Happy Belated Birthday to David. Welcome to the 57th Fighter Group.

Thanks to all who celebrated my birthday on Friday. Lunch at The Corn House with Barb, Steve/Davey, Kristina/Ramaho, and Joe/Slim, followed by a trip to Schoolhouse Brewing with everyone except Barb, who had to return to work. I then had one more beer at Steady Hand Brewing before returning home to spend the evening alone where I made dinner and watched Glengarry Glen Ross.

Yesterday after a hike, during which I turned my left ankle (a-gain!) even though I was wearing my hiking boots, I visited Red’s Beer Garden and cashed in all of my rewards.

Unfortunately I am still feeling sad and angry, and keep looking for days during which I don’t feel these feelings.

As I type and schedule this post on Sunday afternoon I am hoping that my ankle doesn’t keep me from another cycling folly in north Georgia today. So, I probably won’t be commenting until later this afternoon. I am really looking forward to this folly and never expected to hurt myself yesterday.

I hope everything is going well in your world.

This will be my only “real” post of the week. I am going to be busy, and therefore silent with the exception of Wordle updates for the remainder of the week.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was HURTS

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 31 seconds.

    Heardle fail.

    Ankle still hurts, so I don’t think I will attempt a long bike ride today. I probably could ride, but just don’t want to chance getting out there and feeling real pain. I may try to make the best out a less than ideal situation by driving to a few state parks and scouting future camping possibilities, just to get out of the house.

    So goddamn bummed.

  2. Used some of my survey “salary” to buy a 10’x6.6’x6.6’ poly tunnel for WLF 3.0 next year. After paying $5/lb for tomatoes at a farmers market yesterday I decided that I want to be able to eat the ones I grow, and will attempt to do so in a poly tunnel. One of this winter’s WLF chores will be to level a section of the farm onto which I will erect the poly tunnel.

    Amazon has proven to be tricky to use when trying to pay using multiple sources, like debit cards, so I am waiting to see how I finally get charged for this assuming the purchase doesn’t get canceled.

    • Barb says:

      I have applied a virtual visa card to my amazon account as a gift card – then its just in there to use next time you buy. (not to self – I need to add 1 to my account – I got one added, then never added the 2nd one from my Emory brain study pay)

  3. Discovered a cushaw squash growing in the dense thicket of volunteer plants in a bed. Unfortunately it either rotted or was found by critters first, because it looked like one of those jack-o-lanterns that people carve to appear as if it is vomiting.

    Now trying to learn when to harvest the cushaw squash about which I do know and on which I have been keeping an eye, so that I get to eat it.

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5, after having 3 letters in the right places in 2! A slightly tricky one.

    Saturday, met some of our Games gang at our sound guy’s warehouse and took 3 pickup loads of gear he wanted to get rid of. Stanchions and some rubber drive-over cable covers (which actually belong to the Games. We then loaded them all in our trailers at the park. Hot work in un-air conditioned trailers.

    Sunday, I got up somewhat early and road almost 30. Clearly I don’t do that often enough as my legs still feel it this morning. I did think about the Wheelhopper, but didn’t want to dedicate the whole day to riding and drinking.

    Tour withdrawl, but there is the Chick tour, which could be fun. Much less predictable.


    • Caught the finale of the tour with my ankle raised covered in an ice pack. I had withdrawal earlier.

      Off I go, hopefully not into standstill traffic. Going to start listening to more audiobooks since I accidentally let my Audible account renew for another year, losing ten credits from last year in the process… How Amazon is allowed to do this I am uncertain, but I will get my revenge when I cancel next July.

      • Steve says:

        I realize they race 21 stages, but the final parade seems like such a waste. There is generally nothing still up for grabs, as there are only sprint points available on the final stage (I guess there might have been some climbing points yesterday). I guess the days of a final TT are long gone after Lemond beat “the professor” in ’89.

      • Barb says:

        you can’t cancel Audible & get a refund? We use the Libby app thru the library – go get a library card – its totally free.

