Shig & his wife. We told Enema we are having a fire pit party at his house, he just looked at us funny. I don’t they have ever used it, so my guess is we’d need to bring firewood.

      And- I’ve had sleeping injuries, but I usually blame them on whatever I did the day before.

    • Bonnie says:

      A pulled neck muscle was why I had to skip the last Wheelhopper! I have no idea how I did it. I just walked out the door and bam!

  6. COVID tests supposedly arriving today, I will believe it when I see it.

  7. Even though I am taking a day from exercise to allow my knee to recover it doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat. Today’s lunch was buffalo hot sauce macaroni and cheese. Yum!

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