I was surprised how many of my camping neighbors left yesterday. I would have assumed that everyone would be leaving today like myself.

It was a long weekend with more ups than downs. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have a companion with whom I could share the experience and memories.

Go ahead and take your shots, this will be the only thing other than Wordle updates for the remainder of the week.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was HUMID

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  1. Steve says:

    Had I attempted Wordle with my normal starter of Aisle, I would have had a deuce, but as it was, in 3

    We heard a bit of the locals blowing stuff up last night, but it was pretty quiet considering past Independence Days.

    I got out and dusted off the scooter for 50 miles or so. Then collapsed for pretty much the rest of the day. It was Debbie’s turn to hit the deck when her mount spooked at a fawn who appeared out of nowhere. Landing on her butt left her sore but mobile. My back is still a bit out, but improving.

    You have to enjoy your own company before you can expect anyone to want to share it. I’m glad there were more ups than downs.


    • David says:

      Yes, ditto on what Steve said. No one is “taking shots” at you here. We all see your pain and are trying to help you find a pathway forward. And we keep trying in spite of your recalcitrance.

    • Horse riding sounds almost as dangerous as cycling! Speaking of which, today is Tuesday? I should be watching the TdF!

      I have “enjoyed” my own existence for at least 75% of the past thirty years. I want to share the rest of my life with someone, starting as soon as possible. It’s all a matter of chance, which has not been in my favor much of my adult life.

  2. Barb says:

    it rained like hell for a while last night – so that ended a lot of the neighborhood fireworks.
    Best meme I saw all weekend was (paraphrasing) about how all these people complain that they can’t afford food & gas, but damn they can spend money on fireworks!

    Trying to get ready for the Spain Groves to show up tomorrow – I’m such a procrastinator, I’ll be doing some cleaning today & tomorrow. Was looking at Braves tickets – damn they are pricy. And since they are 100% electronic – I may not go to the game, so I think I’ll make Allan figure it out so they will be on his phone.

    • Last night was the first night at Hard Labor Creek State Park that it didn’t rain. That made packing up a lot easier this morning.

      No fireworks nearby, so I was in my tent by 8pm. It was still too hot to do much else.


  3. Barb says:

    Allan said yesterday’s Peachtree was probably a record for the number of medical issues – they had over 160 patients. Not sure how many were “real” issues, but he did say there were 2 arrests (aka heart attack issues). I haven’t talked to him much, it was a very long day for him, 10 bike teams and I think 5 cart teams to keep organized.

    • Steve says:

      As steamy as it was, I’m not surprised. Another reason to skip it. Of course, running 6 miles for me is also out of the question at the moment!

      • David says:

        Yesterday’s overcast helped things a ton. I’ve run far hotter Peachtree’s in the past, so I was grateful for the cloud cover.

        Wordle in 5 starting with CRANE. Today’s Heardle is a cringe, almost embarrassed that I could could solve it, although it did take 7 seconds.

        • Barb says:

          I got Heardle in 4 seconds – I do know my cheesy music somehow.
          Mini – not so good.
          Wordle in 5. There are 2 other words start start with wrong letters with 4 right.

  4. Rachel says:

    Coming out of my lurking status to comment…

    More ups than downs is positive! For a long time I felt like any experience I had alone wasn’t “real” because there was no one else there to witness it or share it. The whole “if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound if no one is there to hear it.” Of course it makes a sound, but it does make you wonder! Keep doing that therapy thing. Even if it doesn’t feel like it is “working,” it is good to have a standing appointment to talk to a real live human when you live alone and don’t work in an office. 🙂 Be gentle with yourself as you are healing.

    When you feel like branching out, check out this group that I was invited to prior to my move: https://events.georgiaoutdoorshenanigans.com/pubevents Yes they are mostly in the northern suburbs, but that is honestly where the single women are too (although I’d encourage you to attend to broaden your network and enjoy activities, not specifically to be on wife watch 🙂 ) It appears Atlanta Outdoor Club is still alive and well and there are lots of hiking and activity groups on Meetup too. Some of the events (and people) won’t be your taste, but you never know until you try! You’ve done this before, you can do it again! These group activities are (unfortunately) the most efficient way to meet new people as an adult. And even if the event and people are terrible, it gives you something different to think about and complain about!

