On the day commemorating the 99th anniversary of my father’s birth I nearly suffered my first Wordle failure. I was flummoxed, having only two letters correct going into my final guess, but thankfully figured it out. There was an irony (not today’s word) in the solution because my initial guess and the correct word are loosely related as antonyms.

It’s been about a week since I have had a potential payday from Jackson or Curion. I wonder if I’ve pissed them off? In the meantime our friend “Davey” keeps pulling in cash. He texted me yesterday showing that, in addition to getting paid for a focus group, he also luckily pulled his own name out of a hat for a prize, and walked away with over $200. The rich just keep getting richer…

Yesterday was a fairly busy day. I did laundry, went to Home Depot (and figured out the gift card mystery. Yes Virginia, I had already spent it.), went home, went to Lowe’s, went to Publix, got a haircut, and returned home. At that point I had to shut it down. After an unplanned nap I decided that it would be best if I skipped SLUT and remained home for the evening.

I cooked dinner, a bastardized Chinese dish of fake pork with Chinese (Napa?) cabbage, served over rice with a sweet and sour sauce. I also added some ground Szechuan pepper corns to the dish, but apparently not enough to make it numbing. It was good, for a white guy. Hahaha

After eating dinner I watched the TAR finale. No worries, I won’t spoil it here if you’ve yet to watch it. I will say again that this won’t go down as my favorite season, though the did their best. I was also keen to see which teams returned to cheer on the winners, given that all of the eligible teams didn’t restart the race.

My weekend? Hmmm, difficult. I have no plan for today, other than taking it easy this morning, and doing some farming around lunchtime. I am in the process of baking a breakfast casserole, must do these before the weather warms too much, so I will sit and relax eating some soon.

I have too many plans for tomorrow, including walking with Betsy and Bella, hoping to get a Georgia Beer Day 2022 glass from a brewery, and potentially going to the Day of the Dude hash which will no doubt end at KKGB and Mango Boy’s house. I am also trying to see if I can finagle my way to the Food Coop on Memorial to see what they are about.

Sunday is not a hashing day, and my normal partner in crime may be committed elsewhere. *shocked emoji* Perhaps I’ll test out the knees (yes, plural) on my road bike? I will have to double check the weather before I make such a commitment.

Of course there are always WLF plenty of chores to do as we get very near the start of growing season.

What’s up with you?

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15 Responses to 2022-03-04

  1. David says:

    I am working on bouncing back. In the week since my surgery I’ve attended two yoga classes (one at home, one in studio). I’ve been on few walks and this morning my every other week Thai massage is coming to me. I’m getting my head back into my latest book, and other than limited use of my right arm it’s like it never happened. I found a PT office in Glenwood Park that takes my insurance, so Bonnie will get to hear my screams. 😉 I’m getting enough mobility back in my arm/reduction of pain that I hopefully can start driving again next week. I may well end up ambidextrous on the other side of this. I can eat left-handed with a fork now, gracefully no less, so that’s a new skill.

  2. In from stirring compost. Don’t be envious… saw that something ate the Swiss chard that had the audacity to attempt to regrow. Fucking critters.

  3. Steve says:

    A mostly quiet day in the orifice yesterday. They announced that masks would no longer be required while in the building. That’s a great help to me, as frequently I need to read lips when I can’t hear.

    I think Waze was on crack on the drive home. It said South Fulton Pkwy, so I dutifully followed that direction. At Us29, it said get off, then said to go back to 85. Ummm , no.
    After that, I basically ignored it.

    Some yard work today, followed by a bike ride. I’m open tomorrow if you wanted to ride, and Sunday I think there is softball in Columbus.


    • I went massless for yesterday’s haircut. As we approach the two-year analversary of our COVID outbreak I think I am going to risk going maskless more often.

      I have had some “interesting” routes suggested by Apple/Google Maps. Last time I followed one I think I scared Bonnie since I made so many turns. Lol

  4. If you are a Wordle nerd, try this tomorrow. Start with the word BAGEL and on Monday tell me your path to success or failure. Remember to take a screenshot, or write it down as by then it will be gone. Betsy and I are meeting for our walk at Emerald City Bagels and are going to do the Wordle while wait for our orders starting with BAGEL.

  5. Spent $15 of my survey cash on tongue depressors, 500 of them, for future plant markers. This year I vow to keep better bookkeeping of my plantings!

  6. It’s choring time! Will check in later.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I have been pretty dry for product testing as well…
    I’m not busy on Sunday???

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