It was not a bad weekend, but nothing monumental. I did make a big batch of soup (chickpea/potato/spinach) using a recipe from one of my cookbooks; much like the rest of the weekend it wasn’t bad, but nothing monumental.

The most surprising thing to happen this weekend, in my opinion, was getting 2″ or rain over Saturday night / Sunday morning.

The most disappointing thing to happen this weekend, in my opinion, was the dismal 7-1 loss suffered by Werder Bremen. At least I didn’t spend a lot of time watching the game.

I need to get more exercise, including but not limited to, riding my bicycle.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was TALES

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 4 all weekend long. Aye, matey!

    Finally got the farm sign hung. The original plan was to have a blue sign with yellow letters, but the bare wood also looks good, so it went up like that. It may yet be blue.

    I only left the house yesterday to drive to the grocery, as I was out of coffee. What a miserable day. Final tally this morning is just under 2.5 inches. George was certainly stir crazy yesterday. During the few breaks in the rain, we let him out and he ran laps around the house. Just one of his peculiar traits.

    Quiet without a big dog that’s eye level with you when you’re seated.


  2. Just returned from Publix where I spent a little over $100, and that’s after $28 in “savings”. I didn’t even buy any eggs!

    Need to spend the rest of the day doing some “professional training” (coding practice), and maybe some WLF cleanup.

    • steve says:

      A funny meme I saw recently: A beautiful black ring box with an egg inside- “He went to Publix!”

      My trip to Ingles yesterday was $88! It did include the big container of Tide Pods, but there was no juice, a 12 pack of Coke was almost $9 and I passed on the beer!

      2 other funnies- Culvers is switching from Pepsi to Coke and people in Wisconsin are pissed. And related: while I was out running errands Friday, I stopped at Bojangles for a biscuit and I said “well, since you don’t sell Coke products, I guess I’ll have a Pepsi”. The drive thru guy came back with, “Sorry about that- but I’ll let corporate know and get them to change!”

      • Betsy told me one about an old person telling a child “when I was your age we used to throw eggs at houses” to which the child replies, “whoa, you must have been teenage millionaires!”

      • Barb says:

        The Pepsi vs Coke thing cracks me up. My sister in law in WI does not like Diet Coke, so she will get water if there’s no Diet Pepsi. I really don’t care, but I do like Diet Pepsi better, so when a place has Pepsi products in Atlanta, it’s a bonus!

  3. David says:

    Wordle in 4 today, starting with SMART, which wasn’t smart.

    A thankfully drama free weekend. I took pho to a friend who’s recovering from pneumonia and hung out on her patio. Yesterday was driving lessons for my 15 year old daughter. Three firsts: driving in the rain, driving on the interstate, and driving in the dark (and rain). She’s making great progress. We were only on the interstate for a second (I-20 between Moreland and Boulevard) but it gave her a taste of what the car feels like at speed, and she got to experience an onramp and off ramp.

    I had another swimming lesson on Saturday afternoon, the water is starting to feel more natural, so I’m making headway. I could have had a dance lesson on Saturday (I was on the wait list) but I’ll wait until the series repeats and catch it starting in March.

    Oh, on Saturday I was under the impression that my trunk latch was broken. My friend Jamie educated me on the manual release latch that is behind the back seat (behind the pass through), I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube I discovered that the valet button in my glove compartment had gotten pushed in (most likely by my daughter). Push the dang button, and viola, my trunk is fixed.

    I shopped at Lidl on Saturday and among other things I got a 10 pound bag of potatoes for $2.94. So, we had mashed potato bowls last night and will do so again tonight, and will probably have some left over still. I definitely still have uncooked potatoes as well.

    • steve says:

      Curious about your dance lessons. Is this a ballroom class?

      Years ago, under the first administration, we took a couple ballroom classes in Decatur. It came in handy when teaching Scottish, which I used to do.

