All I have ever wanted is a “normal” life, but apparently that’s too much for me to ask.

May is turning into April, Part II.

This weekend I had annoying knee pain, and the return of a swollen, bothersome eyelid. The latter is still problematic, though some of the swelling has subsided. Emotional struggles have been temporarily replaced by physical ones. The struggles are coming in many flavors and far too often; they are wearing me out.

The Raleigh Royalty provided me with a comfortable place to sleep and great hospitality. It was fantastic to see them and their new house, even if this trip was cut short due to my genetically deficient eyelid. I left yesterday morning, a day ahead of schedule, and essentially drove straight through. I stopped at one rest area in North Carolina to pee, and then at the Kroger on Moreland to put gas into the M6.

Assuming my eyelid doesn’t require immediate medical attention which will interrupt my week, here are the things on my calendar:

  • Begin Last Will and Testament preparation. With whom shall I burden the ITP Estate?
  • Lunch and road bike pick up from Barb tomorrow. I want to hear all about Spring Dress Ride.
  • Group ride at Melton’s App & Tap tomorrow night
  • Buy new eyeglasses from Warby Parker on Wednesday
  • Dinner with Betsy on Wednesday, or course.
  • Lunch with David/Lurker on Thursday

I solved today’s Wordle in six attempts; my starter today was HEARD

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  1. David says:

    I’m looking forward to lunch, but if we need to pick another time just let me know.

    I ended up spending 2 nights at a cabin at Red Top Mountain this weekend, and it was just lovely. My wife was going to watch the lunar eclipse here but wrenched her back. I took the cabin instead and fashioned it into a writing retreat. I’m about 80% done with my 4th book. Good thing because the 50% deadline is looming on my 5th book, but it’s mostly revisions versus writing from scratch. I like this cabin, I’m heading back home at 11 today. Given the price and proximity I will be back. I did not like how winded I got walking back up the hill from putting my feet in the lake last night at sunset. I hope I get cleared for my road bike when I see the orthopedist again on June 7. I need my cardio back.

    Wordle in 4 starting with STALE. NYT Mini was a little too clever for my pre-coffee brain this morning, 2:24. Heardle hip-hop fail.

    • Will do. If it continues on the path it’s currently going I should be okay, but may be wearing sunglasses like a movie star to spare you from my Elephant Man appearance.

      Nice work with your book. I like Red Top and at some point will have to return in an effort to replace some memories with newer ones.

      Good luck getting back onto your bike. I am hoping that if my knee pain is a restart of a meniscus that I will still be able to ride with relatively little pain.

      • David says:

        Thanks, Paulie. Yes, defrag your brain by making new memories. It’s the way forward. I’ll bring my shades too, we can dine like rock stars on the patio.

  2. Oh yeah, on Friday I mentioned that I will would tell you about another habit I’d be breaking on my trip home. That is stopping at Total Wine to buy a gaggle of beers to share, as I no longer have a “Halfsies” beer partner with whom I will share beer.

    Turns out tonight’s hash starts at a Total Wine on Cobb Parkway. I need to give Sanitary an item of hers that I brought back from Raleigh, and then will go into that Total Wine to spend my $50 gift card on beer/wine toward the payment of my bicycle maintenance.

    • Barb says:

      If you want to come up today to get the bike, that’s fine too.

      We are considering the hash tonight, but may not do the actual trail. Who knows? Talked to the hare last night, she’s working today so the actual trail might be interesting 😉

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 6 and had to use 2 starter words and threw another at it just to get a further clue!

    Saturday, rode the scooter into the office. No troubles until I got back in the ‘hood and had a lady pull out in front of me- not close, but enough so I laid on the horn and she realized what she had done. I LIKE my big horn! It’s a big improvement over stock.
    We took the T-Mobile internet router over to friends who will be moving down from Hapeville in a few weeks. Sadly, I could not get much signal of any kind at their new house. I think Elon will have a new customer for Starlink.

    Sunday watched the Giro stage, then tried a so so new sushi place in Newnan. Ran a few more errands, then took the scooter out and got a little rain on her. I didn’t even cover my phone, as it’s in a dry spot as long as I’m moving.

    Sorry your trip was short. Wasn’t there an advertising model (a shirt company) who wore an eye patch? Van Husen? Hathaway?


  4. NYT Mini Crossword in 1:56

  5. Barb says:

    Steve – what the hell is that link?

    • Steve says:

      Sorry. I googled the Hathaway Man.

      Other news from the weekend- a knock on the door Sunday afternoon. The local State Rep was out shaking hands and introducing himself. We chatted for a few minutes, but fortunately, as we are a blue dot in a sea of red, we did not discuss politics. He was wearing his State Rep badge upside down- I didn’t point it out to him…

      • David says:

        Steve is a connoisseur of classic advertising, but isn’t as much a fan of user-friendly URLs. 😉 That Hathaway man ad set the standard for advertising back in the Mad Men era.

        • Steve says:

          You SO get me!

          • David says:

            Finding my way out of the shell that I spent most of my life in has given me a deep and abiding appreciation for how good it feels to be seen. I now try to extend that gift to others. 🙂

  6. Lovely coffee talk with Betsy. Still trying hard to avoid talking about my issues, though the topic of therapy was addressed again. I need to take action on that soon I suppose.

    Concerned my eyelid will develop a chalazion, and require outpatient surgery for it.

    • David says:

      In my experience many of the bodily issues you experience are directly tied to the mind issues that you experience. Stress causes more stress, which feeds into all kinds of issues. It’s such a vortex, but in time you can step off of the ride. The fact that you’re even contemplating therapy is a huge step forward, and hopefully you’ll now take the step after what, which is to book an appointment.

  7. So much choring needs to happen in WLF, but I am really not in the headspace to do any of it.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE.

    I’ve been cleaning up my Final Cut library files in anticipation of starting a new project… finally! Hoping to do a boot camp Captivate training next month to get a grasp of that software which I’m not finding intuitive at all.

    What kind of books do you write David? Sounds like you’re being very productive – great to be in a groove!

    We tried a new restaurant in Haralson Saturday and it was both really good Mexican food and a really cool atmosphere. In Haralson, WTH. Luthersville is twice the size of Haralson, so we’re talking wide spot in the road – barely. They also had a Wings food truck and a church group selling BBQ as well as a little diner that was featured on Diner, Dives and Drive Thrus. It’s practically a low brow foodie destination. Steve is cooking up a bike ride to hit the hotspots sometime soon – watch this space.

  9. I watched an interesting documentary last night, “The Biggest Little Farm”. I’m so emotionally fucked these days that I cried multiple times while watching it.

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