  5. David says:

    Thanks, Paulie! I had a great time in Chicago. I was born there so it’s always fun to get to go back to where it all began. I’m back to work today so that I can finally rest. Uneventful flight on Southwest coming back, left a few minutes late but nothing to speak of. The trip went swimmingly until my 13 year old spaced and left his backpack on MARTA at Five Points on the way home. Tough life lesson, it cost him an Airbook. The computer is presently in Oakland City, not a neighborhood where I want to go knock on any doors. Plus my son is a teenager now, time to start waking up.

    We kayaked on the Chicago River, did an architecture tour on the river, and a tall ship fireworks cruise on Lake Michigan. My daughter and I saw The Devil Wears Prada musical, which was fantastic. I didn’t plan on seeing any shows in Chicago, but I’m glad my daughter instigated it.

    Wordle in 5 starting with GRIND. Heardle fail, NYT Mini in 36 seconds.

    Alrighty, time to grind.

    • Barb says:

      happy birthday David! we really should all go have lunch/dinner/or drinks at 57th Fighter Group. That would be fun. (others can attend to of course)

      Glad you had a fun weekend in Chicago.
      that really stinks about the backpack & the computer……. I have some friends that live in Oakland City – it is getting gentrified -but….. if it was left on Marta, I doubt it is with someone trying to find you. Maybe call a pawn shop or 2 down that way? Allan is at station 7 in West End -he could go shopping?

      • David says:

        Lunch at the 57th Fighter Group would be fun! Tuesdays or Thursdays work best for me, probably in October or later. But let’s get a date on the calendar. As we all know, time flies at this age.

        The laptop has spent the night at 197 Moury Ave SW and is there at this moment. I can see it on Find My Phone. it was on the move yesterday on MARTA, and was stopping at various locations, including the Oakland City MARTA Station parking lot. Based upon Google Streetview, I don’t personally have the gumption to to knock on the door and ask for it back. I doubt they can pawn it, but maybe they’ll try.

        The lock screen has my phone number on it and I offered a reward, so maybe they’ll take me up on it. I’m not counting on it though.

        • Steve says:

          Still worth a try.

          My sister has lived in Oakland City for 40 years. Considering she paid $1 for her house (HUD program), and the gentrification has started on her street, it’s certainly worth much more than she paid.

        • Will put a note on my calendar to talk about ,inch in October.

  6. Jenka says:

    Happy birthday, David!

    Completely quiet weekend in Ellijay, mostly just watched baseball and sat on the deck.

    • David says:

      Thanks, Jenka! I love the Blue Ridge/Ellijay area. It sure is peaceful.

      • Jenka says:

        We love it. Our cabin doesn’t have a TV but it does have internet, so we take the iPad out onto the deck to watch baseball and look at the trees.

        • David says:

          No TV would be a selling point for me! There was a time back in the 90s/early 2000s where we dropped having cable and kept our TV on a rolling cart. We’d roll it out when we’d use our DVD player and put it back away again. That’s harder to do these days now that TVs mount on walls. 😉

  7. David says:

    I realized that I now have expired tags on both cars. Oh well, I’ll scramble this afternoon and fix that.

  8. Home again after visiting two state parks, Fort Mountain and Sloppy Floyd. The skies were about to open at the latter so all I did was drive around the campground looking at the spaces. I camped there maaaany years ago and wanted conformation of what I recalled.

    Did a mile walk at Fort Mountain, around a lake, and ankle is okay. I think it was wise to not attempt a bike ride today however.

    Most notable thing I accomplished today was burning a half tank of gas. Oops.

    • David says:

      Did you go to the overlook at Fort Mountain? Being eye level with hawks (on a day when they’re out) is one of my favorite experiences anywhere.

      Days where your only productivity is burning gas are really good for the soul.

      • I did not this time around. I have been there before and weather permitting will be again relatively soon. I have booked four nights of camping at Fort Mountain in August and plan to ride my road bike (away from the mountain) and do a lot of hiking.

        And all the breweries up there I checked are closed on Mondays, so I drove directly home.

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