I either need to buy a weather radio, or start camping in parks where AT&T has adequate coverage. Or both.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was BLAST

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4 Responses to 2022-07-04

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning and happy Independence Day.

    Debbie told me Saturday that I was going to ride one of our horses to help it get in shape on Sunday. So we met our friend Roxanne and rode out from bear Creek on their trail system. Everything was going well as we headed back to the barn, until something bit or spooked my rod and she did a quick 180 and a roll. I obviously hit the deck landing mostly on my elbow which is slightly skinned but the primary injury is a tweaked back.
    Sleeping last night was uncomfortable to say the least.

    I’m planning later to get my motorcycle out. I was going to do that yesterday but I heard thunder in the area. It was just gonna be a quick run to the grocery store in Hogansville. I drove instead and I’m glad I did as I got to the grocery as the skies opened up.

    A great evening last night with the hunt folks. Dinner and fireworks afterwards. It reminded me, as the owner of the property wasn’t there, of the time I let the hash use the old Bluebird house for an ending, not knowing it was going to be a joint ending and I gave no one the key to the house.

    Wordle in 4.


  2. Just finished a very humid 49 mile bike ride.

  3. David says:

    Another Peachtree in the books. I walked more than I ran, but I finished in 1:26, so considering a) I didn’t train, b) I haven’t run in several years, and c) I’m not getting any younger. It was my daughter’s first 10K. She wants to run it again, so that’s a win!

    Wordle in 5 starting with FORTH. 4 out of 5 letters on the 4th try.
    NYT Mini in 1:01. Heardle fail.

  4. Headed back to dead zone. Enjoy your 4th!

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