I’m not sure that I should live in this state any longer. Kemp winning re-election is bad enough in my opinion, but the amount of votes cast for Herschel Walker? I am a proud UF Gator alumnus, but you’ll never see me vote for Emmett Smith, Danny Wuerfel, or Tim Tebow just because they were Gator stars. Even worse? We will all be subjected to more political ads for another month.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was DIRTY

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  1. Barb says:

    I’m with you – how the hell can people vote for Hershel Walker? He’s such a puppet. And another month of the damn commercials – it makes me very sad.

    At least Fetterman won over Dr Oz in Pennsylvania – that gives me a little hope for America.

  2. Barb says:

    Info that also makes me sad –
    Tasty China Marietta is closed. They will reopen at the new building down Powers Ferry near Windy Hill next spring. We ordered from Wei – a sichuan place near the Marietta Square – it was good, a little pricier & the bamboo fish was hotter.
    Tasty China Smyrna is further away than Wei – we may have to start eating at the restaurant again someday, getting it to bring home is more of a roadtrip now.

  3. Jenka says:

    We would’ve been watching political ads anyway, they never just turn off after the election. It’s torture.

    We went to the Iberian Pig for dinner last night and for the first time had an only okay dinner. But the staff is super nice and everyone has an off day.

    Meeting a friend for dinner tonight at OK Yaki. I’ll wave at you from around the corner, Paulie!

  4. David says:

    Hey, at least 82% of Atlanta voters want to be able to start drinking at 11:00 AM on Sundays instead of 12:30. Gotta take the wins where we can find them!

    And there’s this: WORDLE IN 2 TODAY. Even blind squirrels occasionally find a nut.

    We are fucking doomed as a country when concussed sportsball survivors make any sense as legistators. Walker is a total Manchurian candiate. ‘Murica!

    • Jenka says:

      Wait. Can’t we already start drinking at 10:30?

      • David says:

        Not in restaurants. I think the new cut off is 11:00 AM, it has been 12:30 PM, which is fucking ridiculous if you’re craving a mimosa at say 11:30 AM at a restaurant.

        Brunching seems to be a professional sport in Atlanta, so this doesn’t directly affect me either way, because I refused to stand in line anywhere to pay post-pandemic prices for restaurant food. But I am definitely here for any watering down of Georgia’s antiquated alcohol laws that we can get.

        • Jenka says:

          You’re right, it IS 11:00 am, I always thought it was 10:30. I see now that this new law is for liquor stores. For restaurants it’s been in effect since December of 2018:


          This actually affects me more than the earlier restaurant bill because, like you, I refuse to wait an hour and a half for brunch, but I do like to go to the liquor store for mimosa fixins.

          • David says:

            Oh nice, thank you for the clarification that this means we can buy from grocery and liquor stores earlier. I wish I had a dollar for every time that I’ve been grocery shopping late morning on Sunday and unable to purchase alcohol. I’ve scaled back my drinking as of late so it’s less of an issue, but still, I at least want the option. ‘Cuz when you need it that early on Sunday, you *really* need it. 😉

            I did have a killer “Fresh Bought Booze” party on the first day that Sunday sales finally became legal a few years ago. My friends were required to buy booze on the way to the party since we finally could for the first time. I made an entire playlist of songs that reference booze in some form or fashion.

          • Barb says:

            David – that’s a great party theme!
            It wasn’t on the ballot in Cobb county, so I’m not sure, but pretty sure I still can’t buy at a store before 1230. I rarely shop on Sunday mornings, so I’m not sure.

          • I think that was clever as well.

          • David says:

            Thanks, Barb and Paulie! It was a fun time. I’ll have to see when the new law takes effect. Maybe I’ll do another iteration of the Fresh Bought Booze party.

    • We are going to need a lot of alcohol…

  5. Going to be a busy next two day so I am trying to be productive today. First round of choring — laundry, Whole Foods, Target — are done. More things on the To Do list…

    • And now I think that I need to go back to Target to pick up my driver’s license that I accidentally left behind at the pharmacy. Doh!

      • Barb says:

        your pharmacy needs your driver’s license? Were you filling a brand new prescription?
        That sucks you have to go back.

        And – you went to Whole Foods? I only go there for 1 thing – Grits. They are from some place in Blairsville & I like real stone ground grits. We don’t make grits all that often, so its a 1 or 2 times a year trip

        • I thought I would have to show ID for my prescription refill. It turns out that I didn’t. I absentmindedly left it on the counter when I walked away. As soon as I saw that the pharmacy had called me I realized what I had done.

          I had a Social Nature coupon that had to be redeemed at WF. I went to the Decatur WF last week, but they were out of the veggie burgers, so I stopped into the Ponce WF after doing laundry. I was also going to buy some vegan hotdogs from there as well, but every package in the cooler had a “Best By” date of Oct 6, 2022. I’m not a real stickler for “Best By” dates, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a product that was already a month in the past.

  6. Debbie Brady says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with BLOAT.

    I am a proud UGA alumnus, and I think it’s sad, embarrassing and terrifying that Herschel got so many votes. A lot of people just don’t care about anything but party now regardless of what moron their party picks in an attempt to pander to a demographic they don’t give a shit about.

    I’m scared shitless about the 2024 election and we need a more compelling candidate than Biden this go around. I hope and pray he won’t run again and the party can start grooming a younger candidate who isn’t too far left to turn off swing voters.

    • Steve says:


      Wordle in 5. Just sorta wandered around it.

      It’s good to see the predicted “Red Wave” turned into a ripple. I think Stacy didn’t run as smart a campaign as in her previous run, or else Kemp picked up more “I’m not a Trump republican” voters. The senate runoff will be annoying. So much for a 3 party system. The one redeeming spot is absentee and military votes used ranked voting for the first time so they have basically already voted in the runoff. Maybe that will be enough? Nah…. another month of ads.

      Wrap up Games meeting. Many compliments received. Notes taken for next year to correct little things. BoD next month to really close the books.


  7. Bob says:

    I agree with Debbie, 2024 is going to be a shit show!!

    It is extremely sad to me that republicans are so loyal to their party that they would vote for somebody as unqualified and hypocritical as Walker. It’s crazy just how thick people can be.

    • David says:

      Even worse they want that fucker to have a six year run. Not that it really makes that much of a difference, that stone cold freak MTG got reelected easily and is getting elevated within the party.

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