While I was expecting an emotional roller coaster this weekend, I wasn’t expecting a physical one as well. On Friday I rode 69 miles, the last nineteen of which were in rain, with the cool kids at an incredible (for me) pace. On Saturday this effort proved to be too much for my right knee, which started hurting during the first ten miles of that day’s ride; I expected to ride sixty miles, I rode 44.5 miles. Yesterday we beat the rain with a 28 mile ride, during which my knee hurt on every incline. Upon arriving home I rested and used my ice pack on the knee to attempt to reduce the pain/injury. Unfortunately, knee still hurts today.

No matter what exercise I did there was copious calorie consumption. Today I start my Big BRAG diet, because I want to be at least ten pounds lighter by June. Tomorrow’s weigh-in should disappoint me, but will be the starting weight against which I will compare my weight going into Big BRAG.

Today I will attempt to get all of my camping gear back into the proper storage containers and replaced where it will remain for awhile, maybe until Big BRAG?

DWELT? WTF, Wordle? Wordle #666 was devilish and took me all six attempts to suss it out.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was CHORE.

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22 Responses to 2023-04-17

  1. David says:

    Bummer about your knee. I know how frustrating that is.

    I rode 18 miles on Saturday which meant I was wiped out Saturday night. It was good to be on my bike again.

    I didn’t swim like I wanted to, but that’s because I spent time with friends and my kids. There wasn’t room for everything.

    Wordle in 4 starting with FROND. It was definitely ironic that the 666th Wordle yesterday took me six tried. I marked the occasion by listening to the song The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, which I hadn’t heard in decades. I did see someone on Twitter comment that Jane Austen had chosen yesterday’s word.

    Mini in 1:08. You can probably beat that, Barb.

  2. ”AllTrails Pro” is now “AllTrails+”

    Does anyone else believe that companies continue to change plan names in order to confuse their customers, and do so at the behest of marketing people trying to keep their jobs?

    • Barb says:

      do you pay for All Trails? I never felt I’d use it enough for that.
      Not even sure what all the features are, but I just use it to look at trails.

      • I subscribed last July so that I could download maps while hiking alone. It helped me follow Hard Labor’s and Fort Mountain’s trails. Sadly my hiking has tailed off measurably since last fall. I will most likely renew for another year and see if it’s worth it after that.

  3. Barb says:

    Between my lungs hurting from all the molds that come out in the rain (damn allergies) & the complete lack of riding, skipping Sunday’s ride didn’t upset me.
    Since we had to get our camper moved due to Bob needing to leave & there was no way to move the other campers without us moving first (damn mud) – once we were all cleaned up & got it moved, & the bikes were buried in the truck, we just decided to go home. (didn’t plan well on the bikes, maybe on purpose? 😉

    Weekend was fun, a little less mud would have been nice. (my rain boots that never get worn in the back of my closet are now in the camper for the next time.)
    Did Franklin post the drone photos on Instagram? it shows the mud tracks nicely.

    • I have seen some BRAG IG posts, but have not seen drone photos.

      The group that rode Sunday sat and had a beer afterwards. We watched the tour bus leave, but there was no entertainment as is missed all of the mud by using the far driveway.

      My clothing choice was less than ideal for the weather conditions, but I managed thankfully.

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 6! An old HS friend said I should get it in 1 which actually had me all over the map.

    Good racing yesterday. A circuit race that started and ended on Saturdays crit course. Fine at the start, but the finishhad them strung out all over and we only allowed what was left of the front on the circuit. Everyone else at “the gate” got stopped and a time back from the leaders. We’ve done similar, but not on such a small circuit.

    Waiting on my ride to the airport.

    Cue the Simon and Garfunkel (Homeward Bound)


  5. Barb says:

    Allan had to get a new battery on the truck this morning – Glad it started up ok yesterday. Getting it jumped & all that shit at camp would have been a PITA

  6. David says:

    I started watching a new show in Netflix called Beef, which is centers around a road rage incident that apparently devolves spectacularly. I’ve only watched the first episode, but I think it. I also like that the episodes are all 30 something minutes long. It’s pretty tightly scripted.

  7. Eating some fauxjitas for lunch. Fake chicken, onion, red bell pepper, and some WLF lettuce. Damn it was tasty!

  8. Spent the afternoon puttering in WLF. Transplanted four of the fig tree cuttings I made last year. Holy crap, if kill these too, which is a possibility, I should hang up my gardening equipment.

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