Good to see the ITP-Reader formerly known as Lurker at lunch yesterday. I walked to Muchacho, and then embarked on a three mile hike homeward in the heat afterward.

Last night I skipped SLUT and made dinner — quinoa with turnips, radish, green beans, Swiss chard, and sorrel; all vegetables from WLF — at home instead.

I’m out cycling this morning. If Sosebee Cycling Park weren’t so far from East Atlanta I’d be out riding there today, but since it is I am doing Silk Sheets instead. My goal is to ride no fewer than forty-five miles. I just need to get away…

Weekend ahead.
Weekends don’t mean as much to me as they once did. At least I still have my weekly walk with Betsy and Bella.
I am dreading Black Sheep even though it should be a safe space this Sunday.

Lest you think that I have turned the corner and that I am doing better, I am not.

First therapy session scheduled.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was SPARE

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 39 seconds.

  2. Steve says:

    Mini crossword FAIL. all I could think of with 1 across was “ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die” and I don’t drink mojito’s so I was F’d. Wordle in 4.

    Thought about riding yesterday, but then got on the tractor and mowed.. we have several T posts and a sign on the driveway that need to be removed. It will take more tractor than I have to do it, as mine pulled and pulled but was unable to budge them.

    One of our officials for Brooks RR tomorrow got the Covid, so he’s out (and pissed). I told him welcome to the club.

    Should be a short day, since I worked Saturday. Maybe a ride this afternoon. Need to gas up the scooter and get ready for the race tomorrow.


  3. Jenka says:

    Last night’s Wordle in 3 using STEAL.

    I should mention that I’m currently on a 132 streak on Duolingo but that’s only because I took a couple of days off over Christmas break. Technically I’ve done it every day since February 2021. Kevin started the same day and his is mid-500s.

    Took the day off and we’re headed to Ellijay. This semester was so stressful I was literally about to have a breakdown. Thank the sweet merciful sunflower that it’s over!

    • Barb says:

      Jenka – what language are you learning? and is Kevin doing the same one?

      My sister in law in Spain is trying to learn better Spanish, she’s on upper 800s or even into the 900s at this point. They Speak Catalan in Girona, but she still needs Spanish. She also speaks German, & some French. How her brain can do all that amazes me.

    • Steve says:

      What language are you learning, Jenka, and why?

      I forgot to report after I got out of the hot tub last night, I looked over to the man cave and saw the blinking of the tractor’s turn signal. It has been doing this on occasion even with the key out. So at 10:45, I’m out with a flashlight disconnecting the battery. I’m not sure what has shorted out in that switch, but I guess that will give me something to do on the next rainy day.

    • Jenka says:

      I’m doing French. I was a French lit minor in college and started learning it in 7th grade, but it’s been 25 years since college and I am rusty as shit. I don’t do many lessons, I just test out of each level, but just taking the tests is a great refresher. And I’m learning the slang that’s arisen in the last 25 years. Kevin’s doing Spanish from scratch. The goal is for one of us to speak an alternate language when traveling!

      • Steve says:

        That’s cool! I taught myself enough German to get by many years ago and still have a goal of relearning it. I’m pretty sure my grandparents were fluent, and my mom picked up the pronunciations and profanity and would occasionally that would slip out. The wife of one of our Games officers (a native German) gave me a great compliment one day, “Steve, you don’t speak German with an accent.” I just imitate the tapes I was listening to, so it was just natural…

    • Good on ya, Jenka!

      I am around the same duration for my German. Admittedly I am not doing a long enough session each day to make any real progress.

      • Jenka says:

        See, but I think 5 minutes a day IS progress. Interacting with the language every day is more important than getting all the grammar right.

  4. David says:

    I’m impressed you took the long way home yesterday, but that was a good call given our potato-chip laden grilled cheese sandwiches. I need to get some walking in this weekend.

    Kudos on getting that first therapy session scheduled, it sounds like the screening call went well. Things may get worse before they get better, but that is the nature of the work. As I said at lunch, the work sucks but it sucks WAAAAAYYYYY less than not doing the work at all. I have definitely tried both approaches.

    Wordle in 3 with LEAST. My NYT Mini times have been maxi as of late, 51 seconds. I do consider under a minute to be acceptable. No chance in hell on Heardle.

    • Barb says:

      now I want a grilled cheese sandwich – I think I may make one for lunch!

    • I wasn’t keen on returning home directly, hence the walk. If it had not been so darn hot I would have walked much further.

      The sandwich was delicious.

      • David says:

        I liked it too but I wish that I’d taken half of it home. Old habits and all that. I forgot to offer to buy you a beer for your Instapot recommendation years ago, so here’s a rain check for next time.

        • Yeah, eating in moderation would have been wise.
          No payment is necessary, but if you insist… 🙂

          • David says:

            Consider it penance for conscripting your blog back in my emotional vomiting days. Good god, I’m glad to be well beyond that phase. And yet there’s only so much shoving shit down within yourself over a lifetime before one day it explodes out of you.

  5. Barb says:

    wordle fail for me – too many words that end in ER.
    Mini in just over 2 minutes – not bad as I was guessing on a few of the letters.

    Work was crazy yesterday – truck drivers are idiots. So many stupid problems.
    Cooked dinner & hung out on the deck last night.

    Hoping today will be a little less problematic.
    Was going to go & early vote this week, but I think I’ll just wait & go next Tuesday.

  6. Back from Silk Sheets. Forty-five miles in about 2:45. Good ride.

    Tired, but really want to go get beer. I would have gone to one of the breweries “down south” if they would have opened at a reasonable time, read “before 4pm”. Thinking that I will either go to Porter Beer Bar (they have a new ESB I want to try), or leap another emotional hurdle and go to Red’s Beer Garden.

    But first, a shower is in order.

    • David says:

      Kudos on the ride, that’s good stuff. I have based out of Joe’s in EAV today and banged out half of a chapter. It is definitely conceivable that I can get another 1.5 chapters written by Monday and have the first draft of this book out of my head. Oh boy, oh boy! That’s always a good feeling when that happens! I think a beer and a quesadilla at the Flatiron is imminent for me as I continue to write. I always try to do that at least once while writing a book, but the pandemic broke my streak for a couple of years.

    • Though a chore to get here I am at Porter. I am the only one at the bar, and am drinking the ESB that is a collaboration with Elsewhere Brewery.

      Kept vegetarian by eating French fries and a pretzel for lunch. Hey, I rode 45 miles already today…

  7. I still have not figured out how to sync maps to my new fancy pants bike computer. I thought I had synced my last Silk Sheets ride from Cochran Mill Park, but it wasn’t there. Good thing there aren’t too many turns. Too bad I am no longer on speaking terms with a person I know who owns one…

  8. Steve says:

    As advertised, I took my comp from Saturday at shut down at 11. Got on the bike with high expectations but the wind and Covid kicked my butt. 17 done but no stops, so there is that.

    When Debbie went out to feed this morning, she said the dead tree lost a big limb last night. HOLY CRAP it’s big. My afternoon is now set- just have to find a place to tote it.

  9. After my morning ride followed by two beers at Porter Beer Bar I returned home and took a serious nap.

    I also brought a four-pack of ESB home with me, which was $8/can, Yikes!

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