It was a pretty decent weekend. Saturday and Sunday were so busy that I can’t recall what I did on Friday.

On Saturday morning I met Betsy and Bella at Emerald City Bagel where we ate bagels and played Wordle before our walk. As I mentioned on Friday we each started Wordle with BAGEL. I solved Saturday’s Wordle in three.


It was quite fortunate that the target word also started with a B that day. Betsy also managed to solve it in three attempts as well. Until today that was my best effort.

After the walk my activity options were:
go to a brewery for Georgia Beer Day
go to the Day of the Dude hash

After a discussion with Bonnie it was determined that we would head to a brewery. Bonnie and I went to Steady Hand Brewing where we scored our commemorative glass and a beer. From there we walked to Dr Scofflaw’s for another beer and were met by our friend Wendy. The day ended at Wendy’s where we baked a frozen pizza and had one final beer.

Yesterday morning I was irritated to discover the programmable electrical outlet I bought last year has stopped working. I was able to program it, but it never allows electricity to pass through any longer. Turns out, after reading many one-star reviews on Amazon that I am not the only one with the issue.

Yesterday I was a lazy bum until 2pm, when I met up with Bonnie for a walk. We walked from her house to the start of Saturday’s hash, and then proceeded to walk most of the hash before turning toward East Atlanta. On the way back to Bonnie’s house we stopped for a beer at Sabbath Brewing, where we also got to meet the brewery cat Geezer. At Bonnie!s house she made a lovely dinner for us. I was home and worn out by 9:30pm.

I need to get out and do some choring today in WLF as it appears today will be the only day during which I wish to be outdoors. The weather forecast of a lot of rain followed by hard frost has changed my choring plans for this week.

I am trying to ignore the weather forecast I see for the weekend, especially since I have paid to camp with the hash at Black Rock Mountain State Park and the weather looks as if it will be brutal.

I had fully intended to skip tonight’s hash, but this morning I saw that Sani has picked her default start of Brownwood Park again. We’ll see…

Hope you had a nice weekend doing whatever you got into.

I solved today’s Wordle in TWO attempts. That’s a first for me.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I started making my to-do list for the week and whoa! I probably have no business going to the hash tonight but I will think about it. I caved to feeling the responsibility of contributing to the family budget and accepted a two-day ice cream taste test in Johns Creek, two days prior and the day prior to the campout. It pays $110 but it’s going to seriously put a dent in my original planning for the week, especially since discovering this weekend’s freezing weather and I think I’ll need to do some additional shopping for some warmer camping gear. Ugh.

  2. Steve says:

    It has not been a good 24 hours of puzzles. Today’s Wordle took all the guesses. Last night, both Nerdle and Secundle beat me.

    A lovely 25 on the road bike Saturday, where I met a cow on the loose. When I asked her where she belonged and she didn’t reply, I raised my arms to try and scare her home. She lowered her head and stared right back. I decided she would be fine eating grass along the road. I did look for neighbors, but no one was out.

    Sunday, I met Barb and Sal (and another lady whose name I can’t remember) in Columbus to watch some softball. Made it in time to see them lose the first game, and come from behind to win the second. Had to scramble to avoid some foul balls, which is always fun! I planned to ride home the scenic route and wanted Waze to help, but he was bound and determined to take me up 185 and I relented most of the way. I did stop in Pine Mountain for some overcooked fried shrimp.

    We finally wrapped up Reacher. I guess this is the end, or do they start up a whole other storyline, as this had a real finality to it.


    • David says:

      Every book stands on its own. Reacher gets into a situation, works through it, and resolves the situation. He then takes his toothbrush and drifts on down the road to another situation. There’s 26 Reacher books, so this can go on for a long time if they choose.

      Wordle in 4 today. I tried this over the weekend: https://www.heardle.app/ Saturday was a Fleetwood Mac song I could name in 1 second. Yesterday was a Kanye West song I had no chance of naming. No chance of naming today’s song either.

