I may have had my first meat-related upset stomach last night. It wasn’t from the sausage biscuit, but after the meatball parmigiana sandwich I ate for dinner. For hours afterwards my belly wasn’t agreeing with it. My knee acted up on my little walk I took to attempt to rectify matters as well.

The weather in this part of Florida is perfect, but you’d never know it in my mother’s house. I awoke this morning to find my mother had switched the A/C to heat overnight and set the thermostat to an astonishingly high temperature. At 6:30am the outdoor temperature was 68°F. I had to open the bedroom window so that I didn’t feel as if I were doing Bikram yoga. For a point of reference, when I have been home alone at the ITP Estates recently, I set my thermostat to 66°F.

This morning will be a vegetarian breakfast before I take my mother to play bingo this afternoon.

Hope all is going well in your world.

I solved today’s Wordle in five guesses.

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20 Responses to 2022-02-23

  1. Barb says:

    I tend to open the window in my bedroom at my parents house, my dad messes with the thermostat & I can never figure out what he is up to.
    How long are you staying in FL?

  2. Steve says:

    Mom and dad used to keep the house at a stuffy temperature. We almost had to turn the air on last night- just below 70 before we went to bed. Pulled one of the three blankets off the bed and was still hot.

    This should be “high season” in FLA. The snow birds haven’t left yet, I’m sure. And not too hot. Sweet. It was lovely here yesterday- we had the back door propped open. My 30 minute run was a bit warm.

    Going into the orifice tomorrow to install some equipment.

    Wordle in 4, yesterday’s Worldle in 5- I always get those countries mixed up.


  3. Biiig breakfast, about three hours later than I normally eat. I should have sufficient energy to kick the asses at bingo, even with a fucked up knee…

  4. Bob says:

    In shocking news which should be shocking to nobody 🙂


    Who is shocked by this?

    • No one should. Guess I need to update my ad blockers…

    • Steve says:

      So the Gizmodo guys are just a BIT PARANOID! Perhaps they have a guilty conscience? Worried that you might have played Wordle at your favorite coffee shop and the FBI can now track you? Wow… if you have a cell phone, it already does that for you at no extra charge! Just ask the Google!

  5. Barb says:

    I ended up going out for a margarita last night,I mean it was National Margarita Day.
    Went to a new to me place over near Annette’s house. Edgar the bartender made a very tasty margarita. Then headed to her house for a little dinner.

    Allan is working again today, so I’m on my own again. What to watch on TV today????

  6. At the intermission, my mother has won three games, I have won absolutely nothing!

  7. Barb says:

    When I went with my mom last year, none of us won anything.
    What kind of money? is she buying dinner?

  8. Final Bingo Tally:
    Mom = 6
    Paulie = 0

    • Steve says:

      Was she playing the room and won 6, or just beat you?

      And if there was cash money involved, she better be buying dinner…probably in the next hour!! 🙂

      • This was against thirty other players. I don’t know how much she spent to play, but I wouldn’t be surprised it she netted $100 for the day. And, people gave her presents and birthday cake!

  9. Barb says:

    when is her birthday? today?

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