Watched an episode of “That’s My Time with David Letterman” at Betsy’s last night, thought it was pretty good.

A terrible night of sleep and aching legs have already altered my day, postponing the morning Stone Mountain bike ride I was going to take until tomorrow.

I can’t wait for the first time I once again experience a genuine smile and laugh. Being sad all of the time sucks.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was FROWN

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 29 seconds

    Didn’t need the entire first second to get today’s Heardle. More than a bit scary to realize that song is 39 years old.

  2. Barb says:

    Heading to Emory shortly for my brain study physicals, MRI, lumbar puncture & blood draw, etc. Going to be good times this morning. Getting a little work done 1st so I don’t have to take a half a day of vacation.

    Last night took the moto over to Roswell to a friends for dinner – a good solid 30 minutes on the back of the bike was enough to convince me we could never go a long distance on it. I suppose there are ways to make it more comfortable, but not sure I’d want to. Thought it might rain on us on the way home, saw lighting on the horizon, but it never rained here at all.

    Heardle – I knew it, but as usual, couldn’t think of the name of the song. Had to listen to 4 seconds before my brain engaged enough to know the name.

    I’ll check in from the waiting room I’m sure.

  3. Beating today’s heat and swapping the chores I intended to do tomorrow so that I can ride then.

    Front lawn is now mowed and should be fine until whenever I return ITP.

    Was considering bringing out the weedwhacker, but that requires much heavier clothing to battle the detritus it throws.

    Now to do a walk around WLF.

  4. I was remiss this morning, happy birthday Jenka!

  5. It’s shaping up to be another hot day today. Remember to drink plenty of water if you are outside.

    WLF is looking lush. I may finally have zucchini plants that want to feed me! Still waiting for tomato and pepper plants to get their act together. Staking some tomato plants because I didn’t do a good enough job to put in t-posts and weave them. We’ll see if my production suffers…

    I just found a huge tomato plant that is a volunteer that has sprung up in the middle of my eggplant plants. :-O

    Looking at a lot of grass that I want to cover with cardboard and soil in the coming eight months.

  6. I just had the shit scared out of me when the current resident of an impromptu birdhouse flew out while I was standing very near it.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5; my brain is tired from all the new things being poured into it this week.

    The class is good, but 5 days of it may be a bit too much to really take in. The books are good though so I’ll be able to do all the things.

    Something with the storms yesterday really messed up our phone line. It has a terrible hum and randomly rings once. That was terribly annoying last night. Thankfully it did not happen all night or if it did I slept through the single rings.

    One of my tomatoes is turning orange!!! I’m ridiculously excited.

    Back to class…

  8. In from WLF and showered. I lost motivation and am starting to get hungry for lunch.

  9. Steve says:

    Good morning from the center of the BMW world. Somewhat disorganized registration process, but they had hundreds show up when the gates opened at 8. Shade is at a premiun this week and i got some!

    At 11 last night, my cell phone rang. I was quite asleep and did answer it. It was the front desk of the hotel asking when i was going to check in! Crazy. I explained where i was and they went away. I told the clerk when i left. He showed me my unchecked in reservation and had thought about issuing me a credit, but didnt know how to do it. I think the whole crew is new.

    Riding class at 1pm is the only thing on the agenda.

    No nametags! I wish they had nametags!


  10. Oh boy it’s warm again. Went outside to try and kill more beetles, but they are onto me and got away.

    Now down in the basement trying to beat the heat.

  11. Steve says:

    If only i had duct tape and a marker. Not in the tool kit. Duct tape should be.

  12. Barb says:

    Pinball machine needs new insides, but there is a company that still makes the part. $220 & it will be here next week. Need to pay the service call, and probably some other parts he has with him that he replaced, and I think for $400 or so we may have a working pinball machine again.

  13. Bizarre, I just received a flood of Apple Cash notifications, one each for the past five days. I wonder if I just did something on my iPad that opened the floodgate?

  14. After swiftly renewing library books and returning a hose to Lowe’s I have time to kill before meeting friends for dinner. Sadly all I could think to do is hit a brewery since it is too damn hot to do anything outside. At least I am trying a new-to-me one called Iron Hill in Buckhead.

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