      • David says:

        This is a fundamentals of dance class, so really starting at ground zero. I’m by no means the oldest person in the class, nor am I the only dude in the class, so I’ve truly landed in the right place for me. The goal of this six week series is to expose us to all of the elements of dance so that we can then move on to the other classes they offer, such as hip hop, jazz, probably ballroom, and so on. I’m just taking this one step at a time. I have some new found fluidity to my body thanks to a decade of therapy, bodywork, and a weekend visit to Ellijay that was totally a trip.

    • Barb says:

      Potatoes really do last a while if you keep them in a dark cabinet.
      I/we like potatoes- so I know these things. 😉

  4. Barb says:

    Hi from Vero Beach!
    Flying home tonight, I’ll miss being barefoot & wearing shorts.
    It’s been fun & relaxing, went out for lunch both days, dinners here at the condo.

    Decided the ocean water wasn’t that cold, so thought we’d get in for a quick dip yesterday. The waves were a bit rough, Allan got past the break, but I got hit by a big one, right on my knee, so I have a sore knee. It feels loose, so no beach walk for me this morning. Hopefully it’s just a ligament strain.

  5. Bob says:

    Wheelhopper was interesting yesterday, no hare at the start and 30 minutes past start time finally got him on the phone and he was still laying trail. He told us to just find flour out of the parking lot, I looked at Stan and said “This is a really bad idea” then we set out. First mile was downhill so I froze my ass off. Once I warmed up it turned out to be an OK trail, and it went past the battery so we had an impromptu beer stop at Terrapin taproom 🙂 To cap it off the start was a 20 minute drive from the end so I got home after dark. Long but fun day and I got to hang out with Stan and Sally. Can’t wait for BRAG now!

    • Barb says:

      I was wondering about that trail& how it went when people were trying to find the hare.

    • I’m tired of the cold and dark, and can’t wait until it warms slightly during the day so that I can go out for a road ride, or drive somewhere and go on a long hike.

      • steve says:

        I guess I missed the reminder about the trail. I saw the pic on FB and thought you had a private party! Not that I would have made the trip- it was just too crappy outside, much less to be on a bike!

  6. Watched the neighborhood hawk sit outside my yard, searching for lunch. After about ten minutes it turned and flew in the opposite direction. Man those birds are big!

    It should come as no surprise that I am really struggling to focus on what really needs to get done today.

  7. steve says:

    Well, the lens came back from repair and… it’s still not working. Why? Because it’s not compatible with our camera body! At least it only cost me shipping.

    Now to unload a nice lens and find the right one.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with SALET. I had 3 letters in the right place for 2 failed guesses. UGH.

    My girls’ weekend plans were derailed when the host came down with the flu. Since I’d spent several days in her company recently, I kept waiting for it to hit me, but so far so good. Our plan had been for Sunday in our pjs playing games. I stayed the course and spent yesterday mostly in bed watching mindless tv and movies.

    Glad to see the sun today! Our farm is trashed. It seems like I get everything cleaned up just in time for the next rain.

    The Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum was fun. Turns out Channing is in Newnan filming and hanging out. Chatty Newnan Women, an FB group, was all atwitter from pics of him and his daughter getting pedicures at a local salon. Based on his character in the film, this was so on brand that it made me laugh.

    Thanks to the blog, we’ve been watching Only Murders in the Building and really enjoying it. We wrapped up the first season last night. I’ll be bummed when we finish the second season. The extended gaps between seasons for the Netflix, Hulu, Prime etc produced films is pretty annoying.

    • Agreed, I can’t even recall when Ted Lasso wrapped. Seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for its final season to drop. Funny though, I recall watching the season finale of Mad Men and hearing it would be about eighteen months before its final season would be released and I thought “Jesus, I might not live long enough to see it end!”.

  9. Sometimes it pays to walk. In addition to the 4.5 miles of calorie burning today, I made $1. I found a $1 bill in the road. 🙂

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