I did not manage to lose weight yesterday. For some reason I was hungry all day and kept eating. And then, after the bike ride my buddy BWANA gave me a steamed hamburger that he made himself, wrapped, and then stored in a cooler (heater?); it was delicious.

I allowed myself to purchase the following items on Amazon Prime Day:
– wire shelving unit on which I will put kitchen appliances
– replacement tips for my hiking poles
– bottle of Men’s 50+ multivitamins
– toilet cleaning pads

Of these only the bottle of multivitamins was a Prime “Deal”. The shelving unit and replacement tips were on my Wish List, and the toilet cleaning pads are a consumable I added to the order to get overnight shipping. Have to love Amazon, they continue to over promise and under perform. When I ordered it I was told that shelving unit was supposed to arrive today, now I am being told that it will be delivered on Thursday. And what do I receive for their failure? Oh yeah, nothing.

Does anyone need a grass seed spreader? David, I know that you don’t. 😉 I have one that I don’t use and will put it on the curb Friday as my decluttering item that day.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was THROW (in honor of Debbie, and because THROWN has six letters). I had hopes of getting it in two, and then settled for a four.

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  1. With the delivery of my multivitamins and cleaning pads from Amazon before 6am, I am glad that I am not an Amazon delivery person. These people have their work cut out for them over the next few days.

  2. Dangen! I went out to ensure I had enough marble-sized tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. The heirloom tomatoes that were getting to size, but still very green, were discovered by the critters last night. The prize tomato, as big as the palm of my hand, had one chunk taken out of it, rendering it inedible for human consumption. I am going to try to salvage the seeds from it for next year.

    • Real tough day in WLF. Something, slugs? snails? is under the netting in one bed and consumed all the leaves off the brassica plants, and ate the lettuce transplants I put in a couple of days ago.

  3. steve says:

    Wordle in 5. I laughed out loud at your starting word.

    We arrived home about 6. Debbie has taken over the adjustable bed, so I have moved over to the spare bedroom. She must have been up at least once through the night, as George was out until 07:15. And wet from rolling in the grass.

    I sped watched yesterdays stage and thought the riders were being chased by a chainsaw wielding madman, considering how fast they started. Today’s stage on shortly.


    • Glad she is home, hope she heals quickly.

      I’m going to watch a little TdF before doing some outdoor choring. Need to do a grocery run to get a couple of ingredients for tonight’s meal.

  4. David says:

    I know one man’s trash is supposed to be another man’s treasure, but that’s a hard pass on the grass spreader. 🙂

    Yay for Debbie being home. I did a little reading on horse safety vests. I didn’t know there was such a thing, and they definitely make sense.

    Wordle in 4 starting with FRILL. I coulda had it in 3.

    I’ll be in a different state tonight, literally. I’ll check in tomorrow from Colorado Springs.

    • Barb says:

      have fun in the Springs! if you go to the Olympic training center, we learned that not much training goes on mid day. I guess it all happens earlier in the morning?

      • David says:

        The conference includes a self-guided tour of the US Olympic Museum, so that’s as close as I’ll get to with regard to the Olympics. I am hoping to do an ebike ride through at least part of Garden of the Gods tomorrow. I’m back Saturday evening, so pretty much an in-and-out trip.

  5. Barb says:

    why don’t you need the grass seed spreader?
    Or really, why did you even have a grass seed spreader?

    I found 4 red or almost read tomatoes yesterday – I grabbed them before the critters could get to them.

    • steve says:

      I can think of at least 4 spreaders we have- 2 walk behind, 1 you crank by hand and sling over your shoulder, and one that hooks to the tractor! And the last time I spread see, I used a coffee can!!

    • When I first bought the ITP Estate I attempted to have a lawn in the front. I bought a spreader to spread grass seed. Then, I planted trees and gave up on the idea of a lawn. The spreader, a walk behind, has sat under the basement stairwell since.

      • David says:

        When I first bought my house I had the front yard sodded and a sprinkler system installed. A year later the house next to me turned over and my new neighbors immediately started removing all of the grass from their yard and replacing it with shrubbery. I thought it was nutty for a few years, and as I got older I realized the value in not having any turf on the premises. I chipped away at turf removal for a decade, and finally got there last year. I did at least purposefully not put any grass in my back yard.

  6. steve says:

    Garden of the Gods is really a neat area. I hope you have a great time, David.

    She had on one of her vests, apparently not the air bag one, just the flack jacket one. I think it did its’ job. And considering she had a concussion and WAS wearing a helmet just goes to show how hard she hit. The witnesses reported she got back on from the ground (no small feat) which only added to her “badassery”.

