It was a rough Wordle weekend for me, with a failure on Saturday and a solve in six yesterday. Other than Wordle the weekend was successful.

I hung out with buddies on Friday and Saturday, taking in the gorgeous weather by visiting some bars I haven’t considered in years — Three Dollar Café, and Neighbor’s Pub. I also picked up trash Saturday and yesterday before doing a coffee walk with Betsy both days.

Saturday marked the end of the Bundesliga season, during which my team Werder Bremen managed only one victory since the end of February. Fortunately even with this pathetic play Werder Bremen staved off relegation. I wasn’t as invested in the Bundesliga as I have been in the past, so it remains to see how committed I will be when the league starts its next season in August.

WLF has gotten a little unruly, and I am starting to clean it up the best that I can. I harvested a slightly underwhelming bucket of purple potatoes, but the few that were produced were lovely. None of my eggplant have germinated. And perhaps the strangest thing I did thus far, if you ignore planting ginger and horseradish for the first time, was to misidentify a zucchini plant for a cucumber plant and plant it with the cucumbers. Surprisingly, it looks happy.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are continuing the enjoyment on this Memorial Day.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was FLAKE.

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  1. Oh, and I watched Geraint Thomas lose the Giro. I was hoping the “old man” could hold on to the pink jersey on Saturday but even with a mechanical failure Primoz Roglic was the superior rider and deserved the victory.

  2. Sally says:

    World in 5 starting with BIKER. Busy week-end. Worked on Saturday but got off early enough to meet up with Barb and other hashers at Schoolhouse for a brew and then a nice bike ride around the hood. Ran/walked 17 miles at Kennesaw Mountain yesterday morning. Visited 2 REI’s looking for my size backpack that they had on sale for 30% off. Trip to Walmart to pick up BRAG supplies and dog food for the dogs I’m sitting since their mom didn’t leave enough food. Mowed, edged and cleaned up the yard. Working today and then riding bikes with Tammy this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day.

    • I started getting ready last night, only to find that I don’t think I own the huge roller bag I was planning on using for BRAG this year. I assume I gave it to Goodwill at some point assuming I’d never need it again. I do still have a large roller bag which is smaller than I one for which I was looking.

  3. No Mow May is no mo’. I just mowed the front yard.

  4. In from pulling weeds in Wee(d) Little Farm. These weeds weren’t growing in the vegetable beds, but rather in the paths and grassy areas surrounding them.

    Have also just eaten a filling lunch. I’m trying to eat down food this week prior to taking off for BRAG on Saturday.

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