Hoping to get to do the Melton’s App & Tap ride tonight.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was CUMIN

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 188.2 pounds (+1.4 from last week’s weigh-in); very disappointing, the buck stops here…

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 36 seconds.

    Heardle in three seconds; after two seconds I had confused it with another song.

  2. Made a Glenwood Kroger run this morning, the first such visit in many months. I wonder why I have been avoiding it… Oh yeah. Good thing about this location is that is now open at 5am again. That might be the only lauds I give to this location these days…

  3. David says:

    I popped in to get my tags there from the DMV machine in July, haven’t made an actual purchase there in forever.

    Wordle in 3 starting with TIRED. Hopefully my frenzy is over tomorrow. Two chapters left to respond to editor queries on.

    I flailed hard on the Mini, 1:22. A symptom of being too tired.

    Barb’s gonna clean up on today’s Heardle. 2 seconds for me. 1 wasn’t enough, 2 was plenty.

    I have a trip to Costa Rica on the horizon next month. Woot! It’ll be my first time there. Birthday trip for my daughter who is turning 15. She and I are going on our own.

    • I did have a few flashbacks when shopping there this morning. And, I failed to get two things on my list! Perhaps I will visit a different Kroger on my journeys later today.

      Kudos again for the work efforts.

      Sounds like it will be a great trip. I hope that it is.

      • David says:

        Thanks, Paulie, it’s going to be amazing. I’m happy for my work successes, but I’m also ready to have some downtime from them for a minute.

    • Barb says:

      Well David –
      Heardle – took me 2 seconds – couldn’t come up with it in 1. Should I be embarrassed? Maybe
      70s – damn – could not think if the name for way too many seconds.
      Both 80s – nope.

      • David says:

        To be fair, I think anyone would need at least two seconds on that song. There really isn’t much to work with in the first second.

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4. I had the first letter with my starting word and afterwards ran the bot to tell me my second guess should have been LANKY, which doesn’t have the first letter?!?! So much for AI…

    The Labor Day hunt was cancelled because of all the rain we got Sunday- bad footing for early season horses would be bad news. We did meet for the already planned “breakfast” and it was good to show my face, as most knew of my health issues. Spoke at length with a member who is just back from volunteering in Ukraine! Some amazing stories…

    No more masks in the office! I think they will still be required in Miami this week when I go down.


  5. Picked a handful of green beans this morning, perhaps the last harvest of this bean planting. I have a feeling lunch will be another “melange of vegetables” from WLF.

    Glad I applied insect repellent, as I wandered through the sprawling squash plants the mosquitoes were aroused.

  6. Barb says:

    Long rainy weekend up at Lake Keowee – not sure if that caused us to drink more – probably not.
    We had about 20 people – in 1 house, it was a little crowded, but the house is designed ok, 3 main areas – party in the basement bar area, in the kitchen/living rom area, on the outside deck.
    Saturday wasn’t too bad in the afternoon – so everyone got in.
    We did spend a few hours in the lake in the rain on Sunday – decided we’d be wet either way. The water seemed warmer than the air – it was fun for the ones that were up for the adventure. We got a nice person to bring us replacement drinks & snacks – she delivered with an umbrella.

    I thought I slept ok, but I was exhausted last night – went to bed & was asleep before 9:30pm. I’m still tired today.

  7. Wow, a bizarre ending to today’s La Vuelta stage.

  8. Bob says:

    Back from my redneck weekend in Bristol TN. Burnouts, stadium trucks, and crown vic racing. Awesome weekend of cars, beers, and buddies!

  9. Checked on the seeds I sowed last week and discovered the soil into which I planted them has formed a hard crust. This may be the reason the seeds have not germinated well. At this rate I may decide skip trying to grow anything this fall and travel instead.

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