My body is a challenge. Things seem to take an eternity to get better, if they get better at all.

I talked myself out of riding last night. Sometimes waiting around to see what the weather is going to do takes the wind out of my sails. At least after eating dinner I went out for a brisk 4-mile walk.

After my walk I found, harvested, and then immediately composted a two-foot long zucchini that had somehow escaped me previously. Not that I am in need of zucchini/squash, and the same plant has four more small zucchini on it currently, so I’ll be okay.

Last night I allowed myself to watch the movie ”Tim’s Vermeer”. I have been waiting ten years to watch this movie, which finally arrived on Hulu recently, and wasn’t disappointed.

This being Friday, I am going to treat myself to waffles for breakfast.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was SHIRT. I’m sure everyone else will crush it today and I won’t be surprised if there is in ace in this crowd.

My Decluttering Week
Saturday: expired medicines
Sunday: gift wrapping, poster x2
Monday: t-shirt x3
Tuesday: coffee mug x2
Wednesday: collared shirt x2
Thursday: book (cookbook)
Friday: book (novel)

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34 Responses to 2023-07-07

  1. Waffles eaten. I am well satisfied with my breakfast choice.

    I was about to get dressed to work in WLF when I recalled that today is a day my sprinkler runs, so everything is currently wet.

  2. Sally says:

    I should have gotten an ace in the hole because I was staring right at the friggin word……got it in four starting with PLACE. Sorry you didn’t get out and ride. At least you got in a good walk. I plan on doing the SluttySoCo tonight. Too close to home not to. Annual physical was yesterday. According to the initial exam, I’ll live to have another yearly exam. Blood pressure 110/60, pulse and body mass low. Will see what the blood tests reveal. Decluttering: purged some computer files, Books (7), 15 candles, 4 candle holders, sewing notions and craft supplies, 7 more race shirts and race awards, one sailing award, one stuffed animal, 1 deck chair and 15 magazines! We’ll see what gets tossed next week. :). Thanks for keeping us accountable.

  3. Out getting wet in WLF. Miracles have occurred, I’ve grown full-sized carrots! Sadly something has found my kale, under cover even, and eaten most of the tiny plants. My okra is struggling from insect pressure, but, there are ears of corn coming out! And, there is an abundance of tiny ripe tomatoes out here. Woot!

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3 with a complete whiff with my starting word.

    I got out for 17 after letting the rain go by and juggling George and Fig to the vet. I dont think either was in the office 10 minutes, yet the bill was near $500! I love our dogs when they make the horses look cheap.

    Waiting for my slightly delayed flight to Jax. TSA caught me smuggling a weapon.. a pocket knife that lives in my bag. Damnit.

    Glad to hear you’ll last a while lo ger Sal.


    • Barb says:

      did you give away the pocket knife to TSA? We used a Fedex envelope to send one of Allan’s multitools back home 1 time after TSA found it. Cost $25 but the tool was worth more than that.

      • Steve says:

        It was a nice giveaway from a trade show, so almost worth it. I guess ive been taking that bag on the road and not flying with it. Might have been checking it. Southwest rocks, this is a Delta flight.

    • Jenka says:

      I used to keep a small pair of scissors in my toiletry bag. The blade was shorter than three inches, but they would flag and search my bag every time. They always let me go, but after the 4th time having my bag flagged, I decided it wasn’t worth it and took it out. Security theater.

  5. Barb says:

    Went & got a pedicure with JoAnna after work, then had dinner with her, her hubby Mike & Allan.
    Good to catch up with them – Mike is going with the BRAG bus to RAGBRAI. We talked a lot about what that experience will be like. Mike sounded interested in the Bike & Barge tour, but that’s a pretty boring vacation for them (that’s me talking, not them)

    • Sally says:

      Still looking for a roommate for the barge/bike tour. :). Really looks like a fun trip with Franklin and crew.

      • Have you sighed up Sal? Barb, if you are seriously considering perhaps we should get together and discuss/commit?

        • Sally says:

          I have not. When I do, I have to list a roommate.

        • Barb says:

          yes- we are seriously considering – I’ve always wanted to go to Brussels & Bruges (yes, one of my favorite movies is In Bruges). So – we need to get an extra day or 2 there. & of course a day or 2 in Amsterdam too.

      • Well, I’d need a roommate too, so…

        We have to be like submarine missile launchers and turn our keys at the same time. Just say when.

        If I commit I will attempt to come up with a side hustle for the next year to pay for it.

  6. David says:

    Wordle in 3, my starting word bore no fruit either. Big Titty Bar was epic. I actually drank a nice IPA here as well at Hobbs Beer Barge, which is the first time I’ve had one in the Caribbean. Lots to tell about Belize, but I’ll do it next week when I have a physical keyboard. This has been one of the best trips of my life and I needed it so bad. Back to reality tomorrow, but then onward to Colorado Springs next week.

  7. Jenka says:

    And thus this grueling three day work week ends. Fortunately I have next week off to recover. 🙂 We’ve had Finn for weeks and he goes to his mother’s tomorrow, so the first few days will just be feral, then we head to Destin on Wednesday for a conference.

  8. Starting to melt with the sun. Probably won’t be hungry at lunch time because I keep snacking on tiny tomatoes.

  9. steve says:

    Uneventful flight.

    I think the last time I was here at the branch was the last time we replaced all the switches. I got the easy work of 2 core switches and one closet switch. Brother Sam has 4 closet switches next weekend and one of those is completely full and buried with cable. It will be no fun to swap out.

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