    My offer to host you in Asheville to have a change of scenery still stands. I’m in Atlanta this weekend and the weekend of the 30th, but in AVL otherwise.

    Going back to lurking now…

    • Welcome Rachel. 🙂

      For the record, the ups were:
      Saturday: cycled 60 miles
      Sunday: hiked 6 miles (sorta a fail as half of this was road trying to get to another section of the park)
      Monday: cycled 49 miles (too hot and tired to extend to 50, originally I set out to for 40)

      Barb has also suggested that club. I am looking into it.

      You will be hearing from me. I intend to make August/September/October plans, especially to fill the hash campout weekend I will avoid, soon. Thanks again,

      • Barb says:

        hi Rachel!
        you know, I’ve still never been to Asheville.
        Some day, hopefully soon, we will head up that way & hopefully you are around.

        I agree, I think the way to meet new people is just join one of the hikes, or whatever. If you really don’t like the group, you can always take a different path. A few hours with new people can be fun, and you just never know what will come of it. A few of the women I met up at Lake Lanier have reached out, I wasn’t expecting that. I may have another lake day one of these days – who knows?

    • Steve says:

      Welcome Lurker Rachel!! We can always use fresh voices.

      An old boss/friend/retired EVP here is building (eventually) in Asheville. Apparently all the cool kids are heading that way.

      • He/She must have earned and invested well. Asheville wasn’t cheap when I looked up there twenty years ago, I doubt prices have declined since.

        • Steve says:

          She retired with 43 years at the Fed. I’m pretty sure that EVP salary was nothing to sneeze at. Her midtown condo has done nothing but appreciate as well.

  5. Everything is out of the car. Every time I do this I can’t believe how much camping shit I own. In my defense I used a lot of it this weekend, but it doesn’t make it any easier to put away.

  6. First meat day in a few weeks. I couldn’t resist stopping at Mamie’s Biscuits in Lithonia and ordering two biscuits — country ham, fried chicken — damn they were tasty!

    BTW, Mamie’s Biscuits is different from Mammy’s Kitchen in Conyers, where I wrongly asked for directions to first.

  7. A few takeaways about Hard Labor Creek State Park. I’ve camped at the pioneer campsites multiple times, this was my second tent visit. All campsites are not created equally. I lucked into a mostly-shaded site, but one of my neighbor’s site, never received shade after 10am. I don’t know how long I would have stayed if my site was as hot as theirs appeared.

    For a park surrounded by water, and my site was very close to some, I don’t think I saw a single mosquito all weekend!

    Fortunately the park has two “Comfort Stations”, toilets with showers! I discovered the showers late Saturday night. One of these stations went out of order this weekend, fortunately it wasn’t the one closest to me.

    It would have been nice had they mentioned that their ice machine was broken when I arrived, so they had no bags of ice to sell this weekend. I had to make the drive back to Rutledge on Sunday, otherwise I would have had warm drinks the rest of my stay.

  8. If you want an indication of how much I have avoided hashing and hash-related activity, I completely forgot that the Painful Member hash was Sunday. I knew there was a Black Sheep. My final Atlanta area hash will be in a little less than four weeks, 7/31. Still trying to decide if I will refer to this as
    1) “Wee’s Last Stand”
    2) “Wee Little Bit: 201 and Done!”

    • Steve says:

      I think you may get to a point of returning to hashing. It doesn’t look like it now, but oddly, things have a way of changing.

      • Rachel says:

        This. The hash is always changing with people coming and going. Once a hasher always a hasher.

        • True, I am a hasher for life. I am not saying that I won’t do a little travel hashing as it is hashers, and not hashing, that I am attempting to avoid currently.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 6 starting with ZEBRA. I was mostly playing around with really unlikely words.

    Falling off horses is no joke. But the jokes get harder to take as I get older. I feel pretty good today, but when I move wrong I get an intense burning sensation. What the hell is that???

    Whatever it is it needs to resolve pretty quickly. I’ve got a week of recording work coming up in Washington state. Really looking forward to seeing mountains and cooler temps!

    Glad you had a better weekend Paulie.

  10. Fuck! My neighbor’s ancient sweet gum tree lost another part of a large branch which fell into WLF. It took out a great looking squash plant, killed a handful of tomato plants, and destroyed the two small “hoop houses” I built using wire fencing. DANGEN!!!

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