After a 4-0 drubbing of Werder Bremen by Bayern Munich on Friday I may have to give up on the team already. I don’t know if I can take another year of disappointment.

Saturday morning I turned three green tomatoes into fried green tomatoes. It wasn’t until that I started the process that I realized that I didn’t have cornmeal, so instead I used grits! Was it weird? Yes, a little, but quite edible. If I decide to make another batch I may pulverize the grits into a finer meal and I think it will be more than passable.

On Saturday afternoon I joined Stan for a ride from 3 Taverns around Stone Mountain and back. After our ride we had two beers at 3 Taverns, one at Little Cottage, and one at Wild Heaven. He wanted to keep going, but when I got home I was spent. I was so tired that I am unsure if I ate moldy bread for dinner.

I decided to be a sloth yesterday, sitting around the ITP Estate, eating food grown in WLF. At noon I turned to GCN to show me the NCL race from Atlanta since I wouldn’t pay $150 entry fee to see it live. I was also hoping to see ITP-Reader Steve, who was working the race, on tv. My only venture out yesterday was a quick trip to Kroger for some white bread, there will be tomato sandwiches eaten this week as some of the tomatoes have ripened!

I had a good chuckle yesterday when one of the Duolingo ads presented to me was for an app called “Weee!”, which is apparently is a grocery shopping app for Asian and Latino food. Sadly they don’t appear to sell t-shirts with their logo. “Wee” was also one for the tiles in yesterday’s Connections game. I was all over the place, while hardly ever leaving the house.

It appears as if we are in for a late summer week of sweltering heat Atlanta friends. Plan accordingly.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was RAISE.

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  1. Atlanta United won 2-0 in Seattle last night. I stayed up to watch the first half of the game, but when I saw that it was past 11:30pm I toddled off to bed.

    Lying in bed now and hearing an owl out in the trees. I hope that there will be a morning buffet of rodents for it today.

  2. Sally says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with CLOUD. Second guess I had 4 of the letters but too many options. Almost didn’t get Connections this morning. Busy week-end with dog sitting, running, biking, drinking, and having to get a new phone which I wasn’t planning on. I have women of the woods this morning and then working the rest of the day. I need to get going or I’ll be late. Happy Monday. Cobb County Schools have the day off so traffic should be light.

    • I felt fortunate to get Connections with no errors. I was able to suss out the red herrings.

      Last night I gathered everything for a hike this morning. I intended to go to Sweetwater Creek State Park, but I’m not in the mood this morning.

      Have a great day Sal.

      • Sally says:

        You should go for a hike! You’ll be glad you did. Pick something closer to home.

        • David says:

          I second what Sally said. Go walk Deepdene Park today. You can ride your bike there, or drive, and it feels like being in North Georgia. It’s an outstanding way to get the hike vibe without any travel.

          • I will go out for a walk or something after lunch. Maybe I will see how the mountain bike is handling these days. Speaking of bikes, I need to find time to take both of mine to Allan for some talented TLC.

          • David says:

            I can attest, it is seriously talented TLC. His work far exceeds any bike shop I’ve ever worked with.

  3. Since it’s apparent that I am not going out for a hike today it’s time for me to shift gears. I’ve just eaten breakfast, two hard boiled eggs. I think that today I will turn some of my abundant jalapeño peppers into pickled jalapeños.

    • Barb says:

      Stan’s 60th birthday Monday night hash is in your ‘hood – watch for flour.

      We are trying to decide if we feel like venturing into town tonight for it.

      • Yeah, I asked him about that on Saturday. Maybe I’ll hijack it? Nah, that’s far too much effort.

        I’ll help him celebrate 60 years and 1 day at tomorrow’s Melton’s ride.

  4. Barb says:

    busy weekend up here in Marietta –
    Friday night dinner on the deck (humidity wasn’t bad so it was ok)

    Saturday a hike at Gold Branch with Ramaho, then off to Roswell to pub crawl with the Chattahooligans, I didn’t drink that much, but was tired when I got home.

    Sunday morning breakfast & bike pick up with David & his daughter –
    David – Rachel is a very nice cute teen – you’ve done well.

    Sunday afternoon Wheelhopper – we did the short short trail, but we parked at the pool ending – so we did ride 10 miles.

