It was too hot, and I was too lazy to ride last night.

I did manage to make a meatloaf with a lot of vegetables and some fake meat. I baked it in my air fryer to reduce the heat generated in the house. The 8″x8″ brownie pan I bought at Dollar Tree for $1.25, and which snugly fits inside the air fryer’s tray, is starting to look like a great purchase.

Once there was a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service called “Cloak” to which I subscribed. At the time I may have been paying $79/year, or maybe $99/year, for their service. Over time they changed their name to Encrypt.me, raised their price to $129/year, and then recently were acquired by a company called StrongVPN. When we all stopped going places thanks to the pandemic I had little use for a VPN because I wasn’t using public hotspots, and around that time the service provided stopped being so reliable. Last year I considered canceling the service, but decided to stay with them. Well, August 1 would have been my renewal date, but I decided $129/year is too much, so I canceled. Wouldn’t you know the next day I received an email from a “Customer Happiness Officer” offering me a 50% discount to come back. Why do so many businesses — health clubs, cable/satellite tv, phone, security services — shit on their current customers until they quit?

I solved today’s Wordle in two attempts; my starter today was STORM.

My Decluttering Week
Saturday: nothing (away from home)
Sunday: nothing (away from home)
Monday: nothing (away from home)
Tuesday: styrofoam from product boxes
Wednesday: book (self-help)
Thursday: glass jars I intended to use for pickles x6
Friday: [undetermined as of publishing time]

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25 Responses to 2023-07-28

  1. Barb & David: just checked Biggerstaff’s hours for Monday and they close at 4pm. This according to Google.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4. Nice deuce on what i thought was a tough word.

    We might have almost had a tragedy last night as i found the horses water kicked over when i went to feed. I called them up and they were drinking as fast as i could fill. They were good at bedcheck.

    Heading to Newark and they were asking for volunteers for a 0715 flight! Holy crap. I paid extra for a comfort plus seat but the real advantage is sitting in the front of the plane.


  3. Barb says:

    stopped over at Sal’s last night – traded her a spaghetti squash (from my next door neighbor) for a few tomatoes. The critters have not gotten to all of her tomatoes like they have mine.
    Thought about walking over there, but it was getting late (went after diner) & that squash was heavy & and awkward to carry. (and, I was feeling lazy). I also had a dozen eggs for her. Didn’t want to break any of them. Yes, I have many excuses for not walking last night.

    • It appears that I have one spaghetti squash, along with some small butternut squashes out amongst the much larger sweet Georgia candy roasters and one large Cushaw.

      • Barb says:

        Alise said she planted 5 plants -and she has so many from each plant, its crazy how well they’ve grown.

        • She’s better than I am, with the exception that all of these Georgia candy roasters are from volunteer plants I let grow after putting homemade compost into a new raised bed.

  4. Barb says:

    storm was a good start word, I got it is 2 as well.
    Mini – I’ve been doing horrible at those.

  5. Jenka says:

    Had my monthly therapy last night and then went down to meet Kevin and Finn at Pure. They had been walking the dog but it got too hot so they parked themselves on the dog-friendly patio there and waited for me to rescue them.

    The only plans we have this weekend is the Braves game this Sunday. I am fully prepared to leave the game at any time if it gets too hot.

    Great job on the Wordle deuce, Paulie!

  6. Barb says:

    Walked up to buy a Mega Millions ticket. $2 gone I’m sure, but hell, $900+ million sure would be nice.

  7. Saw a comedian the other day on YouTube who made me laugh.

    My wife is the perfect woman for me.
    She has a tattoo, which proves that she is comfortable making permanent mistakes.

  8. Steve says:

    I might have to find a bar as I’m already at the gate and it’s hot and loud. Trip might have been a waste, as now i see things i could do to make our lives easier. Good to get the grand tour and meet the NY guy who has been doing the support. Also surprised to meet 2 national engineers who are in the neighborhood! 1 I work with all the time and the other who is picking up some of our work.

    Buying a lottery ticket from my phone once I’m back home.

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