To say that this has been a trying week for me is an obvious understatement. As of this morning my body has still not rid itself of this flu. I no longer feel horrible, but I don’t feel great either. I’m hoping that I will feel well enough to walk with Betsy tomorrow morning.

Regardless of my health I continue to try to rebuild my coding skills, because with each passing day I realize how much I need to relearn.

Happy birthday to the guy who has to refer to me as his brother!

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was GROAN

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25 Responses to 2023-02-03

  1. David says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with CRANE. I get to spend today and half of tomorrow in Lawrenceville at an accounting professor conference. I’m a sponsor hoping to advance the cause on one of my endeavors.

  2. Ronnie, AKA Bill says:

    Thanks for the birthday callout. Feel better brother. When you’re up to a call let me know. I’ve got a job lead for you, could be remote work.

  3. Steve Brady says:

    Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

    Sitting on the big bird, for a hopefully easy weekend of work. No word yet if the car issue has been resolved.

    French race yesterday had to pull the plug when a late crash on a bridge had the road blocked and nothing could pass. Still havent heard of any serious injuries.

    35 minutes steady last night waiting for Debbie to get home. Ships passing in the night.


  4. Jenka says:

    Got a new iPad this week because my old one was 7 years old. It still works but it doesn’t hold a charge that long and the screen isn’t fantastic. I got a new iPad Air and it is surprisingly big and bulky. Like, it’s way bigger and heavier and more square than my 7 year old iPad Air. WTF? (Not complaining, it’s way better.)

    No kid this weekend, thank the sweet merciful sunflower. The way the custody happened to shake out in January we had him 3 weeks out of 4. We’re meeting friends for dinner at Rathbun’s tonight. The rest of the weekend will involve a lot of movies and sleep.

  5. Steve Brady says:

    This airplane internet isnt half bad.

    Somewhere near Albany…

  6. Barb says:

    Allan decided we needed more gravel out there in the back yard – so we had 6 tons of gravel delivered. It isn’t as big of a pile as I thought it would be (but, its still going to be way too much work). Need to rework the area where the new camper is going to sit, plus I guess some other areas that he wants to mess with.

    I supposed I ought to go help a little – I can rake it smooth here & there (but I can’t haul that wheelbarrow – way too much weight for me & my damn back)

    • David says:

      Allan is relentless. Definitely way too much work for me! LOL!

      • Barb says:

        I went out & offered to help – he said he’s got it enough right now there isn’t anything for me to do. I took him water & stale Dunkin Munchkins (that he brought home from the station a few days ago). I’m a hell of a wife – aren’t I?

  7. Just woke from a nap. Goddamn I wish my body would finish off this illness.

  8. Barb says:

    Hey David – got the Mini in 51 seconds – way better than the last few weeks

  9. This has been the most vexing of illnesses. As of now I feel as if I have a common cold; I have a runny nose and sneeze occasionally.

    • Barb says:

      I had that for a week or so rgw 1st week of January, wasn’t sick, but wasn’t feeling all that good either. Took lots of different OTC stuff, eventually it went away.

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