Another Georgia brewery has bitten the dust. On Tuesday night I learned that Anderby Brewing up in Peachtree Corners has shuttered. Sadly, IMHO, I think we will see the closure of at least one or two more Georgia breweries this year.

Speaking of brewery closures, I saw an article last night that Anchor Brewing in San Francisco is closing its doors after being in business for 127 years.

Unfortunately my back, and to some extent my eyelid, are still problematic. I’m starting to get concerned that the pain in my back is not going away.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was YEAST.

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 4.

    I saw that story about Anchor Brewing. I get the increased competition from the micro breweries, but there has to be some mismanagement in there somewhere after 125 years.

    The patient seems to be reasonably comfortable (better living through chemistry) and is moving about as needed. I’m still waiting on her, but she got up and went to the barn to look at the horses.

    Mowed the last pasture last night. If you time it better, this is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge- once you’re done, start over.


    • Ooh, you just reminded me that I was (am?) going to mow my front yard today.

      The story I read mentioned that Sapporo, who bought Anchor in 2017(?) didn’t understand the American beer market. And I recall seeing the bottle rebrand in a bar a couple of years ago and thinking “WTF were they thinking? They destroyed an iconic bottle label.”

  2. David says:

    Greetings from Colorado Springs. I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday as there was literally only 1 person in front of us at the TSA security line (my daughter is tagging along). Also the Delta agent did me a solid by waiving the heavy bag fee for my checked bag full copies of my Excel book that I hope to give away here. I also had an Amazon box of books that I carried on. If I had a dollar for everyone that made a crack about my Amazon box… Also, I left from gate A15, which was easy to access. It felt like a rock star travel experience.

    Tasty burgers were secured last night from a pizza place called Fat Sully’s after we checked in. I drank somewhat local by having a Voodoo Ranger IPA from Fort Collins-based New Belgium. My friend Craig is a national sales rep for them.

    Last week in Belize our entire group did a Monkey River tour. This included some hiking in the jungle. Lots of interesting flora, not as much fauna, but I always maintain low expectations when invading animal habitats. We did see a couple of howler monkeys, a couple of crocs, some birds, and also manatees. That night Georgia and I were the only ones willing to brave the speed bumps all the way down to the tip of the peninsula to go to the Big Titty Rum Bar. We had so much fun. The bartender kept offering us tastes of ever more bottles of rum. We looked at the shooter menu and were intrigued by one called Peanut Envy. It’s a nut-flavored rum that they put a spoonful of strawberry jam into, which mans it tastes like a PB&J. It was so nice we had it twice. The bar is comprised of two open air bars and a merch room. I am the proud owner of a Big Titty Rum Bar t-shirt.

    I don’t remember if I shared that the name is actually a historical reference. Back in the day pirates noticed nursing mothers would put rum on their breasts to soothe teething infants. The pirates started referring to the local rum as titty rum.

    After that I needed some food before heading back up the peninsula so we stepped next door to The Shak for quesadilla and continued our peanut theme with Peanut Seaweed milkshakes. From my seat I noticed I could see water on both sides. There were some additional buildings that masked the fact that we were at the tip of the peninsula. We walked on the beach as the sun set and then made our way back to the rental car. Georgia was game to stop at the Hobbs Beer Barge, which is the first craft brewery in Belize. We both had a tasty IPA. On the way back a coatl (which the locals refer to as a quash, as in “don’t squash our quash”) ran across the road. I did not squash it.

    That’s a crying shame about Anchor Brewing. Anchor Steam has been a long-time favorite of mine, dating back long before the craft beer movement. I read yesterday that a brewery planned for Underground Atlanta has been nixed. That piece of real estate is unbelievably cursed. It must reside over an Indian burial ground or something.

    Yay Debbie for getting up and around! Man, I remember the crazy regimen I had last year to keep my pain under control. I think I was taking meds every 4 hours for a couple of weeks there.

    • steve says:

      Exactly- some are 4 and some are 6 hours. I want to get her moving a bit so when the pain meds run out, she’ll be in a better situation to handle that.

      • David says:

        I set up a plethora of alarms on my iPhone to keep it straight, labeling each one with what to take and how much. It blurs really quickly. Also, a cautionary tale from my friend Scott, who had back surgery earlier this year. He inadvertently started taking 6,000 MG of calcium per day, instead of 1,000. It resulted in some loss of sensation in one of his feet that will hopefully clear up. So, double-check the doses, because those blur too.

    • Barb says:

      sounds like you & Georgia has a great little adventure.

      Peanut Seaweed milkshake – that one really makes me wonder

    • Sounds like the stars were aligned…

      You can get Voodoo in Georgia, if you fancy another beer while you are there look for a 90 Shilling from Odell Brewing (or any other Odell beer that tickles your fancy). As you can imagine, Colorado has a plethora of quality beer.

      I have a similar history with Anchor Steam, and ordered one at Manuel’s a couple of weeks ago!

      Didn’t hear about the nixed brewery, will have to research.

      • “Research” done. Apparently that was going to be the new home of Atlanta Brewing. While googling I saw that Monday Night Brewing is opening a Charlotte location. Man how I wish that I could have invested in Monday Night all those years ago…

      • David says:

        The stars were indeed aligned. I tend to fixate on a given beer for a period of time, and back before it was rebranded Voodoo Ranger I was all about the Ranger IPA. Last night it was my least objectionable section from the 7-11. I’m not going to make my 15 year old sit in a brewery and watch me drink beer, so I doubt I’ll get any true local stuff, but we’ll see.

