Well, I’m bummed to hear confirmation of Sabbath Brewing’s imminent closure. Unfortunately the owner, one of the owners?, has been accused of rape so the decision to shutter the business has been made for him. Even with a $9/beer price I have been a supporter of this neighborhood microbrewery, and thought it would be around for a long time, so I am sad to see it leave.

After the rain cleared on Saturday Betsy and I continued our walks, this being the first post-Bella. In honor of Bella we did our first long walk in many months, retracing the route we did when we first started our tradition in 2020.

I was a bit hungover yesterday after doing too much drinking on Saturday night after completing a Stone Mountain bike ride. My condition made the lunch of a steak burrito at Elmyriachi in Kirkwood taste all the better.

WLF now has five different pepper plants, all of which I relented and purchased from Lowe’s over the weekend. Other plants are starting to pop, but my pepper setbacks continue, so I had to bring in those started by others.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was RIFLE

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 5 today, 3 yesterday and 4 Saturday.

    Saturday was a chore day. Grass cut, Debbie bought a sun shade for the wash area and we all but hung it. We had to set a post in concrete, so once it’s set, we can complete the mission.

    Yesterday I was going to ride the road bike, but the thought of navigating the gravel on our road put me on the CX bike. I cobbled together 18, using part of the Bear Creek trail system. Debbie had said “Megan’s crossing” is blocked by downed trees. I had a spot in mind, but it was literally the crossing point of the creek. A little hike a bike got me through just in time to see Megan chasing down her newest foal.

    Our “houseguests” (mare/foal/buddy) should be leaving tomorrow. There’s a bit too much hand holding going on and we will be glad to see them go.


    • Good job!

      Speaking of wash areas, I am going to put one in WLF so I can wash the dirt, bugs, whatever off prior to bringing them into the house. After much failure it’s nice to actually have vegetables that need to be washed before I eat them.

  2. Over the weekend everybody’s favorite Welsh soccer team, Wrexham FC, won the league in which they have played for fifteen seasons and will be promoted to the next-highest division next season. Can we expect more episodes of “Welcome to Wrexham”?

    • steve says:

      I read that and thought that it would make great TV. The owners must be over the moon.

    • Jenka says:

      I saw the footage and Ryan and Rob were sobbing. Good for them! I feel pretty sure that there’ll be another season of Welcome to Wrexham.

  3. Barb says:

    fairly busy weekend –
    Friday night went to Bone Garden with Kat – a little over priced Mexican, but it was tasty.
    Saturday – ran some errands, got a walk it – ignored the yard work we need to do (need to get some herbs planted & a couple tomatoes, but need to weed, etc to make that happen)- maybe 1 day this week.

    Sunday -decided to go for a hike at Kennesaw Mtn – Kevin & Debra joined us – we went up to the top as they had never been up there. Went a little longer than I had thought we would – but after some downhill everyone was feeling fine. 6.5 miles was a decent work out.

    • I did a stroll to donate a jigsaw puzzle to a local puzzle trading library. I walked down Ormewood and then returned via Red’s (RIP, Red) Farm. It was a lovely stroll.

  4. Jenka says:

    First Braves game of the season yesterday was excellent! Beautiful day out, too, even a little cool. Lots of people were freezing. I am a thinking adult so I consulted the weather app and put on long sleeves before leaving the house. Braves lost but it was still a good game.

  5. Morning from WLF. Puttering this morning, planting beans in hopes they will germinate (last attempt was a 100% failure).

    • Barb says:

      I’m actually considering trying to grow a few bush bean plants – I wonder if its been enough years for the damn rabbits to forget bout my garden – we will see.

  6. David says:

    Wordle in 5. I managed to get it in 2 on Saturday, and teetered on the edge of a fail yesterday. I did some major decluttering on Saturday, which led to my teenage daughter finally relenting on letting me help her reclaim her room. She’s so much happier about her room now. We have more to do, but we definitely made a big dent. I’ve started an accountability circle with my friend Debra, we’ve committed to throwing away at least one thing every day. Putting something back in its proper place counts as well. I saw a post on Instagram that said we tend to use only 20% of our possessions. That checks out for me, and I’m on a mission to start getting serious about lightening my load. This reminds me that I need to make a CHARM appointment to get rid of a pile of misfit electronics.