    • Red Eye Mule? I almost asked on Saturday if you were meeting up for breakfast yesterday morning. I considered crashing and then going somewhere to exercise.

      • Barb says:

        You could/should have joined us for breakfast.
        It was a nice base for Wheelhopper – but by the time we got home last night I was starving.

        BTW – I heard somewhere that Survivor episodes will be 90 minutes this season (thanks writers strike) so we will have to keep up on watching, or we will have plenty of hours to go thru.

        • I’m sure it was tasty. I haven’t been motivated recently, as my whining about not being motivated will attest. Stuck in a rut I guess.

          If memory serves me it was a writer strike which led to the creation of Survivor in 1999/2000 because it was unscripted television.

    • David says:

      Thank you, Barb. I appreciate the high praise. I’m glad it’s worked out for you and Allan to meet my kids. I am truly grateful to be in the inner circle with regard to access to Allan’s bike repair skills. My racing bike felt absolutely amazing when I took it out for that little test ride.

      That Red Eye Mule biscuit was GREAT! I told Rachel afterwards that fried chicken biscuits are tricky. The breading on the chicken can either mesh amazingly well with the biscuit, or it can merge into a throat-clogging morass. I haven’t had a fried chicken biscuit in a long time, but I’d drive back out to Marietta again for that one.

      • Barb says:

        there’s also a place at the Marietta Square (The Local) that has an excellent chicken biscuit.
        now I want some fried chicken……

  5. Harvested a nice, by WLF size standards, green bell pepper this morning. Unfortunately I tried to take it off the plant one handed, and snapped the branch off with the pepper. Oops.

    Tonight’s dinner will be homemade Mexican with the bell pepper, jalapeños, onion (store bought), and some fake meat crumbles.

  6. steve says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with AISLE.

    Busy weekend. Stopped by the bank Friday to open an account for Hot Pursuit Farm, LLC since that paperwork is final.

    Saturday, the fence guys came and put up the dog yard fence and 4 dogs are really pissed. After a bit of a siesta, I was going to the barn and noticed water coming out of the access for the plumbing. That can’t be good. Shut off the water, cleared out the access hole to get a look. Came up with a plan and off to Lowes. Cut the feed line and added a valve so I could put the house back online. After the post race plumbing yesterday, the barn is mow back online and the only piece missing is the hydrant. That’s for another day.

    The race went well. Seemed to be a lot of rich black folks in attendance. There were stupid organization errors- national anthem singer at the start of the womens race had no mic and no P/A at S/F so she just sang to the field a’capella. No pace car or moto to show the leader of the race which made it harder on us. Otherwise, just a bike race. The Miami coach I spoke with said it’s made for TV, so they don’t care if there are spectators or not. I get it, but I think spectators add to the show.


    • GCN/EuroSport did a decent job. I can’t see this series surviving more than one more year.

      While watching I recalled the name of the cycling series I saw in 2021 — Spin the District. Turns out their events occurred this April. I don’t recall hearing a thing about them.

      • steve says:

        Spin the district was a part of Speed Week. I was supposed to be chief for several but the assigner got pissed at me when I had to back out of Newnan to work Redlands, so reassigned them. F’er.

        As far as the NCL continuing, they were adapting from race to race and still have some kinks to work out. They were originally going to have 4 events, but only 3 came together. If they can keep the money flowing, it will happen again next year. The riders seemed to like it- you have to start there, I suppose.

  7. I keep forgetting to mention this. Skint Chestnut Brewing (Powder Springs?), which is near Silver Comet, offers a 20% discount when you cycle to their brewery. Something I should keep in mind.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 staying with SALET

    I rode this weekend for the first time since the accident. There was much rejoicing to be back at it. I’m not used to the heat though and I felt really puny yesterday after riding. The afternoon was spent trying not to puke.

    I’m ridiculously happy about having the yard fenced! We put George in for the first time as the fence guys were loading up to leave. His expression was priceless! What fresh hell is this was written all over his face. We’ve got a couple of spots to shore up to keep the little dogs in, but that will be easy enough.

    The fact that I had time to Wordle and read the blog attests to how slow it is at the clinic. Boring!