    • David says:

      That is definitely bad-ass. Also a testament to adrenaline. Last year for a hot second I was going to drive myself to urgent care with a broken arm. I’m grateful that I immediately reconsidered the offer of help that was extended. I’m grateful my accident occurred within sight of my car. Did Debbie have to ride a ways back?

    • David says:

      Also, thank you for the good wishes!

      Separately, did the horse get injured? Or he just tripped and recovered?

      • steve says:

        Mickey slipped in the mud going down a slope- first in the front, then in the back. At some point, Debbie became “unseated”.

        They were near a road, or possibly a trail and someone on a 4 wheeler was there, then they met the EMT’s for a ride to the ER.

        They parked Mickey in an open stall at Bear Creek, then picked him up and brought him home in our rig after coming back from the ER. He was chasing his little brother around the pasture when I got home Sunday.

        • David says:

          I’m glad Mickey is doing well. That was *really* lucky for Debbie for someone to be near by with an ATV. Talk about adventures in horse riding! Sheesh.

  7. Jenka says:

    Good morning from the Skyclub on concourse C! We are headed to Destin for a conference. I’ll spend most of my time at the pool. Last year this conference was on Amelia Island and it was litrally too hot to sit at the pool, I’m hoping it’s a little cooler this year.

    Glad Debbie was able to go home, hope she heals up quickly. And we already knew what a badass she is!

    Safe travels, David!

    • David says:

      Thank you, Jenka! Safe travels to you as well. I am fretting a little about my 8:30 PM flight, but that’s the only direct flight to COS and going through Denver felt like more trouble than it’s worth. I won’t have a car in an effort to offset other money I’m paying as a sponsor.

      • Barb says:

        David – direct flight is totally the way to go.
        And – Co Springs is a much smaller airport -so much easier to navigate. But- watch the inbound flight to be sure you have a plane to come home.
        Its just like my direct flight to Cedar Rapids – 1 plane a day- arrives late at night – then departs early the next morning. The flight crew gets to spend a whole day in the city – so they swap out every day.

        • David says:

          It won’t be terrible to get an extra day in COS. Thank you for the heads up, though, I’ll check where the plane is before heading to the airport.

  8. In from WLF.

    Mostly unproductive morning, though I did put my “new” rain barrel in place and started to fill it with water. This may not be its “forever home” but it’s a good start.

    I’m a little disappointed with WLF at the moment. There is not much out there to be harvested and it appears the pest pressure is rising. I’m going to keep working on it, hopefully I can turn the corner soon.

  9. Barb says:

    just did a little walk up to the corner gas station to buy a Powerball & Mega Millions – I know I won’t win, but you can’t win if you don’t play.
    And – someone sent a letter to the church across the street – their address is 505, ours is 550 – so since they wrote it down wrong, I delivered it over to their mailbox.

  10. David says:

    Last week in Belize I was hanging out at a two level resort pool with a swim-up bar that the kids and I pretty much had all to ourselves. That’s the bar that had the corn-o-coladas, think corn infused pina colada. It was so good that I had three. It was a quintessential Caribbean experience. Later that afternoon we had massages on the patio of the villa. It was pretty mind-blowing to get off of the table at the end and look out and see the pool and the beach right there.

    I will say that after spending a week in Belize I won’t ever complain about Atlanta speed bumps ever again. We only saw one traffic light, which was in Belize City. No stop signs. What they have instead are roundabouts and a literal plethora of speedbumps. And not those wimpy American speed bumps that you can roll over at 30 MPH. These are hard-core, concussion inducers if you aren’t paying attention. There’s no traffic cops on Belize, so the let the bumps manage things. It’s ridiculous at night, because some of them aren’t labeled very well, plus the shadows on the road can play tricks with your eyes.

    In addition to the deer road signs that we’re accustomed to here, on the highway they also have tapir and jaguar signs. They run in a repeat pattern over the miles: tapir, jaguar, deer.

    We ate out as a group one night, the food was fine. We also had a group putt-putt game in the rain, which was fun. We had a chef making 3 meals a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I missed the lunches on Monday and Wednesday because I was snorkeling on Monday and at the resort pool on Wednesday. The villa came with a housekeeper and caretaker as well. It was definitely an epic way to live for a week.

  11. Since COVID I have been completely unimpressed with the TdF awards presentations.

  12. Barb says:

    decided to play with Heardle for the 1st time in forever – I’m still horrible at naming songs I know

  13. Back from frustrating grocery run to Sprouts. Not Sprouts fault, traffic, pain, and Florida were the culprits. No lottery purchase, I just wanted to get back home asap.

    Going to try and both unwind and be productive prior to starting my dinner prep later today.

  14. Jenka says:

    Made it to our hotel but the room isn’t ready yet so we’re killing time at the rooftop pool bar having beers and snacks. It does not suck.

  15. Jenka says:

    Fuck yeah! Wordle in 2 using THROW!

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