I should have had a Festivus Pole at the ready, because yesterday I aired a lot of grievances. I want to expressly thank all of you who read this space, and have reached out to help.

Yesterday morning I spent a good ninety minutes or so catching up with Betsy and petting Bella. It was with her that I played Wordle, and she chose yesterday’s starter word. My self-imposed “fee” was bringing her coffee. As have most businesses by now, Joe’s in East Atlanta has reopened completely so I had to go inside to order for the first time in two years. I also had to buy coffee for someone who doesn’t drink it black, and had no idea just how much milk to add to Betsy’s coffee! Fortunately I guessed closely enough.

Around noon I did a nearly five-mile walk with Davey. We meandered around office parks, we’re told we were on private property, and then found some good shiggy. The shiggy also had poison ivy, so I was glad that I had chosen long pants for the hike. All that effort for a trail I will not be running this Saturday, it at least it was exercise. After our hike we drank a few beers that he kindly supplied, freebies from Line Creek Brewing acquired at last week’s Atlanta trail. I finally tried Line Creek’s Stoutside the Perimeter beer.

I ran the Moonlite hash last night. More exercise! There was confusion as to where to park for the start, and this time I chose to ignore what Maps told me to do and go with my instinct; this time I was right. There was a large crowd, a trail that was short and a bit hard to follow, and we ended at Fellini’s Pizza. I shouldn’t have eaten a slice of pizza, but I did, and abstained from having beer. Unfortunately there was a naming last night and with the size of the crowd it was a disaster. I announced my “Wee Is Risen” trail for next Monday, and now I must reccy for it. My trail will be in midtown, so I may do a load of laundry at the Waschsalon while taking the time to figure out where trail will go. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather prediction for next Monday is inaccurate. My return home was after 10pm last night because I chose to follow the recommended route home, the inverse of the one I took to get to the hash so it made sense to me, only to encounter haphazard road construction along Clairmont Road which slowed traffic.

Today I return to WLF choring! I am hoping that I haven’t killed all of my seedlings via neglect. Last week’s cold snap along with a major disruption in my life that I am not sure anyone has noticed (the best attempt at humor I can make these days), led me to ignore the seedlings. Some have suffered greatly, some have flourished, how metaphorical… My intent is to clear out some crops that have passed their prime, and amend those beds. I am going to gamble and start planting things out, hoping we don’t get a freak late April frost.

Oh, and I need to visit my accountant to pay for her tax preparation so that she will then submit them for me.

I will be staying home tonight, alone, because it is Tuesday and that is my Tuesday Norm. For all of the whinging that I have been doing these past eight days you’d think that that staying home alone would be a horrible thing for me to do, but I need to be strong and push through. I think that I will try to cook a dinner which incorporates some groceries taken from WLF.

This week I started listening to a new-to-me podcast called “Cautionary Tales with Tim Hartford”. Believe it or not the title has no connection to this past week’s kerfuffle. In each episode the author explores a topic and weaves an interesting narrative about it. So far I have listened to an episode about Hansel and Gretel, the economics behind corporate giveaway promotions, and the true origin of Monopoly. It is proving to be a great, much-needed distraction, especially when I am in a position to skip the ads.

I hope that your week has started well, and it hasn’t that it will improve quickly. Be well, friends.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 184.8 pounds (-3.2 from last week’s weigh-in); tears must weigh a lot…

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was TRASH

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4. My starting word was SAINT (it is holy week, after all)

    As I’m in the orifice all day, dentist this afternoon and Games meeting tonight, Debbie and I spent time running errands after work last evening. My stop at the auto parts place proved fruitful (we think) with amber taillight bulbs. If they fit, I should no longer shining white light at following drivers. My other thought was a red marker or some watercolor paint. The parts store looked up the tail light assembly- $250 each side! Um, no.

    I found a Zwift workout I entered and tried to ride it last night- I think the trainer needs to be recalibrated as it didn’t produce enough resistance. And it’s probably a good think as part of the workout was 250w for 5 minutes. Maybe I was in better shape when I wrote it? Likely.


  2. David says:

    Wordle in 4, started with STALE. Barb, you have a shot at beating my NYT mini time today as it was a struggle for me, 1:26.

    Paulie, so glad to hear you are finding kind ears to bend. It’s essential.