    • Barb says:

      Steve – it was Annette.
      Glad we didn’t get “killed” by the one foul ball.
      Glad you came, I know Natalie appreciated it. And she texted – the Emory locker room where they showered was nicer than anything she’s ever been in. I wonder if the bus made it back to Iowa for classes this morning. There is snow on the ground up there this morning too.

      • Steve says:

        If I had been another row back, I’d have tried to catch it! Annette cowered behind me.

        The Emory locker room doesn’t surprise me. I’m guessing all these little colleges are independent, which might be why they went to Emory. Also independent.

        That was a long-assed bus ride…

  3. I’m sure this week’s freeze will kill them, but I just saw that one of my newer raised beds is teeming with tiny seedlings, most likely tomatoes whose seeds must have been in the compost I reused in the bed. I try hard to get tomatoes to germinate, Nature puts me to shame every time.

  4. Hearing another commercial woodchipper working nearby. I wonder how much longer this neighborhood will be considered wooded?

  5. David says:

    I discovered today that I can lay flat on my back for the first time since breaking my arm 16 days ago. That’s progress. I see the surgeon on Weds., and hopefully will get a better sense of what lies ahead.

    • Progress indeed. Hopefully your follow up goes well and you can soldier on toward complete recovery.

    • Barb says:

      why couldn’t you lay flat on your back with the arm broken?

      • David says:

        The upper part of my arm would hurt like hell. I didn’t study why, I just made sure to keep the angles right with pillows. If the pillows weren’t right that would hurt like hell. It’s been all about the angles until now. I’m on the way toward healing.

        The break is just below my shoulder. My 60 pound dog pawed my arm on Saturday and it totally lit me up. I’ll still be on ibuprofen for the foreseeable future.

  6. Barb says:

    Gas went from $3.69 to $3.99 overnight – I just went over to Ssam’s – its still $3.66 there. They were closed last night when I tried to stop. Lines were getting long.

    Weekend was busy as hell.
    Had a bike work & Tasty China gathering Friday night – free to us, gotta like that!

    Saturday was a day trip out to Thomson, 28+ miles for my 1st road ride of the year. Saw the spot Cameron got hit, then saw him in person later that afternoon. He’s doing pretty well, but its a long road to any sort of full recovery. Sara is still (of course) afraid to road ride, but Steve is riding some. Hearing the story of that accident, & seeing where it happened, its a miracle all 3 didn’t get hurt.

    Sunday was a full day – softball, exploring the Columbus Riverwalk, then Wild Leap.
    I was tired last night.

    • I’ve noticed gas skyrocketing too.

      I saw rides on Strava and was bummed that I am still not part of the BRAG invite group. I guess I’ll just see everyone at STU from here on out. At least I had other things to keep me busy on Saturday. With the price of gas perhaps it’s best I’m not part of the club.

      • Barb says:

        You are part of the STU club, not sure who decided on the “list” (wasn’t me) but it was to be a smaller group of BIG BRAG folks to not overwhelm Cameron. We used to do Big Brag, so I’m guessing that’s why we got added. And we’ve met them a few years to bring food & beer. Since you aren’t working, maybe you should do Big Brag this year?

    • Sounds like you had quite the busy weekend!

  7. In from choring, weather starting to look sketch. I cut down another branch which was larger than appeared from the ground. I even took it down in stages, but it hit one of the raised beds. A little plant damage occurred, which convinced me to harvest some kale and pak choi. Lunch? A kale, pak choi, mushroom, tofu soup!

    • Holy smoke my soup is delicious. In addition to the aforementioned ingredients I added two packets of Lipton mushroom onion soup mix, some chili garlic paste, some garlic, white pepper, and red pepper flakes. I served the soup over some Chinese noodles. I’ll never be able to recreate this dish, but it’s something I will remember for a long time!

    • Barb says:

      speaking of tofu, someone ordered tofu skins Friday night from Tasty China. Very interesting, and was a tasty dish. It was a smaller portion, so I’m guessing it is considered an appetizer?

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