“Cyber Monday” is such an antiquated concept…

I’m on the road, heading home.

It was a great weekend of eating, drinking, friendship, and watching Alaska Daily. For that last one I will have to wait for new episodes to be released starting the end of February.

My only “Black Friday” purchase is due to arrive today. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t need much more stuff these days.

Also, weight correction starts today. I don’t need a scale to tell me I’ve packed on pounds, the mirror has done a good job of that.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was CYBER

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22 Responses to 2022-11-28

  1. Barb says:

    Looking forward to watching Survivor tonight (& Sally’s chicken chili)

    I have been watching Alaska Daily as well – but I’ve been DVRing it – so not sure if that’s on the same schedule as Hulu or whatever streaming.

    Charlotte got sprung from the hospital yesterday -surgery on the vertebrae in her neck went well – she gets to wear a neck brace for about 3 months. She conked her head as well, but that will heal ok, and the tailbone will just have to heal on its own too. She was in good spirits about it all Saturday when we went to visit.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with SATIN.

    A lazy weekend. A little scooter riding Friday. Lots of football on Saturday. Chores yesterday. After the rain Saturday night into Sunday, I couldn’t face taking any vehicle out onto our road, as it was already quite muddy from earlier in the week. I knew it would be a quagmire.

    Caught up on Yellowstone last night- very dark, but not a surprise.

    Debbie has now diagnosed herself (thank you Dr. Google) with Celiac disease. (gluten alergy) which does not sound like fun. Still waiting on a actual professional opinion.

    Travel safe.


    • Barb says:

      I hope its just a gluten intolerance, not full-fledged celiac. Ask Deboner – Celiac is no fun.
      I love my carbs – I”d hate to have that issue. But- maybe cutting some carbs would lose me some weight – so………. hmmmmmmmm

      • Debbie Brady says:

        The only thing worse than having prolonged GI issues is having prolonged GI issues without losing a significant amount of weight!

        I’m going to try cutting out gluten this week and see if that makes a difference. I love carbs too, so it would make me happy if Dr. Google is wrong.

  3. David says:

    My friend Stuart and I met up at 8:00 for a Thanksgiving day ride. I didn’t have a particular destination in mind, and he lives out Barb’s way, so he’s not familiar with in-town routes. I decided let’s go downtown, because I knew there wouldn’t be any traffic. We stumbled on to the Atlanta Half Marathon (I didn’t know that the full marathon got dropped several years ago, I thought it was still a thing). We rode along side the runners for a few blocks and passed the Mile 3 sign, and I thought, well, that’s cool. Then I realized that the streets were closed and we could go straight though the stop lights. When Stuart caught up with me at a turn, I said “This is pretty cool”, and when he replied “This is great!” I said “we’re riding the route. So we had 10 miles of no stop lights in downtown and Midtown, plus having every mile marked for us. I’m going to look out for other marathon routes to glom on to, because that was an epic ride.

    The benefits of my experience from the weekend before last continue to unfold. It’s just flat out amazing how fast a lifelong struggle can just get erased. It just validates my credo of don’t ever give up, keep pushing forward, even when it seems completely hopeless.

    Wordle in 4 today starting with CRUSH. I had a Wordle fail yesterday, couldn’t wrap my head around HAPPY. Thanks, Wordle, you motherfucker. But, honestly, that’s fair, I’m not there yet. I ended out with 4 out of 5 letters, so I’m getting closer to being happy. I still have some work ahead of me, but I’m ready.

    I rode 47 miles on Saturday on the Silver Comet Trail, and 23 miles yesterday on a route that included the South River Trail. I could and would have ridden more yesterday, but I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything in more than 24 hours and I was starting to feel it on the ride. There’s some pretty good hills on the way back to my house from the SRT. I kept pushing back against bonking.

    • David says:

      I also got a few miles of walking in at the Chattahoochee yesterday. Definitely an ideal weekend from an exercise and social activity standpoint, because none of my activities were solo.

      • Steve says:

        I just laughed out loud, “Wordle, you motherfucker”! It took me all 6, but I got it.