  3. Barb says:

    here’s an interesting tidbit of news – Mango & Kat have bought a place up in Brevard, NC. So – looks like they will be moving at some point. John also had hip replacement surgery yesterday – so he has some recovery to do before they can really start thinking about moving.

    • Brevard seems to be the place to go. I know two couples who moved there in the past two years. It makes sense for them, mountain biking and such, but I hate losing a third in town couple to NC.

      Hip surgery? Yikes. Hope it went went well and he recovers quickly.

      • Barb says:

        we also have some Alpharetta ‘hooligan friends that bought some land just outside of Brevard – I guess Asheville is too expensive, so Brevard is the next cool kid town option.
        AND – a place to stay (&/or camp) will be very nice, the house has a big yard.

        • Funny I was going to say that I guess Brevard is the new Asheville. 🙂

        • Sally says:

          I almost bought a little place in Brevard years ago when it was still reasonable! It was when I couldn’t decide what to do with my life and thought about moving. It was next door to friends of mine. Wish I had. Someone bought that place recently for 4 times what it was years ago. Brevard will be the next small town no one can afford to live in. The Belize trip sounds amazing. No one hates being in Colorado. Glad Debbie is on the mend.

          • David says:

            Sally, if you wanted to have a do-over, real estate in Placencia is super cheap now. 🙂 Prices will go through the roof when they open the international airport at that end of the country in a couple of years. Currently a 3-bedroom, 2-bath condo goes for $159,000, and there are zero taxes. I would buy if I could but I am not at all in a place to make such a move.

            My biggest missed real estate opportunity was not moving to Old Fourth Ward before it blew up. Once they put the park in I knew that area was going to light up, and it did.

          • My family should have bought land in Florida in the 1970s.

            I considered buying a cabin in the Georgia mountains, but since I can barely keep one house functional, I knew I couldn’t do two.

  4. Lawn is now mown. Thanks to ITP-Reader Steve for the unintentional nudge.

    Unrelated, it appears that there are tadpoles living in the trash can I use as a rain barrel. Oh Nature…

  5. Amazon continues its crazy delivery emails. The shelving unit arrived yesterday, as initially promised, and not today. Now I received an email that the hiking pole tips which were supposed to be deliver mid-August will arrive next week? Oy!

    • Barb says:

      Wordle – I am not on the ball this early in the morning – using letters in a spot I KNOW is wrong.

      Amazon – I don’t even try to guess how they figure out their delivery schedules. the dates are always changing.

      I’ve never even thought to replace tips on hiking poles. As far as I can tell, mine are just fine.

  6. Barb says:

    We went & got our passport pictures taken yesterday – as I was printing out the forms to mail it all in – I ran out of paper. And – we have no more white paper in the closet. What the hell? (I guess I’ve printed enough over the years) Then – there was a crazy incident on 75, it was completely shut down for a few hours, so all the streets around here were fubar. I’ll head to Office Depot this morning.

    • David says:

      From what I saw yesterday one of the 100′ wide highway signs fell over. They sure don’t make things the way they used to. For instance, yesterday I learned that my 18 month old high-end GE refrigerator needs a new compressor, and it will take 10 days to arrive. Everything in the freezer is toast, because something happened while we were in Belize. At least it has 2 compressors and the refrigerator part kept working. I moved all salvageable food to my garage refrigerator that I haven’t gotten around to decluttering away yet. It’s always something.

      • Yikes, that sucks. Sorry to hear/read this.

      • Barb says:

        David – glad you didn’t lose EVERYTHING – appliances dying sucks.

        Allan’s parents washer died yesterday – they brought over a trash bag full of wet clothes to rewash. I was nice, I dried them too.
        They have a new washer being delivered Monday (or so Home Depot says)

        • David says:

          Heh, smart of you to qualify what Home Depot says. It’s like everything is a mirage these days. It’s ridiculous.

  7. I repotted the basil plant I purchased at Sprouts yesterday. In doing so I added some fish emulsion liquid fertilizer that the flies are absolutely loving.

  8. Jenka says:

    Last night we wandered to a shopping and dining area near our hotel that was packed with families. Lots of kids running around. We ended up at a lobster restaurant where there were like 15 lobster dishes on the menu. Why?! Why don’t they just go with what you can fish in Florida?! I had the grouper.

    It is raining in Sandestin! That scraps my plan to go to the pool. I will find lunch somewhere and then curl up with my book for the afternoon.

    • I wouldn’t want to pay the price for lobster. Even when I was employed I was cheap.

      Do most people even understand regionality any longer? We certainly have had the concept of seasonality smashed.

    • Barb says:

      I have never been a big enough lobster fan to pay the price for it in a restaurant. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but so pricy – I’d rather just order something else.

      • Jenka says:

        I’m actually not a huge lobster lover. I’ll eat it, but I wouldn’t order it unless it was part of a dish I really wanted.

    • Is today National Lobster Day? In addition to Jenka talking about it, my buddy Bill is in Maine currently having a lobster bake on a beach.

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