While looking at my list of Wordle starter words last night I saw that the one I was scheduled to use Friday was STEIN, which is now out of my list given that it was yesterday’s answer. Sooooo close!

I solved today’s Wordle in two attempts; my starter today was POISE

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  1. David says:

    It was good to escape the salt mine for a few days. Flights there and back took off on time and landed early. I should have bought a lottery ticket Sunday night, we cleared immigration at Hartsfield in under 5 minutes. We spent Wednesday through Friday nights in Quepos here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/15998173 and then Saturday night in Jaco here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/53956085. I would stay at both places again without hesitation. We had an epic zip lining morning on Thursday here: https://elsantuariocanopyadventure.com/ and a 3 1/2 hour catamaran ride on Friday here https://catamaranadventurescr.com/. Saturday morning started with breakfast here https://www.elavion.net/, which is a restaurant built around an airplane used in the Iran Contra affair, followed by a private kayaking trip in the jungle (https://nacarcosta.com/) that included seeing a troupe of white-faced monkeys.

    It’s the rainy season, so it did indeed rain every day but only for part of the day, you just never knew what part, and it would start raining without warning. Due to proximity to the equator it gets dark at 6:00 PM every night, but sunrise is at 5:00 AM. The rain definitely forces you to slow down and just chill out, which is a good thing.

    I did greatly appreciate the scarcity of alto (stop) signs in Costa Rica. A cool thing I noticed about the very rare stoplights I encountered is the green light flashes a couple of times before it turns yellow. The US is behind the times on that front.

    I was very grateful that I rented a full size SUV, and I also willingly paid for the full insurance coverage. We almost got stuck in a giant mudhole when exploring a nature preserve that we randomly stumbled on. We stopped for a minute at a road side beach and the policia almost immediately showed up and cautioned us not to leave our bags unattended anywhere in the country. They were very chill about it, and the whole country has a very chill vibe.

    We didn’t see a whole lot of wildlife, and I’m good with that. The animals need their space. The monkey troupe was very friendly and curious. We saw some turtles and iguanas, and I saw a couple of toucans. No snakes or big cats, and no problem there.

    I got a bug up my butt for a minute about trying to make a run for the Caribbean coast (we were midway down on the Pacific side), and on Thursday I worked for 2 hours trying to find a place that would work, but in the end I let it go and just booked the place we stayed Saturday night. The Caribbean side is less developed, so it’s where the locals go, but because it’s less developed it’s harder to find accommodations that don’t feel sketchy. It’s also 4 1/2 hours from San Jose, so that would have been a big risk for getting to the airport on time.

    I originally had planned to stay in San Jose Saturday night for airport proximity, but abandoned that plan when we landed and saw there’s not much to see in San Jose. As one of the locals said, a city is a city, and it worked out much better to stay in Jaco. There’s no interstates in Costa Rica, the major highways are two lane roads. There was a nasty accident between Jaco and San Jose that caused a 30 minute standstill, but I had been keeping an eye on Waze, and allowed enough of a buffer for the normally 90 minute drive back to San Jose.

    It was an excellent first international trip for my daughter, and definitely a trip that was good for my soul. I highly recommend Costa Rica, I’m sure that I’ll go back again.

    • Sorry for the delay, didn’t see this in my approval queue.

      Sounds like an amazing journey.

      • David says:

        It truly was, and no worries, I figured that’s what had happened since I included so many links. I hope your trip is going well.

        Wordle in 3 today (for a change, it’s been taking 5 or 6 tries). Mini in 2:12, I just could not wrap my brain around it.

    • Jenka says:

      Wow, what an amazing trip! You certainly packed a lot into 4 days. Those pics from the first AirBnB are breathtaking!

      We’re doing a 4 day catamaran trip in Belize in December, I’m looking forward to it!

    • Barb says:

      nice recap! I might have to save all your links for me someday…….. someday……..

  2. Jenka says:

    You have a SCHEDULE of starter words?