        Great riding, David. I think the full has been a separate event for a while. I used to run the half when it started in Chamblee years ago- that was a great course as it was “mostly” downhill. The track club finally realized it was hard on the volunteers to have to hang out all Thanksgiving day waiting on the marathoners.

        • David says:

          Steve, my friend Harris said the same thing. It shows how disconnected I’ve gotten from running. My first guess was the COVID killed off the full marathon, but it makes sense with that being too big of an ask on Thanksgiving. It was really great to see runners pushing Shepard Center patients in special three-wheeled chairs. There were countless numbers of them.

    • Barb says:

      wow – that’s plenty of bike riding.
      I told Minty maybe we could meet up for a ride 12/10 in the morning – I really, really need to get on my bike.
      I got 2 decent hikes in this weekend – both at Kennesaw Mtn, but 2 different areas. The Kolb Farm loop – 5.3 miles – then the 24 gun battery trail 7.4 miles. Both of those loops aren’t super hilly – so good company made the miles fly by.

      • David says:

        I hope it works out for you to ride with Minty! When she and I ride we always end up going farther than what she’s ready for. There was an arts festival of sorts in Rockmart. We ate at Exotique for the first and last time. We tried going into the Rails restaurant but taking our bikes inside was a no-go, and there was no way I was going to leave my bike outside while I sat inside in a booth unable to keep my eyes on my ride. We’ll stick with our tried and true bike bar standby, and commence the ride from Rambo instead of Hiram (which admitted was a much better choice than Florence Road for where her distance level currently is).

        • Barb says:

          you are of course welcome to join us – if it really happens. Allan will probably be riding too.
          I’ve only eaten 1 time in Rockmart – that was long, long ago, I’m sure that place is gone or changed names.

          One time I forgot a lock, there was a family sitting at a booth looking at my car – so I asked a little girl to watch my bike. I gave her $5 when we left, she was so thrilled & her mom was shocked, said it wasn’t a problem to have watched it.

          • David says:

            It might work, I’ll put in on my calendar and we’ll see when it gets closer.

            Yesterday Jamie and I rode by some kids in East Atlanta that were trying to sell artwork that they had made. They had wacky prices, like $6.99 and $5.67. I rode past them, as has been my nature, but Jamie stopped and talked to them. He said “I don’t have any cash”. I said I don’t either. The kids consulted amongst themselves and one of them said “CashApp! We have CashApp!” and ran off to get their dad. I gave the kids $6 ($2.00 each) just to support their cause and cleverness. I let Jamie keep the art. 😉 Those kids are sure hip with their times.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      Congrats on resolving a lifelong struggle! That’s huge!

      I “hear” a lot more happy in your posts these days and that’s wonderful. Good on you for sticking with the work to get here.

      • David says:

        Debbie, it’s unbelievable. It’s truly like I found a magic wand. The effect has been immediate and beyond description or even my wildest expectations.

        • David says:

          Also, I do hope you get relief soon from the GI issues. There’s at least many more gluten free options out there than there used to be.

  4. Debbie Brady says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with SALET. I got happy in 3 yesterday and was really happy. It’s always a leap for me to do double letters.

    I spent most of the holiday in bed. Thanksgiving dinner really did a number on me. I was in pain before we even left my niece’s house. I binged on Jane the Virgin, which if you haven’t heard of it, is an Amercanized telenovela. It’s completely campy and over the top, but it makes me laugh out loud. Steve rolled his eyes every time he walked through the bedroom, but I feel the same about watching the World Cup.

    I finally got a ride in yesterday. That was good for my mental health at least. It looks like I’ll have lots of time to ride after the first of the year. My supervisor/friend is interviewing for new jobs and when she goes, I go. The toxicity is over the top, so it will be a relief in some ways. I’ve been looking into writing gig work opportunities and I think that will be the way I go. Fortunately, I don’t need benefits – thanks Steve and the Fed – so that opens up self-employed opportunities.

    Since my days on the job look limited, I need to take 12 more days of PTO by the end of the year. Whee!

  5. Home! I didn’t realize how little there is on I20 between Augusta and Atlanta. Also didn’t realize there is a Buc-ee’s in Florence, SC otherwise I would have waited to gas up there.

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