Perhaps like Icarus I flew too close to the sun by staying in Clayton, thus resurfacing bad memories. But Clayton is situated perfectly for where I am headed next.

I had the most amazing 42 mile bike ride yesterday morning, and yet by the afternoon I was in my hotel room depressed. I still feel like the loser…

Sonnabitch, yesterday’s Wordle answer was LOSER? I could have finally gotten it in one; instead I solved it in four.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was FILTH

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 1:33. Much harder for me on an iPhone.

    Immediately recognized the song, but couldn’t think of the artist and title for today’s Heardle. Finally remembered when the lyrics started.

    • Barb says:

      got the Mini in 2:05- Wordle in 4 as well.

      I’m not in the mood to work at all today – dental surgery tomorrow to finally get the implants.
      And – tree guy coming to take out a couple big pines in the front, the roots are starting to really mess with our driveway. More money, more money going out.
      Pinball replacement MPU board has arrived, now to get the repair guy back out to install it.

  2. A reminder that there is a likelihood that I will have limited/no cell service where I am headed.

  3. Sally Brooking says:

    where you are going….there is no cell service! Enjoy your stay.

  4. David says:

    You are what you tell yourself you are. You *have* to work on changing your narrative. Nothing is going to get better until you do. You’re digging your emotional hole ever deeper. I lived all of this for decades. You can change it. But only you. No one can save you from yourself until you decide to march to a different beat. You’ve gotta ditch this platter of poisoned fruit you keep feeding yourself.

    I’m glad you had a great ride. Focus on the positive.

    I had a lovely day st Fort Mountain State Park with my kids yesterday, hiking and renting a pedal boat for an hour.

    Wordle in 3, NYT Mini in 58 sec. I could name the Heardle band in 1 sec but not the song.

    • Point taken.

      Considered a bike ride this morning, but I do hate to be pressed for time and didn’t want to rush myself.

      Today I break free of environments in which I have ever visited, and will be spending some time with friends, both of those should help greatly.

      I love Fort Mountain, but haven’t visited in years. Perhaps there will be a journey with my bike soon…

  5. Steve says:

    Like David said, stop digging your own hole. You can do it.

    Departed Springfield at 0630 Saturday. Rolled pretty easy through Missouri and Arkansas, zipped through!emphis and started down I-22 towards Tupelo. After a tour of Comfort Inns, finally landed about 1500. The closest restaurant was a sushi bar (score!) and it was good.

    Early start Sunday and it was COLD riding! Stopped at Buc-ee’s for breakfast in Leeds and zipped the rest of the way home. I guess 1500 miles or so total. Bike ran well and I learned I could do it and was comfortable. Now to clean my bike and helmet of bugs!

    Today is the rescheduled memorial service for Hal Barry with lunch afterwards. A celebration of a life well lived, for sure.

    Hang in there Paulie.


  6. Barb says:

    the AH4 hash went off well.
    Friday night Brewery Road set up inside due to pop up storms, but it then got nice & moved outside after a set inside.
    Saturday’s trail & ending went well- Not my decision, but handing out the giveaways as people were leaving was a bad idea, as of course some left early. Now Head Nurse (or whoever) get to track those people down. I have Cow Tipper. Dum BUFs and Hash n Crash’s towels- as I know I can track them down.

    Sunday I went to Lake Lanier with a couple Parrothead girl friends & their friends – Robin lives up at the lake and has a membership somewhere to rent boats for just fuel costs. Met a whole lot of single women in our age group Paulie – they are out there – just waiting to meet a guy. I learned so much from them (and I will say I’m happy I’m married)- the biggest complaint – being ghosted. If you decide it isn’t working, just say so. The group I was with was a Lake Lanier singles group. (probably a FB group, but still) Anyway- it was a very fun day, new friends, lots of laughs.

    • Sounds like a heck of a weekend!

      Only problem with Lake Lanier is that it’s not exactly close to East Atlanta… Just sayin’

      • Barb says:

        I know that Lake Lanier is not geographically desirable, but, if there’s that many nice fun ladies in that 1 singles club, I bet there are just as many in a ITP desirable area.

        • Perhaps, Barb. Perhaps…

          • David says:

            Dude, that’s a low-risk environment for you to knock the rust off of your game. If it doesn’t go well, you won’t run across someone in EAV. If it does go well, distance has a way of working itself out quick, especially at this age. It’s not like Barb is saying you need to cross state lines or something. As much as you’re hoping, Ms Right isn’t going to do a Lady Godiva entrance into WLF. You gotta go where the women are.

          • Meh. That’s all of the ammo I will give you regarding that.

  7. At a brewery before driving to another brewery for my appointed meetup. Funny, this one, Lazy Hiker, looked vaguely familiar. Turns out I visited this location in November of 2020.

  8. Steve says:

    It was a nice send off for Hal. Not quite “high mass”, but 4 priests and a Bishop! The bishop kept his powder dry until the end when he remembered Hal as working for the archdiocese on its finance and planning committees and was instrumental in them selling the property on W. Peach tree at the right time to make a lot of bank. Perhaps the bishop was more reserved in his words.

    Then back to the farm for lunch and stories. Lots of hunt friends we don’t see so often. As we were leaving, a hunt member flew his plane over the house with smoke on for a bit of show.

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