  9. David says:

    Boy howdy, what a weekend for me! My friends Jamie and Scott with went to Grand Funk Railroad in Sandy Springs Friday night. They were excellent! My friend Rachel (not to be confused with my daughter Rachel) who I recently reconnected with after a 10 year hiatus was at the show as well. We didn’t realize it at at the time but we were both at the Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ show two weeks ago as well.

    Grand Funk Railroad was EXCELLENT. I never in a million years expected to see them live, much less for free. At the show a woman named Kerry chatted me up, and after the show talked Scott and Jamie and I to going to Canton Street with her in Roswell to have a drink. We ended up at MacMagee’s. I was a long-time fan of their former location on the Decature Square. They had a country band playing, which felt odd for an Irish pub, but whatever. We closed them down at midnight, which felt really tame after having closed down bars at 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM in Chicago a couple weeks go. Long story short, I had my first post-marriage date last night with Kerry. It went well. I learned way more about her Friday night than I should have, but there were some redeeming qualities, so I arranged to go out Sunday night. I wanted to keep things light, she kept wanting to talk about her myriad traumas, and so I joined her in her rabbit hole, and took her down mine as well. It was a fascinating experience. After years of being emotionally vomiting on others, it was really something to experience it happening to me. She is very much in the hunt for a husband, and wouldn’t have ever swiped right on me had I been on the apps. I made sure to give her some additional disqualifiers, just to be safe. 😉 She’s sweet, and my god would seriously benefit from therapy. Nonetheless, I’m glad I went. I learned a lot and had a nice evening, and she had a nice evening as well. We helped each other feel seen.

    Saturday night my son and I went to see the Metallica concert simulcast at Atlantic Station, which is an absolute shithole of a theater. I had to show my photo ID to get in the goddamn theater. I despise Atlantic Station anyway, but it was the closest location. The show was fine, but they didn’t show either opening act, instead there was literally 45 minutes of drones panning the audience before the show finally started. They have a deep catalog, and only played a couple of songs that I knew. It was worthwhile. Lucas and I went to R. Thomas afterwards, which by the way is open until 5:00 AM on weekends. Unlike goddamn Waffle House. In Tennessee we tried to hit a Waffle House but they were take-out only starting at 9:00 PM. The Waffle House on Glenwood at the edge of Grant Park starts take out at 8:30 PM, which Scott and Jamie and I learned the hard way at 1:00 AM Friday night. It’s hard as hell to find any late night dining in this town.

    On Saturday morning I did break the logjam on one of my two stacks of “stays where you put it” cypress mulch. My front yard is deweeded, and freshly mulched, and looks excellent. My work dismantled an ant and roach nest, so that that was another good reason to get that dealt with. I made some progress in the back yard, but the heat zapped me. I am positioned though to get those weeds gone, and then mulch the back.

    Sunday morning was a lovely breakfast with Allan and Barb. I’m happy to be in the loop on Red Eyed Mule.

    I sure didn’t go into the weekend knowing that I’d end up going on a date. The biggest thing I’m happy about is that I actually looked and felt approachable. My parents always telegraphed “stay the fuck away” to everyone and so I bore that mien for decades, until I could finally see it. Believe me, that takes some *serious* work to unravel.

  10. “Killing” time watching the Tour L’avenir (for up and coming riders) on GCN.

  11. Barb says:

    I tried the connections thing – that was way too easy. Was it because it was my 1st try ever?

  12. David says:

    I forgot to report, Wordle in 2, starting with AWARE.

  13. Jenka says:

    On-boarding my new employee who started this morning. The first day of a new employee is by far the thing I like least about supervising people. Honestly I don’t enjoy supervising people period, but that first day is just so awkward.

    I had a busy (for me) weekend. Dinner Friday night with one of Kevin’s partners and his wife at Mai Kitchen, the new-ish place in Va-Hi. Errands Saturday, then birthday dinner with Sarah and her partner at Rathbun Steak that night. Yesterday we went to the Braves game. That’s a lot of activity, I need some quiet time!

  14. Jalapeño peppers have been submerged in the pickling brine. I’ll give them a day or two before tasting them.

  15. Had to take compost out since it’s drawing small ants. Argh. Damn it’s HOT outside, and today won’t be the hottest day of the week!

  16. David says:

    I tried the Connections game, completed without any errors. It doesn’t make the cut for inclusion in my daily regimen, but y’all enjoy.

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