    I don’t think you ever told us what you’re in New Orleans for? Is it just for funsies? I love NO. It was going to be our spring trip when Covid happened and everything shut down.

    I have nothing to report. I didn’t do anything yesterday except eat salad to make up for all the crap I ate over the weekend.

    • Okay, a list which acts like a schedule since I always use the top word. This is how I have a different starter word each day.

      NO is a city which I have not visited since pre-Katrina and have always wanted to return. With no job and still a little money stashed away I decided to drive here for a few days of fun before heading to Florida for a family get together.

  3. NOLA 1, Paulie 0

    I didn’t even make it to the start of the fifty mile route I was planning to ride today before hitting a rock and having the front tire go flat. DANGEN! My Gatorskins are not proving to be the savior against obstacles they once were. After finally getting the new tube installed and inflated (note to self: change out the CO2 trigger when you get home) I decided to lessen my risk by doing a short ride. When I started losing confidence in my handiwork I high tailed it back to my rental. *sad face* I will earn my food and beer by walking everywhere today instead.

    • Barb says:

      did you ever meet Nick from the BRAG family? he lives in NO area. I’d say get him to take you out riding, but its a little late now

  4. Steve says:

    Good morning, post Highland Games! A great weekend, possibly a record crowd on Saturday and a decent crowd on Sunday. It all went back in the box fairly seamlessly Sunday night and Monday.

    While at the sponsors reception Friday night, a couple on our committee came up and said we have a mutual friend. And he said if we told you “Craig” you might not know, but is we said “Little Sister” you would recognize that!!! She took a pic of us dressed in our finery for Sister. It was pretty funny.

    Today is a lot of R and R. May be a scooter ride in my future.

    Enjoy N.O. I’ve never been to the WW2 museum but always wanted to go.


    • Sounds like you fooled them again, well done!

      Currently 55°F here, waiting for it to warm slightly before I walk an hour to burn the calories not burned riding, to get my lunch at Mother’s Restaurant.

      • Steve says:

        I was going to suggest Mothers, but didnt know where you were staying. Its just a few ocks from Fed, so i try and hit it at least once a trip.

        Be ready for a line.

        • Ha! I beat the line at Mother’s today, just ate a full-sized debris sandwich with fries.

          Now having my first beer of the day.

          My goal is to get at least ten miles of waking today. I’m going to need it.

    • Barb says:

      So what is Little Sister up to these days? get any scoop?

      Sorry we didn’t make it out to the games, kind of glad now as I hate big crowds. There just wasn’t enough time to get out to Stone Mtn Saturday (& a wine event was Sunday). Hopefully next year.
      My friend’s new son -in-law is a Drum Major for one of the pipe bands, she posted some stuff – looked pretty crazy on Saturday.

      • Steve says:

        They know him from the restaurant he cooks at. No other info known.

        Back from a very windy scooter ride and lunch. Now for a nap!

  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE. I once again had 4 correct letters in all the wrong places in my second guess.

    Your Costa Rica trip sounds terrific David! Glad you had a relaxing time!

    I love visiting NOLA. I used to go at least 2x a year for work, and we always made a point of finding new restaurants to try, but brunch at Commanders Palace was a go-to for most trips. Hope you have some great meals Paulie!

    • David says:

      Thank you, Debbie! It was much needed, that’s for sure.

    • So far I have eaten two meals, a fried shrimp Po boy yesterday, and a debris Po boy today. If I manage to get hungry again tonight I am going to look for gumbo or jambalaya.

      Rumors of my vegetarianism have been greatly exaggerated.

  6. Last night I was told about a bike shop near where I am staying. I didn’t think I would need it, but I stopped in today for a new tube, patch kit, and CO2 cartridges.

    I should have packed my mountain bike for this trip…

  7. I walked across hash marks today, apparently the New Orleans hash had a hash last night. I remember when I used to hash.

    I think after this beer I am going to walk the trail to see where it went.

  8. I followed the hash trail for about two miles, and then lost my mind and walked another six before landing in a local bar.

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