Happy Friday!

It was indeed a busy day yesterday. As mentioned I drove Bonnie to Union City to pick up her beloved Accord, the one if painter red would remind me of the Jackmobile. From there we drove to Cochran Mill Park in Chattahoochie Hills. The plan was to do a nice hike and then go our separate ways. We did more than a nice hike, we hiked for nearly eight miles! What!?!? I am happy to report that both yesterday and today my body exhibited normal pain levels for a hike of that length.

After hiking we’d normally celebrate with beer, but no, Bonnie had to get back to town so she could clean up and drive somewhere for a fun night on the town. Oh, there was also that minor hitch that I was not supposed to be consuming alcohol before my study.

At home I scarfed down a large meal that would see me through to the wee hours of the night, showered, and then made my way to Dunwoody.

Of course I was early, so I did a little shopping at Target (fail) and then hopped across the road to Total Wine and bought some beers there, for later consumption of course.

The study was fine. Yesterday’s session was a practice session and casual audition for the following four sessions. All we did was sign a waiver and do a twenty-minute series of memory games.

I was out of the study early enough to do something โ€” Apple Store?, REI?, Goodwill?, Home Depot? โ€” these all entered and exited my brain, and then settled on “Escape Dunwoody” instead.

At home again I popped open a beer and watched some YouTube before turning in for the night a little after 10pm.

I must have needed sleep as I didn’t get out of be this morning until 6:15am, which is why the blog post is later than normal. At the moment I am baking a breakfast casserole, using up more food items which I have in my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. I am also making a pot of coffee since I was denied that yesterday as well.

What else am I doing today? Don’t really know. After breakfast I will mostly likely suit up and head into WLF. I’ve noticed that the beds could benefit from a weeding, and I have some seedlings to transplant. Other than that, my day is wide open!

I have no plans other than my routine walk with Betsy and Bella tomorrow, and of course I will be at Black Sheep on Sunday.

Hope that you are feeling well, and have a fun weekend planned.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; but I failed to get a TextExpander snippet helping type that sentence every day working. You win some, you lose some.

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9 Responses to 2022-03-25

  1. Steve says:

    8 miles!?! I’m impressed.

    I wanted to exercise, but didn’t want to ride. A run/walk was considered, but my knee and foot gave me pause. Instead, a 2 mile walk while catching up on Car Talk. And the walking while cutting grass all counts as well.

    Watched the Zags lose to Ark Kansas (soooo, pig!). I just haven’t really gotten into the games like past years.

    Tomorrow, our no longer in existence High School has it’s annual meetup at a bar near the airport. I’ll make an appearance. Sunday finds me in the office in the morning to support an upgrade. And in a little while I’ll head to Emory to have my brain studied. I’m sure they won’t find anything!!

    Wordle in 4. We won’t speak of the mini crossword…


    • The hike was lovely. We had perfect weather, stopped at the mini waterfalls, sluices really, and saw at least eight deer along the trails.

      Which high school was yours?

      You reminded me that my route home last night took me down Briarcliff Road. It appears that road work may be widening the road? Many trees have been cut down. A wider road would have helped the car I saw nose-dived into the ditch, fire trucks had just arrived, on Briarcliff just north of Lavista, not far from the old Whole Foods.

      I realized yesterday that I am doing a different mini crossword than you all. I am doing the one in the WaPo.

      • Steve says:

        Headland – the Highlanders! I might go kilted to the get together.

        Speaking of deer, I had to wait for 4 to get off the driveway as I was driving in this morning!

        Widening Briarcliff? What is the world coming to?

  2. Bonnie says:

    It was a very nice hike indeed. Thanks again for helping me out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I thought I was driving to Suwanee to meet up with the birthday boy, but he decided he wanted to go to Lee + White. Score for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We had a fun time.

  3. Steve says:

    MRI done. Waiting to get stuck, then lunch!

  4. Crap, itโ€™s 1:00pm and I am just now breaking for lunch. I guess a late breakfast does thatโ€ฆ along with a late start due to some family drama.

    Spent the last three hours transplanting seedlings that should be much bigger at this stage.

  5. Steve says:

    Back in the office by 2:15. Made the mistake of stopping at the CFA at Booford and Piedmont. 1 and a half laps around the building. But I was hungry!

    MRI, blood draw, lumbar puncture, sonogram of my carotic artery. Such fun!!

    Glad it’s done for another 2 years. $150 or $200.. I forget. We need more butts in the study! Emory Healthy Brain Study

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