  3. Out in WLF, which is more like Wee Little Jungle at the moment.

    Trying to find music to pump into my ears that won’t start the water works. I find plants don’t appreciate being watered with salty tears.

  4. I just recalled dreaming last night of finding a kitten in the neighborhood who would let me pet it. All local felines seem to be afraid of me and don’t let me approach them. This is certainly not the time to fill one loss by obtaining a pet, but I appreciated the bliss that I was allowed while dreaming.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Today I finally decided to try Wordle. *Gasp* Games that smart people play aren’t really my thing. After 2 wrong guesses I was stumped and was about to give up, but then I got it on the third guess. My starting word was AISLE. I copied that word from someone on this blog I believe.

    Yesterday was just choring and vacation research with the husband. Today we are interviewing a new petsitter as I need one for a couple days of STU.

    My (our) friend Wendy is back from three weeks in England and I look forward to hearing about her trip. She said she appreciated me house sitting, but didn’t mention that her plants looked good. Haha I guess I’ll find out her opinion later.

    Yesterday was my second day back on the weight training wagon. Today I need to figure out some form of exercise…

    • Steve says:

      AISLE would do better than my starter for today. You’ll get the hang of it. I’m kinda frustrated by Quardle (4 words at the same time). Sometimes there is decent overlap and most times not. Starting words are critical but a roll of the dice.

      Weight training? I’m not sure why you would do such a thing. (can you tell I never enjoyed it when I did it?) Eddie Merckx famously said when asked about his weight training regimen, “It does not take much strength to steer a bicycle”.

      • Bonnie says:

        Steve, I’m not trying to enter a bodybuilding contest or anything, just trying to tone up and be stronger. I’m so weak. Plus, isn’t everyone supposed to do more weight training as they age? And for the record, I don’t love it either…

        • David says:

          Go Bonnie, go! You can lift weight for me! After my hernia surgery on Friday I can’t lift anything greater than 15 pounds for six weeks. Which is fine, it fits right into rehabbing my arm. I’ll still be able to lift 12 ounces at a time with no problem, so no need for help there. 😉

          My two cents though is that I much prefer yoga to weightlifting for strength training. I look forward to getting back into it in June.

    • Sure, get it in three…

      Good job on your weight training. Soon you will be very strong in addition to being very slender. *high five*

  6. Barb says:

    Good almost evening from Girona. Todays adventure involved taking Clara to a friends, and getting a tour of the family’s working cow (milk production) farm. It was super interesting, and they also slaughter (& sell) some of the male cows (as they need the females for milk, not so many of the males are needed). We got a box of beef that they sell to friends. I’ve never seen how milk production happens, and even though this place seemed like it was still the 1800s, the robots they use for milking & the computer analysis was state of the art. It was a great few hours.

    On the way home stopped at a revolving sushi/asian restaurant, all you can eat for I have no idea the lunch price. (Kevin went & paid before we could). It was pretty tasty.

    Tomorrow, we might go check out a hazelnut farm. The goat farm to make goat cheese was booked up. The kids are on spring break, so trying to keep them busy.
    It’s dreary here today, mid 50s & drizzly.

    • Steve says:

      I was wondering if they might have been home schooled, but I guess even Spanish kids get a spring break.

      I guess they have plenty of corn in Iowa, but no body to eat it? Cows, that is… I would have found that fascinating as well. I love mechanical systems like that. I torture Debbie by watching “How it’s made” frequently.

      • Barb says:

        Most of the corn in Iowa is “field” corn, used for ethanol for fuel, and feeding animals, and lots of other stuff. Sweet corn is only 1% of the corn grown. Allan was fascinated with the machine.

  7. Round 1 of WLF choring done, complete with the return of getting bitten by ants. One or two somehow managed to get up under my shirt and nail me around the left rib cage. Getting blindsided seems to be a common theme for me this month. I planted out some tiny eggplant seedlings, and some squash and zucchini plants. If I can rally later I am going to up-pot some seedlings that are in starter trays, now that I have pots available again.

    Showered, will eat lunch soon, look at the paperwork I need to complete, head to accountant, and then return home.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3, started with STEAR.

    About to do our taxes. Joy.

  9. Back from paying for tax preparation, and a stop at Kroger near Decatur where I ran into Snail Trail. Apparently One Ball was there too, but I didn’t see him.

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