It’s been a month since my birthday? Huh.

I nearly broke down in despair on Saturday when I discovered some water in the basement where I had never seen any. I thought the worst, that water had (finally) started leaking through the foundation, but it turned out that the 2.5 gallon water jug I bought at Publix in July and put down in the basement for long-term storage leaked. I was so goddamn relieved, even though some cardboard boxes were ruined and I had to run a fan to dry things out.

While doing some cleaning I discovered some shopping bags, both paper and plastic, which had fallen into a hard to reach place. I knew I didn’t put these bags there, and I have owned the ITP Estate for 23 years. Turns out, these bags are from the 1980s! One of the paper bags was from Food Giant, and had coupons printed on it which expired on September 1, 1985. Wow.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was ORGAN

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 39 seconds.

    Heardle fail.

  2. Still struggling on many fronts.

    One of my lesser struggles is using the virtual gifts cards to make purchases on Amazon, the world’s largest retailer. I tried to buy two things that summed to $44, and attempted to pay using a $40 virtual gift card. First, I saw no way to determine the balance remaining on the first card. Then this morning I received an email alerting me that the transaction failed because my $40 balance couldn’t cover the $44 purchase. Amazon has many brilliant employees, how is it that their system can’t automatically charge the balance to the credit card I have on file with them? Amazon had no problem charging the entire amount to the credit card when the virtual gift card was denied. Frustrating…

    I wonder if I can game the system by using my virtual gift card to buy (reload) an Amazon gift card for the same amount? Amazon has no problem processing orders by charging the balance to my credit card when my Amazon gift card amount is insufficient to cover the entire balance.

    • Barb says:

      yes- buy /reload with those virtual cards. That’s what I figured out to do – so the money is just there to use for any little purchase. (remember when I was asking about this a week or 2 ago?)

  3. Steve says:

    So Saturday’s Wordle was one letter off from one of my starting words that I didn’t happen to use. in 5. To feel better Sunday, I got it in 2. Today in 3! Not Bad.

    We went to DefCon 1 this morning at 0400 when the dogs found the armadillo. He “quickly” ran and hid under the ramp where he is pretty safe. I did poke him a couple times to let him know he’s not welcome.

    Saturday, 20 on the CX bike. We got pounded Friday night by the rain and some of the roads really showed it. Sunday, a nice scooter ride to breakfast in PTC, then a stop at a small cemetery in Brooks. Healthcare around the turn of the last century must have been bad there, as there were a lot of very young kids buried… hmmm…


  4. David says:

    No *dle’s for me today, just a quick check in. I had an *amazing* burger at Biggerstaff Brewing on Edgewood Saturday night. It was so good it’s been haunting me. My friend Scott had the burger too and completely agrees. Great beer too. I finally darkened the door of the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club Friday night, somehow I’ve never been there before. It was “meh”. The new owner is the same guy that owns Manny’s in Grant Park, which I tried really hard to like, but just couldn’t, so of course the Yacht Club has the same vibe.

    My wife was out of town, so I took advantage of the freedom. Alright, time to hustle. I can get one book out the door today, the other book gets uploaded to the printing company on Friday. I was actually working on a third book as well (technical editing, which is way less intensive/intrusive than authoring), but got that one sent off on Friday. Book season is almost over for this year.

    I’m glad your water leak was contained, as it were. That’s some serious time travel pulling up receipts from the 80s. I saw your Drug Emporium check cashing card on Instagram. Whoa, I hadn’t thought about that place in a really long time. That seems like a great name for a site on the dark web that uses crypto for purchases.

    • Funny you mention Biggerstaff. I was there on Friday for a few beers. Unfortunately my 5% cash back from Upside was declined, and I no longer possess the receipt.

      I used to love EAYC.

      I really don’t love anything these days.

    • Jenka says:

      They are both owned by Manny Maloof, grandson of the original Manuel Maloof of Manuel’s fame. Manny is a friend of ours, we met him back when he was the bartender at North Highland Pub a decade ago. I love Manny, but I agree with you that I was never able to warm up to Manny’s in Grant Park. Haven’t been to EAYC in years, even though it’s about 4 blocks from my house, although I’ve always liked it there. But the older I get, the less tolerance I have for “gritty.”

