I don’t know how I did it, but either either burned my tongue or had an adverse reaction to something I ate because after lunch I had a spot which hurt. Of course this led me to prod it constantly with my teeth, thus irritating it further. My body is so unusual.

Today I will continue to work on my professional practice homework for the Stanford iOS class CS193p along which I am following; the current assignment is a single player version of a game called Set. As I take this class I will also work on my Wordle clone, and then start adding some apps which require networking, etc. to my portfolio. None of these apps will be what makes me income, but hopefully they will lead to a position that will.

I solved today’s Wordle in two attempts; my starter today was ASCOT

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 195.8 pounds (-0.8 from last week’s weigh-in); still need less food and beer, and more exercise.

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  1. Can’t afford eggs these days? Try turning to tofu for a nice tofu scramble. This was my breakfast today, and I have enough for at least three more meals.

    • Just realized I could have added some spinach and cheese to my scramble! Tomorrow, tomorrow…

    • Barb says:

      (sorry, I just had to say that) I’m so tired of all the bitching about eggs, there are so many other things that have gotten more expensive, pick another thing to focus on. Yes, they are more than they used to be, but damn, they were the cheapest food ever, they are just catching up to the rest of the food prices.

      • David says:

        This too will pass, Barb. 🙂 I do hear ya though.

        • Barb says:

          thanks David – it just seems that every other post of Facebook is about eggs. I’m just tired of it. Kind of like when gas prices went up, and everyone was bithing about that – but it went away faster than this egg obsession.

          And – I’ve been paying $5 for eggs from my neighbor forever, so its just normal prices to me now at the stores.

          • Your $5 eggs from the neighbor would cost more than $5 in the store, perhaps double that. Eggs have also been in the news because there has been a shortage of them, hence the increase in prices.

      • Jenka says:

        It’s not that they are expensive, it’s that their cost went up the most percentage-wise of all foods.

  2. steve says:

    The deuce! Nice. Wordle in 4 for me starting with WHEAT. Something different that I won’t likely repeat.

    Stacey found a deal on eggs at Whole Paycheck, so there’s a thought.

    A quiet day yesterday. My group of techs met and discussed interview questions for the upcoming interviews we’ll conduct this week. I’ve only been on the receiving side, so this will be different.

    Watched more “Murders in the Building” last night. It cracks me up that part of the story is about them being part of the story.

    New computer glasses are almost working. Not sure I can adjust enough, but I’ll try.


    • Hm, I will be at Whole Paycheck sometime this week…

      I used to love, and was pretty good at interviewing people, at least so I was told.

      I will have to watch OMITB again when the third season is about to be dropped.

  3. Jenka says:

    I have this thing about food and beverage temperature, it has to either be blazing hot or ice cold. Therefore I pretty much walk around all the time with a burnt tongue.

    We’re about halfway through season 2 of OMITB and I’m loving it. It’s silly but it’s so clever!

  4. David says:

    I think I doomed myself by starting Wordle with AGILE as I ended up inelegantly saving face in 6 tries.

  5. Barb says:

    Back from FL – it was a little chillier yesterday, so it was a nice transition to the temperature here.

    Met up with a long lost Wheelhopper buddy – Dumbo Dick – in Melbourne before going to the airport. He moved away from ATL in the mid 2000s (I think) to Tacoma, WA, then moved to MN, now in FL taking care of his mom. It was fun to catch up.

  6. Barb says:

    and – we learned that a TSA shift change or whatever is at 9pm, and they all seem to park in the Parking Spot 2. Had to wait for a couple shuttles to finally get a seat.

  7. Struggling mightily with my code, which is probably a good thing because perhaps I will learn this better because of my struggles.

    • David says:

      Take a walk around the block. Or a shower. Either/both do wonders when I hit a coding impasse.

      Also, kudos on Wordle in 2. I was too busy licking my wounds earlier.

      • Thanks.

        Yeah, might need to step away. What I am struggling with is a fundamental concept in Swift, so it will be rewarding when I crack this. Besides, I could use a shower. LOL

  8. steve says:

    Welcome back to the cold, Barb! I’ll get a break next weekend when I head to Miami for an install on Saturday and won’t leave until Monday. Gotta make sure the second biggest cash shop in the system comes up!

  9. Argh, the water pressure inside the ITP Estate is lower than it normally is. I now need to figure out if CoA, my neighborhood, street, or house is the cause of this issue.

    • This could be it…

      PIO Manuel Gomez from City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management · 1 min ago
      Crews have turned off a six-inch water main to complete a valve inspection at 731 Stokeswood Avenue SE. Water service has been temporarily disrupted 70 homes and 4 hydrants. We will provide additional updates as more information becomes available and water service is restored.

      That address is two blocks from me.

  10. Out for a walk. Watershed Management definitely around the corner performing some sort of repair. I might be without good water pressure for awhile. Glad I keep bottled water in the house.

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