That was a weekend that wore me the F out!

On Friday evening full of FOMO Bonnie decided to skip SoCo and hang out with me instead. We hung out, drank a couple of the beers that I bought at Total Wine last week, ate Aldi pizza, and watched some television since it was too windy to burn outside.

I walked with Betsy and Bella Saturday morning, and it was a brisk morning. Trash Picker Paulie was very disappointed to see that one of the CoA trash cans on Flat Shoals that he uses has been taken away.

After a short rest I drove the M6 down to Home Depot on Jonesboro Road for a quick pop in to get two items using the $50 in gift cards that I had I bought two more galvanized metal buckets in which I will grow plants, beans specifically this spring/summer, because the wire fencing I have on hand fits nicely into them as a cage. The rest of Saturday was spent puttering around the house, watching the trees sway in the wind. Because I will be breaking up with Netflix this week I decided to watch The Alpinist, one of the most powerful documentaries that I have seen in some time.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep hash day. Bonnie drove us up to Lawrenceville where we ran a lovely hash through muck and swamp. Upon arriving home I had just enough energy to shower and eat dinner before falling asleep.

Today I will be doing some choring in the morning before driving up to John’s Creek for a survey. I will be back ITP in time to do tonight’s hash, but may skip it because I am not supposed to be drinking beer after 4:30pm today in preparation for tomorrow’s survey.

Hope that you had a fantastic weekend.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was STEAL

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  1. I have executed the Netflix breakup. I have until Friday to watch whatever else I want to watch before my account goes dead.

    Also, on my walk Saturday I found the first two seasons of Arrested Development on DVD near a Little Library. So, knowing that I would be canceling Netflix, I picked them up. Sure, I have seen them before, but why not again?

  2. Steve says:

    My back was sore most of the weekend after Friday’s procedure, so rather than ride, I took a nice walk. I did manage a ride yesterday which felt pretty good. The back is still a bit tender, but improving.

    Saturday was the sort of annual gathering of the high school clan. The music was too loud to have any kind of conversation. Even with my hearing aid, which just amplified the noise. I had a beer, shook a few hands and left. I then went to Morrow and the Cycle Gear store, looking for a new summer jacket. They had one I would have pulled the trigger on, but the large was too small and they didn’t have an XL!! waaaaa. I thought I would be able to find it online, but it doesn’t appear on their website at all. ???

    In the office yesterday for testing. In the office today through Wednesday!! I haven’t looked at the weather, but if it’s nice I may hang around and do Georges.


  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3, I don’t remember my starting word, but it only gave me the last letter. Mini Cross in 3:07.

  4. Barb says:

    busy weekend for us.
    Schoolhouse for a free (we BOGO) beer for 1st responders.

    Saturday was way to busy – walk to Publix (for a destination, but really, for a redbox movie) to get some exercise. Then to The Wing for a late lunch & a couple hours of St Baldrick’s head shaving. (& way too much bag piper for me). With a crew of firemen, so Allan had a good time – but no, he did not get his head shaved.
    Then down to Fairburn for a get together at our long lost friends Janie & Michael (Yeast Infection & Pee Wee’s big Rim Job). Good times with old hasher friends – Squeals Like Pig & Naked Chef & Kibbles & Tits. (other southside peeps). Might have to do a hash pool party at Naked Chef’s again this summer, they seemed to be ok with the idea.

    Sunday was supposed to be a Dirty Sheets ride with some girls I know & don’t know. Thought I’d try something different. One of the girls(that I know) had a flat issue happening, so I ended up riding back to my car to go rescue her. Then -trying to figure out what to do – we called Janie to see if she had any 26″ tubes, since they were close by. Ended up heading to Janie’s – had a lovely afternoon actually catching up (as we didn’t have much of a chance to at the party). Janie has an E Mtn bike – so Lisa got to try that – once you ride one, you really want one. We did a little ride around there property – good trails & an incredible beaver dam.

    Finally got home last night very tired.

    • Wow, you were fantastically busy this weekend.

    • Barb says:

      and- you could throw a pretty decent hash trail on their property alone – they have 4 miles of trail to ride/run. Not sure if they’d want a hash to happen, but might be able to talk them into it. The beaver has made some good swampy area that used to be just a small creek.

    • Bob says:

      Those are some names I have not seen in a real long time. Glad to hear everyone seems to be doing well. Would be nice to have a trail end at their place and catch up with everybody.

  5. Just saw the Will Smith / Chris Rock kerfuffle from the Oscars last night. Wish I hadn’t…

    • Barb says:

      om GMA they showed the footage that lead up to it – it wasn’t just the 1 joke, there was some back & forth. I think there’s some history between those 2 that may have been why he reacted as strongly as he did.

      the internet needed something to talk about – do these 2 have a movie coming out?

  6. Steve says:

    Hey Barb, since some of us have anniversaries coming up, what’s the schedule look like for some TC love? Thursday-Saturday? I’m gone on our actual anniversary next week, so we declared it this weekend instead.

  7. Steve says:

    Thursday evening would work great. Throw it open to the collective blogosphere and TJ and Mary if they would like to join us.

  8. Back from the hinterlands of John’s Creek. It’s a long way made longer when traffic blows, which is 99% of the time between there and here.

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