I hope your United game was fun, even though they lost. I intended to watch the replay of the game but when I went to do so AppleTV spoiled the result so I didn’t bother.

I had a lovey time eating at Wrecking Bar and then heading to Horizon Theatre for a show, even if each did dredge up some melancholy. Oh, Horizon has bought new seats since the last time I saw a play there, circa 2019. The play was good, not great. It’s about a recluse woman who lives in a treehouse and inadvertently inspires a cult to start. It’s more comedy than anything else, resolving little in the end.

I have a huge day of chores today, ahead of getting the heck out of Dodge at the asscrack of Friday morning. Two of my chores, lawn work, were nullified by the late night rain which fell.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was ROUGH.

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  1. David says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with RATTY. Coulda, woulda been 4 but I lost my what’s the first letter coin toss on my 4th try.

    • David says:

      I am getting back into yoga on the regular next month with my long-term teacher. I’ve taken the better part of this year off to focus on other parts of my life, and now I’m thankfully to a point where I can get back into having my ass kicked weekly starting next week, and then mid-month twice weekly.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 3 and coulda been 2! Some lucky (skilled) guessing.

    Debbie sous vide’d a nice steak last night. I’m not really a steak person, but this was really tasty.

    We’re “savoring” the final season of ‘Suits’, so just one episode last night.

    30 minute trainer workout last night. Trying to get back into some sort of shape for our ride next weekend- 9/10- just a reminder.


    • Steak is something I miss by being a pseudo-vegetarian, and too cheap to buy it.

      Good job with the workout.

      Hope to say hi after Wilson on Sept 9th. It will be the first time I’ve ridden 80 son is BRAG, so I expect to be wiped out.

  3. Sally says:

    I had fun hanging with Bob, Ken, Allan and Barb at the game last night even though we lost. There were some good plays and awful calls from the ref. Thanks again Bob. Didn’t get to meet Jenka though. Dogsitting non stop Wilma all week-end. She woke me up at 3:30 this morning ready to play. Wordle in 6!!!! Started with POWER. No mistakes in Connections.

  4. WLF caught 1” last night. I had no idea it rained so much since I was at the play. Added about ten gallons of water to the “new” rain barrel, which is nearly full now.

    Picked a handfuls of banana peppers, will be picking jalapeños and hot Hungarian peppers later today. I’m bringing these to Raleigh to see if we can make something with them, since they will be too far gone by next Tuesday. Had to stand my bell pepper bush up again, hope it survives because it has a few small peppers growing on it.

  5. Bob, hope you survived your long day and that Laura’s return flight was uneventful.

  6. Barb says:

    Good to see Jenka, Kevin & Finn in the bougie Mercedes Benz club.
    It was too funny their seats were right in front of Leslie’s seats.
    I don’t know much about soccer, but I think the refs were not all that good last night.
    But I also think the Atlanta team got tired or something towards the end, it was like they really weren’t trying, and they were losing.
    Parking in the Home Depot Backyard is also very nice – its right next to the stadium. I bet it is fun when people are really tailgating. Traffic to get there was of course a pain, but what else is new.

    • Funny that in such a large stadium you’d be so close.

      From what I understand the Home Depot Backyard is where the Georgia Dome stood? I believe I saw there will be concerts there too?

    • Jenka says:

      I had never heard of the Backyard, I learned something new!

    • Bob says:

      Paulie is right, the back yard is where the Dome stood. They have small concerts there and also use it for tailgating and charging a high price for parking.

      • Barb says:

        I was very impressed that its real grass there in the Backyard – I seriously thought it had to be some sort of artificial turf. With cars driving on it – and rain – how does it stay so nice?

  7. I don’t know how I will accomplish it, but I am feeling disgustingly fat today and need to start working on taking off 15-20 pounds.

  8. Bob says:

    Good times at the game last night!
    In a rare moment of responsibility Travis told me he didn’t want to go to the game because he has too much homework to do. I was shocked and also proud.
    I find it funny that all these reports say how empty the office buildings are downtown. If they are so empty then WHY are there so many cars on the road! Took over an hour to get to the stadium. I really despise Atlanta traffic.
    Fun times hanging with the crew in the fancy Home Depot lot pre-gaming, on a weekend game that lot is hopping.
    Laura made it home with no issues, she is a nervous flier so was worried about turbulence but said the flight was mostly smooth. She was passed out when I got home. Flying from the west coast is exhausting.

    • Jenka says:

      Why so many cars on the road? Hmmmm, could it be because Atlanta continually infills without improving or doing ANYTHING to the infrastructure or even THINKING about transit?! A million new people living in all the new condos with the same 100 year old roads and no train to take them anywhere.

      Can you tell that this irritates me? HAH!

      Sorry I didn’t see you last night, but I think you were on the other side?

      • Yup, you are correct.

        Bob is an even number section so I think he was. We were directly across from one another when I sat in 219.

        • Bob says:

          I thought you were in section 230 or something like that? I’m in 217 so would be really bad if we didn’t connect sitting 2 sections away.
          Also the lower section numbers are not in the same space as upper so Jenka was actually below us and only one section over.

    • Barb says:

      yes Bob – what’s wrong with Travis??? picking studying over a soccer game?
      Glad Laura got home with no issues.

      I am always amazed at all the cars down there – and the cops they are paying to “direct” the traffic are not doing a very good job. We couldn’t take a left into the Backyard, had to go down 2 traffic lights to do a U-turn – when we could have done it more easily at the 1st light. Made zero sense.

  9. Jenka says:

    I’m on the Horizon mailing list because it’s the theater I see the most plays at, and I got the notice for that play and was all, “NOPE.” But I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    It was great to see Allan and Barb last night! I don’t care if United lost, I just like to watch soccer/all sports/except golf. It was pouring when we left and we had a good half mile run to the Marta station, we got SOAKED. That was our last United game of the season since we’re not going to the Miami game.

  10. Jenka says:

    Today is our wedding anniversary and we’re going to Kevin Rathbun Steak. With Finn, since we have him and we don’t have a babysitter. Wicked romantic!

  11. It’s a good thing that my body is fairly resistant to mosquito bites. I just spent twenty minutes in WLF and was slaughtered by them. Had I known that I would have been out there that long I would have either put on long pants, or sprayed Cutter on my legs.

  12. I have a funny story about my mother. However, I am saving it for tomorrow’s blog post.

    However I did forget to mention that she spent the night at a cousin’s house the other night and that Hurricane Idalia had no impact on her house.

  13. My payment for the half of next year’s trip got processed today, along with many other items. Ooof, that hit the old bank account hard.

    • Barb says:

      I put the half on my Visa – we don’t use that VISA that much – so having a much higher bill was eye opening. Then I remembered why…….

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