The weather radar fooled me into not riding last night. I was so depressed when I realized that I could have ridden but didn’t that I went for a 5.5-mile walk to try to lift my spirits a little.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was SPENT

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 37 seconds.

    Heardle slam dunk in first second.

    Yes, I am awake at 4am.

  2. David says:

    Wordle was an absolute shit show for me. I started with HEART and had 4 letters in the correct place in 2. It then took me 4 more tries to get the 5th letter, so I narrowly avoided a fail.

    NYT Mini in 42 seconds. Didn’t need the full second to get the Heardle. Nailed 70s and 80s Heardle. 90s was unavailable, but wouldn’t have known it anyway. Failed on 2000s Heardle even though I knew the song. I got impatient with the long intro that I couldn’t place.

    I tend to just stare the weather down when I want to get a ride in. On Sunday the sky was looking dark, especially into Buckhead. It even sprinkled a tiny bit but I rode on and it never let loose. I am 3 for 3 with regard to getting caught in apocalyptic thunderstorms during the three century rides that I have completed, so I just don’t worry about rain that might happen.

    • Barb says:

      Heardle – regular one- took an extra second – my brain wasn’t working.
      70s- 1 second
      80s – couldn’t place it until I heard a lot of it (then was duh….)
      90s & 00s – just skipped to the end eventually to see what it was.

    • Couldn’t get 70s or 80s without skipping in frustration.
      90s was a slam dunk in one second.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4, Mini in 2.

    After a rough start yesterday, by the time I got home, I was whipped. I managed to watch the Tour stage and then watched a stupid movie (White House Down) and a Christmas classic (Die Hard). And it isn’t even July 25th (Halfway to Christmas).

    Debbie sent me a picture of them working hard in Washington state- a wine tasting!! She did say it was a struggle… yeah, right.

    Today’s stage might break a few legs in the Tour. We shall see.


  4. Target’s inventory system failed me. There were no cargo pants in my size at Target ERD as their system indicated.

    • Steve says:

      I was looking for something specific at Lowes and supposedly found it at the store on Camp Creek. When I drove all the way there and didn’t find it, I asked an employee and he just laughed… apparently, store inventory system are pretty useless.

  5. I wonder if I will ever get mail delivered again. I put a hold for last week which should have ended Saturday, nothing yet. I can’t find my confirmation email, so I can’t see if I erred on the end date, or cancel the hold. I really don’t want to have to deal with the East Atlanta post office.

  6. Bob says:

    It’s summer in Georgia, if you don’t ride due to a threat of rain you will never ride 🙂

    • David says:


    • There was an orange blob with lightning headed directly toward Decatur, which apparently was gone by 5:30pm. And when I made my decision there was a red blob following it, which inexplicably turned southward. Wet roads and threats of rain are fine, but I am too afraid of getting struck by lightning when I see that sort of radar.

  7. Another mosquito-filled morning in WLF. I am fortunate that mosquito “bites” bother me for about ten minutes and then go away. Otherwise I’d either be fully clothed, covered with mosquito spray, or never go out there.

  8. Barb says:

    I did nothing yesterday.
    The fresh picked corn I bought from some guy in West Cobb isn’t very sweet – it almost tasted like popcorn. Trying to decide what to do with the other 4 ears – need to search recipes that don’t say sweet corn. I’ve never eaten field corn – so, this may be what it tastes like.

    Mini in 1:47 – typo’d a letter & it took me a minute to figure out what I had done.
    Wordle in 4 – took a hint from David’s comment, and got lucky

    • Steve says:

      I rode past a guy growing corn on Monday’s ride. I wouldn’t know sweet corn from field corn- at least in the field. Maybe I need an Iowa expert?

      And no cheating on the Wordle, you…

      • Barb says:

        I’ve never eaten field corn, but, what I have wasn’t sweet corn. Field Corn is for the animals to eat, make ethanol, etc.

  9. Another paid survey today, this one in Peachtree Corners / Norcross. Stopped at the Lidl here, can’t wait for the one on Moreland to open!

    • Done with survey. Now at 6 Bridges Brewing where I cobbled together a late lunch and am having a few beers. I still have to get home in time to cook dinner for Betsy’s tonight.

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