  5. Barb says:

    Weather actually cooperated up at the Ocoee this year – it was overcast most of the day, but no rain. We joked & joked- no wet lunchtime sandwiches made the trip so much better! We got a very good experienced guide – she was hilarious. Allan & another girl in our boat went swimming, as did our guide when it wasn’t really convenient, but it ended up being just a funny 5 minutes. Some of it was even caught on camera by the outfitters photographer.

    We had 22 raft, and 3 or 4 others just along for the weekend partying. It was a good time. It did rain a little here & there, but nothing horrible. The Bus Bar was an entertaining place to have a few beers & drinks, bands both nights were very good.

    • Sounds like a great time. I’ve nothing to top that, just a normal weekend around the ITP Estate, well except for my water scare.

    • Steve says:

      Barb, is “went swimming” a euphemism for fell out of the raft?

      I have seen a place on the Flint that rents kayaks and such. I really want to see what that’s like down in these parts…

      • Barb says:

        well – he was reaching to get Alycia (the guide) back in the boat – we hit a rock & he went tumbling in – basically the exact same thing that happened a minute earlier when Alycia tried to reach for Sue to get her back in the boat. It was sooooo funny.

  6. Jenka says:

    Pretty good weekend, nothing spectacular, but that’s good. Friday we had a nice birthday dinner for my bestie at Sotto Sotto. Saturday we went to the movies to see “Emily the Criminal,” which was only okay. It wasn’t terrible, but since it’s so rare that we go to the movies and it’s not Sonic the Hedgehog, that I want it to be really excellent. Oh well, we had a nice lunch at Mellow Mushroom beforehand. Sunday we went to the Braves game, the temperature was mercifully lower than usual, and it is always lovely to watch baseball.

    Back to the grind. I hate Mondays, but the hardest part is over.

  7. Noticed my bag of store-bought potatoes are sprouting, so I took eight and planted them in hopes of having one final shot at potato success this year before frost arrives. *fingers crossed*

    I’ve also sowed some other seeds this weekend, consider this to be Wee Little Farm v2.5.

  8. Been a chill morning. Just finished making lunch, Beyond Meat sloppy joes with a can of cannelloni beans, and two jalapeños harvested from WLF. With that I will eat some cornbread baked in the air fryer. Oh yeah, last week I bought an air fryer.

    • Steve says:

      Air fryers are the bomb diggety. We haven’t done a lot of real cooking with it yet, but it defrosts and reheats like no bodies business.

      • I resisted for a long time, fearing that it was just another gadget to take up a massive amount of counter space. Admittedly I don’t use my InstantPot as much as I once did (insert story about cooking alone now here) so I feared the Air Fryer would suffer the same fate.

        1) I used my InstantPot to make hard boiled eggs today.
        2) Because the Air Fryer’s cavity is not huge, it is good for one-person meals. Yesterday I cooked fake chicken nuggets with okra and tomatillo; the latter two ingredients harvested from WLF.

        Time will of course tell.

        • Barb says:

          I have no InstantPot & no air fryer. But – my fancy expensive range does have convection, and that is basically air frying. If I had a smaller one, I think I’d use it more, but Allan says no more gadgets.

          • If I had a convection oven I would not have purchased an air fryer. If/when I renovate the kitchen, might as well if I will be fixing the plumbing to which it’s attached, I will probably get a convection oven and conductive stovetop.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with CREAK and Mini in :38

    I slept through the armadillo war thankfully.

    Saturday, I ran into a friend who is recently back from 2 months volunteering in Ukraine at the Cafe and had a good catchup with her. So interesting to hear what it’s like on the ground; we are so blessed.

    Sunday I had hoped to finally get in a ride, but got word that my friend’s horse had a nasty cut. I hauled her to the vet clinic for stitches and a few nights stay. All four of us who had planned to ride took the field trip together and then went for lunch. Navigating my trailer around Sunday afternoon parking lots at the strip mall was entertaining. I only ate one curb.

    Sad that vacation is over and my work problems didn’t magically fix themselves while I was gone. Figuring out how to recreate a 30+ second gap in an archived video project will take a couple of hours that I’d rather be doing something else.

  10. Proof that things in WLF are not always horrible

    Wee Little Farm Harvest

  11. Rats. Just found out a band I like, The Beths, is playing tonight in Durham, NC. Had I discovered this earlier (a few days ago) I may have made the journey to see them.

    They play Masquerade in March 2023, but there is a history of seeing them there I may not want to revisit. They play Asheville the night before Atlanta, so maybe if the weather isn’t miserable then I will make that trip.

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