As the rain continues to fall I am glad that I spent nearly the entirety of yesterday puttering around WLF. There are still one or two tasks I wish I had completed yesterday, but I am proud of what I accomplished.

It’s the last day of November, we are headed into the final stretch of 2022!

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was RINSE

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  1. Plenty of indoor choring to do today. I’m not allowing myself any fun activities until they are done.

  2. David says:

    I started Wordle with MUSIC. I’ll finish it out later.

    The separation has apparently started early, my wife has movers lined up for December 17 but spent last night at her house. No complaints.

    I’m basing out of Joe’s at EAV for a couple hours this morning. A change of venue is always good for my brain. I have a bunch of writing that I need to do today.

    • Jenka says:

      Just curious what your plan for Christmas is with the kids? Yours are older than my stepkids were when their parents split, but the first Christmas was…challenging. Not bad, just challenging.

      • David says:

        My understanding is that we’ll all have Christmas together at my house. The latest information I have is that she’ll spend Christmas Eve with us so that she can wake up with the kids. So much seems to be in flux with her though, so I am just taking things one day at a time.

        We have a new kitten in the house which has forced a lot of thinking about how to have a Christmas tree. The cats are going with her, so if they leave on December 17 I can safely put the tree up on the 18th. Or sooner if she escalates her move.

        I am glad that I gutted this out for my kids to be the ages that they are. There is definitely that.

        I really have zero expectations about Christmas other than making it as good as I can for my kids.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      I’m glad things are moving forward in a direction that suits you. Limbo is no fun even when it has an end date. I hope this frees you both up to much happiness. That will be the best example for your kids.

  3. Holy shit, I may need to get a job to afford health insurance! So far the plans offered to me are more expensive than my current COBRA and would eat up more than the tiny income that I am earning.

    I’m shocked and appalled. I need to take a break to figure some shit out…

  4. Barb says:

    I heard Reveille from Dobbins at 0800am this morning – so the wind must be blowing to the NE. Now that most of the leaves are gone, I can hear it even more clearly.

    Went & voted last night about 6:30 – not much of a line – door to door in about 15 minutes. Cobb county has a nice website that tells you the waiting time. Very helpful.

    I’ll play with wordle later, yesterday my brain wasn’t working, took me all 6 tries.

    • David says:

      Oh jeez, that takes me back to boot camp…

      • Barb says:

        I never knew you went to bootcamp.
        the things I learn……..

        • David says:

          I was active duty Navy from 1983 to 1986, and in the reserves until 1988. My parents forced me to enlist when I turned 17. They wanted to make goddamn sure I left the house at 18. It was actually the best thing they could have done for me, expect maybe putting me in the Air Force instead.

          My father gave me a botched swimming lesson at age 6 that left me with massive water phobia that I have under more control now than ever before. So, it was a bit twisted of them to force me into the Navy. I managed to pass the swim test somehow after some lessons.

          I had some really good mentors in the Navy. I also saw how the officers lived versus the enlisted and said “I’m getting my ass into college” and so I did. I am grateful for threading the needle on world conflicts, it was a rare period with nothing afoot, or at least nothing world-threatening.

          • Steve says:

            I’m in that small age group that was too young to be in the draft and too old to have missed the Selective Service. Talk about threading the needle!

          • David says:


            I am grateful for my military service. Who knows how long I would have drifted aimlessly without it.

          • Debbie Brady says:

            My oldest niece went into the Navy after highschool. I’m not sure it gave her much direction other than motherhood – of SIX, and two of her sisters married Navy guys.

            Glad it worked out more productively (vs reproductively lol) for you!

            I wish my godson had considered military service, but his mother was deadset against it, so he went straight to college. His immaturity has really stretched out his college experience – hopefully the 6-year plan will pan out with a useful degree.

          • David says:

            Debbie, boys mature so much more slowly than girls. It’s just ridiculous. Yes, I hope your godson finds his footing.

  5. Jenka says:

    I love the rain but boy was it hard to get up this morning. It doesn’t help that the dog was all snuggled up, too.

    We went to Ocean Wave (used to be Harry & Sons) for dinner, which was fine.

    When I got onto Duolingo yesterday to do my daily lesson it actually popped up a message saying, “you seem to already have mastered this section, would you like to skip to the next?” YES PLEASE.

  6. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3!!

    That was a helluva storm this morning. I kept waiting for the sound of trains but only heard things bouncing off the roof. The old land line loves storms like that, as it makes it ring randomly. I never really went back to sleep after it came through, but that radar image was a big red stripe right passed the house.

    I streamed the match yesterday until it was time to bug out, then listened via the satellite. ‘merica!

  7. Plan to vote early thwarted by too many like-minded citizens.

  8. Debbie Brady says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with AROSE. Should have been 4 but I had a bonehead moment.

    Life without gluten continues to bring improvement. I feel better about gluten intolerance after going to the grocery store yesterday and stocking up on gluten-free options. I probably won’t starve to death.

    My tendency to not fill up my gas tank until I’m down to the fumes almost caught me out yesterday. The greater Luthersville area had a power outage, so none of the gas stations were in service. I had to head out to the interstate where I put 20.6 gallons in my 20-gallon tank.

    The power was out for another couple of hours after I got home, so I got some horse chores done. It was a great afternoon to be outside.

    I was happy to see all five equines alive and well this morning. I always worry when there is lots of lightning.

  9. Went out for a 3.75-mile walk this afternoon. Probably could have walked for ten miles to relieve myself of the stress life is putting on me today. And I thought this not working time would be such a happy time…

    • Barb says:

      ummmmm – get to FL & get your mom stuff situated & then get a job.
      That’s the easiest way to stop worrying about the cost of health insurance.

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