    Yesterday I made an exponential and metaphorical leap in the pool by swimming 1/2 mile for the first time, which was 36 times back and forth across the pool. For frame of reference, my previous longest swim was 10 times back and forth. Maybe six weeks ago I wasn’t comfortable even getting in the lap lane. It occurred to me to just focus on swimming on my back for now, and build up my strength and endurance, which I will will cue me up for being able to finally master swimming on my stomach. I had planned on doing 30 times across the pool yesterday, and Jamie showed up when I was on #28. He said that 36 times is a half mile, so I decided to go for it. I am using my upcoming trip to Belize as a lever, I really want to be able to snorkel when I’m there.

    • Good job!

      Funny you mentioned CHaRM as I am about to make just made an appointment to take some recycling there asap.

      • David says:

        I’m glad you responded, because I spaced on making my appointment but now it’s set up for Thursday.

    • steve says:

      Congratulations on the swim!! Growing up, swimming lessons were just another part of being a kid (for me). Much like riding a bike, I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t so. I know there are folks that never had the opportunity or interest or whatever. I guess I’m glad to be among those who did.

      • David says:

        Thank you, Steve. I ended up on the polar opposite of your experience, but it’s never too late to catch up. Continuing to chip away at my lifelong water phobia is paying off in some interesting and positive ways in the rest of my life. The things in our head truly are all connected.

        • Barb says:

          I can’t imagine swimming that many laps. WAY TO GO!
          I know how to swim, but I’m not good at it anymore, I really don’t like having my face (& ears) in the water. Not sure when that started to happen. But – I can tread water still just fine. I took many swimming lessons as a kid, but as my eyes got worse, the thought of losing my contacts (or not being able to see) kind of ended that stuff.

          • David says:

            Thanks, Barb! I’m really on a mission to age backwards. 😉

            Seriously, though, I am making some breakthroughs with not having to react when water gets in my face and particularly up my nose. That always caused me to immediately freak out. That’s part of my I’m hunkered down with swimming on my back, it’s letting me erode some of the other obstacles that have been in my way. I never, ever fancied myself a lap swimmer, but maybe later this year I’ll roll my own triathalon. I’m a long way from participating in a group one, but I can see being able to sketch out my own version. That too is not something I ever imagined would be possible for me.

      • I grew up with swimming pools, so learning to swim was inevitable. That being said, swimming bores me to tears so the thought of swimming laps never crossed my mind. It’s also what kept me from ever considering doing a triathlon.

        • David says:

          Part of what I am liking about swimming is it is forcing me to slow my goddamn brain down, which I have found has a direct correlation with my well-being. I may have gone farther than a half mile, twice I lost track of my laps so I chose the lowest number that I could remember.

    • Bob says:

      Every time I used some item I have squirreled away in my garage it justifies squirreling away crap in my garage. I am destined to be a hoarder 🙂
      One of these days I need to just clear everything out and start over.

      Good on you for learning to swim and doing so well. I take it for granted since I learned as a kid but I do understand the fear of the water. That is a really big hurdle to get over.

      • Barb says:

        Bob – you & Allan both. So much stuff that “might” be useful some day.

      • David says:

        Thanks, Bob. Phobias are a motherfucker for sure.

        I get it about justifying holding on to stuff, and I’m glad that works for you and Allan. A couple years ago I rented a dumpster and really lightened the load on my house. I’d love do to that yet again, although I don’t honestly have enough stuff to warrant that level of intervention. I just want to have less stuff, period.

    • Jenka says:

      Congrats on the 1/2 mile swim! People who have never done laps don’t realize hard hard it is to swim laps! Also how boring it is, but that’s just my opinion. *GRIN.*

  7. David says:

    Oh, Paulie, Lidl has a newly christened garden center, so that may be another source of wildlife food, er, gardening supplies for you. 😉

  8. Finally eating lunch. Almost a perfect morning of choring, but you know in my life something had to go wrong. Find out what tomorrow…

  9. Oh yeah. On my stroll yesterday I saw a beautiful pileated woodpecker a block from my house. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, think “Woody Woodpecker”. 🙂

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