Good weekend, except for my aching back. Does it seem as if I should start a new segment titled “Injury of the Week”?

After trash pickup and walking on Saturday I drove over to Avondale Estates with Bonnie to attend the Goethe Institute’s Frühlingsfest. Though very little other than music and food struck me as “German” it was a beautiful day to be outside. Does Avondale Estates have a German/Bavarian connection? Bonnie and I walked around, stopped at Wild Heaven and Little Cottage for beers, before departing.

On Saturday evening a fire was constructed and beers were consumed.

Yesterday I braved another Check My Bag Wheelhopper. Bonnie drove, and after slogging through a lane closure from I-85 to GA-400 we barely made it on time; allotting 15 minutes “extra” driving time was nearly not enough! It was good to see friends there, including an ITP Reader from yonder parts south. I am glad to say that I actually finished the trail this year, and was rewarded with an Impossible burger.

You early birds recognize that I am running behind schedule this morning. I slept “late”, nearly until 6am, and have been puttering around the house choring. Today is my trash/recycling day, so I best get that done soon unless I wait another week to put trash out on the curb.

My goal today is to knock out some WLF choring while the sun shines. I hope to plant my last batch of “early” potatoes, which will require the relocation of an experimental raised garden bed, do some wood chipping using Wee Little Chipper, as well as various other chores.

Oh, and coding? I’m in the process of downloading and installing the latest macOS, Monterey?, to my laptop.

I may go out tonight to the hash. The end is Marlay House in Decatur. I need to see how my body feels later, and whether or not I feel like going out.

Hope that you had a fantastic weekend.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts. My starter word yielded four, misplaced letters so I was hoping to snag it in two, but alas three is acceptable.

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  1. Betsy claims to have solved today’s Wordle on her initial guess! I’m calling shenanigans! Lol

    • Steve says:

      Possible. Highly unlikely, but possible. In 3.

    • With my starting word, which I thought was good, I would have been thrilled with a two. I’d never imagine getting it right the first time, the odds of which are about 1/12000. This is based on my knowledge that the game has a more than 12,000 words in its vocabulary, and assuming that about one hundred have already been used since the start of the game. To my knowledge the game is coded to never repeat a previously used word.

  2. Steve says:

    Yesterday’s trail kicked my ass. I was broken hearted as I rode up the hill and saw the beer near, only to realize it was the beer stop and not the end. I rode the next section of trail and pulled the plug. My RidewithGPS says that section from Morris up to the medical center was a 6% grade, but I think it’s off a bit. I still can’t believe they put offices up there. And shortly after the beer stop, I managed to torque my foot in some ribrap boulders and it’s still hurting this morning.

    Other than that, we went out Saturday evening to celebrate a hunting friends birthday to a brew pub in Fayetteville. Right in the middle of the former Pinewoods studio lot. Kinda noisy, but food was good- drinks were expensive! Debbie had 2 mixed drinks at $9 each and I had 2, 12 oz. beers at $11!! WTF, O?

    Spent a little quality time on the scooter Saturday afternoon. Stopped by the bike shop in Senoia and got a couple road tires and a chain. Left $125 lighter! Well, I don’t have to feed my bike. Or shovel…


    • Good to see you yesterday.

      Those better have been f’ing delicious drinks!

    • Barb says:

      I’m very glad I didn’t go the Long route, since I had no idea one was L & the other was S. I just heard Bob say something about across the road. But, since I knew were the end was, going north from that stop would have made me stop to think a little.
      Good trail, it was fun, but the yard work we did Saturday made it painful. My back just doesn’t like the leaning over that is required to dig in the dirt & plant things. On the good news side, our iris bed is all dug up, bulbs separated, & some replanted.
      Anyone need iris bulbs??? I’ve got plenty to give away. They are whiteflowers, when they flower.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Wheelhopper was a great time. The 10 miles I did on the short/chicken was enough for the day. Awesome ending, with a delicious Impossible burger! Bob’s burgers are much better than Bonnie’s burgers somehow…

    The Accord had a warning light come on on the husband’s drive home from work last night, so he took it to the shop this morning. Just got the word I get to go pick him up right now (in Union City) and won’t have a car this week. Unless I drive him to and from work but that means leaving at 6:15 tomorrow morning and picking him up at 9pm Friday night. Guess I’ll have to weigh some options…

    • Barb says:

      for the Accord, why don’t you have a shop closer? I understand how with a new car the dealership might be something you want to do, but an older car? Or do you know a mechanic out that way that will be reasonable?

      Such decisions on the airport runs, but I think I would od it, to have the car all week.

  4. Bob says:

    Great seeing you all yesterday! It was a really fun day, and was nice having Travis co-hare with me.
    Steve, that hill is no joke. But even better is when you get to the top there is a gravel road up to the very top where the water tower is. However the downhill run from top to bottom is crazy fun!

    • Barb says:

      Bob – thanks for the burgers – that was unexpected & awesome.
      I was hungry, and the snack box contents were very disappointing.
      I asked Dean about it – he said he was trying to get rid of all the old stuff.

    • Steve says:

      At the point we left pavement up there, I could barely walk down it, much less ride it. I described it to Debbie as a double black diamond, and there was no traversing it!

      I’d love to see a good rider go down it.

  5. Barb says:

    What else happened all weekend besides Wheelhopper?
    We were beat last night- the hot tub came in quite handy last night.

    Friday night Sal came by & we watched Survivor on my DVR. So exciting.
    Saturday we dig the iris bed up, way too much work.
    And- I got bit by I’ll guess some fire ants, my one leg is so itchy.

    Saturday night our long lost friend Carol (ala WineHo) brought by a whole lot of oysters, and we had a nice oyster roast. Red Eye joined us (he started the party many, many many years ago). A few others joined us. I haven’t ever eaten that many oysters. But, it was fun, by roasting them, they pop open a little, so its much easier to shuck them.

    • Bonnie says:

      Friday night my friend canceled on me, and being I was still tired from my St. Patrick’s Day reveling, I got into bed at 7:30! Saturday and Sunday, well, Paulie already told you that. LOL.

  6. Ugh, I failed to get into another Jackson survey. Rats!

  7. Barb says:

    Big news – Matt Ryan got traded. I wonder who the Falcons new QB will be?

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