Typing today’s date for the title reminds me that it is a National day of remembrance for the horrific acts which transpired twenty-two years ago.

In the end it was an easy, but still disappointing, decision to skip the Wilson 100 on Saturday. I was feeling okay for the majority of Friday but had a minor relapse around 10pm so the thought of waking by 5am in order to get down to Gay for the bike ride was inconceivable. I hate wasting money, but this was the correct decision for me.

Over the past week I watched the first season of “The Afterparty”, “Hijack”, and many episodes of “Home”. All of these are on AppleTV+. Over the coming months I am going to see how much I am paying for streaming services and see if there are one or two which I can live without. If I can’t identify any I will look at other ways of cutting costs (A different cellphone plan? Cancel Adobe subscription? Finally get rid of my landline phone?).

I’ll blame getting ill upon return, but I forgot to mention that I brought one of those “old” bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon that I recently rediscovered up to Raleigh. Thankfully the cork showed no sign of leakage, but crumbled upon my attempt to open the bottle. Thankfully the wine had not turned to vinegar and tasted delicious. I’ll open the other two bottles within the next year, when I feel like drinking quality wine, assuming they held up as well as the first one.

Good day of riding yesterday. Though I didn’t feel 100% I was able to hang with the group and then celebrate our effort with a beer. The lunch stop in Rockmart was also a nice addition to the ride. I might go back just to eat their unusually thick and tasty steak fries.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was TRAMP.

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 2!!

    It was a couple good days of riding. Saturday got me over 20 miles on the CX bike and a dead phone. Yesterday’s ride taught me not to eat meatball subs halfway through a ride! Tasty, but it almost can back up a couple times on the ride in. My phone would not consider being charged on the way home, so I had to stick to main roads I knew and no exploring. Of course, once home, it was quite happy to be charged. MF!

    Working from home at the moment. Will be in the office later this afternoon to complete a de-commission before a change freeze kicks in because of FOMC. The things I have to put up with to keep the economy running. Sheesh!


  2. Barb says:

    I had a busy enough weekend –

    Walked 5ish miles Saturday morning, then decided to hash, (Shiggy Pits 80th birthday hash). The hares “scared” me from previous hashes so I decided to bimbo. In the end they got an OK from the pack for the marks that were laid. It got cloudy & a little sprinkle-y, so the pool ending wasn’t as great as it would have been on a hot & sunny day. Good crowd, was nice to catch up with Dribbles The Elder & Body Glide & Garden Ho (who will be moving to Asheville soon).

    Sunday was a good bike ride -having the E-bike & being able to keep up with everyone without a huge effort was nice, I feel so much better today than I would have without it. 😉
    A bar in East Cobb had an Oysterfest & a parking lot party with a band – we decided that would be dinner. The band was really good, so we stayed later than we had planned. Caught up with a few friends there we don’t see very often. It was a nice evening (once the sun went down enough to get some shade)

  3. Stuffy and headachy head this morning. Hoping this is not a long term affliction.

    M6 needed gas. Even though I didn’t get an additional discount on gas I made a Kroger run this morning for gas and some necessities. This was my first grocery run in weeks, and I just realize that I forgot to get milk. Doh!

  4. David says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my inaugural ITP Reader Silver Comet ride yesterday. I have a 50 mile minimum if I’m going to attach my bike to my car. That’s a testament to the number of routes I can ride from my house. I arrived at Rambo almost exactly on time from Florence Road to meet up with the group.

    I can take or leave french fries but I agree with Paulie that the fries at Rails are surprisingly good.

  5. Jenka says:

    Good Monday morning! And what a glorious day it is. At this time 22 years ago I was sitting in my office at Cornell trying to refresh the CNN website which totally crashed because everyone was trying to get updates. Oh, the infancy of the internet…

    While you all were riding on the SC I was at the Braves game, most likely my last game of the regular season. We got seats in a section we hadn’t sat in before and it turned out to be in the full sun for the whole game. For about 4 innings it was behind a huge cloud, so we saw 4 innings of live baseball and watched the rest from the club TV.

    Someone left a bunch of ripe bananas in the office kitchen on Friday so I took them home and made two banana breads, one for us and one I brought into the office. Figured it was only fair! 🙂

    • I drove past the stadium yesterday on my was from Rambo to my buddy Chip’s house near Collier and Howell Mill.

      I have yet to go to my first game, but apparently will pop my cherry on 9/29, a mere three days after I will be in the neighborhood for a dental checkup across the street.

      • Jenka says:

        Like, you’ve never been to Buntrust since they moved from Turner Field? You are not the only person I know who hasn’t been there yet. Have fun!

        • Correct! I have been going to my dentist (office, he has since retired) for 25 years, but have not been to a Braves game since they carpetbagged to Cobb.

        • David says:

          I went to one Braves game their first season in SunTrust. I didn’t like the vibe and haven’t been to another. I’ve been there for two concerts. I feel like the venue is rather soulless.

  6. I have eggplant and pepper in WLF. Oh what to make with them for dinner…

  7. Bob says:

    Yesterday’s ride was fun! Great finally meeting you in person David.
    Long drive home as I was able to get to Dunwoody to catch the second half of Travis’s soccer game where he had a pretty awesome assist in their only goal.
    Saturday was not as much fun as I got my ass handed to me in my tennis match. We were not outmatched, my partner and I just didn’t play well. I think it is time for some lessons.
    Hope everybody has a great week!

  8. Jenka says:

    I only got one friggin’ category on Connections but I solved Wordle in 4 using STEAL.

    • steve says:

      I got nothing in Connections. I was on the right path for one, but got side tracked.

    • Barb says:

      Jenka – you had me scared – but I got Connections with 2 misses.

    • David says:

      Wordle was perilous, WHEAT did me no favors, and I averted near death in 6. I did match all 4 Connections with only one strike. Mini in 35, would have been closer to 20 or 25 if not for my fat fingers.

    • Huh, I had little trouble with Connections today. I sorta knew my last grouping’s connection and was glad I sussed out the other three.

      Mini in forty seconds, but again I no longer attempt to type swiftly.

      • Barb says:

        mini was not my friend today at all.
        But – I did get Wordle in 4 – wasted a guess using a letter in the same wrong spot twice.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with WHEAT and bombed again on Connections.

    Great weekend with horses, pals and my honey. The weather was such a treat.

    We got home from our 80 year old friend’s party and discovered that Ollie had consumed a minimum of 10 protein bars while we were gone. He was so bloated I thought he might just pop. Gluttony thy name is Ollie.

    We start hunting on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to being out there with my best boy assuming I can catch him. He has not embraced his return to working life and who can blame him. He had a really cushy gig for the last couple of years.

    I’m planning to get back on the decluttering wagon this week. I’ve made progress in two of the worst areas, but it’s time to buckle down and finish them.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

    • David says:

      My decluttering for the day was to remove a bottle opener from my keyring. I haven’t used it in years, and how that I have keys to two different places I needed to make it easier to pick the right key without always thinking about it. I mean, who *wants* to think? 😉

      My kids will start sleeping across the street from their school Monday-Thursday next week, so that is going to give me bandwidth and headspace for some vicious decluttering. Seeing all of the stuff my “wife” is packing up makes me want to seriously lighten my own load. I’m not going anywhere for 5 years, but I want to be ready to downsize when the time comes.

      • That’s funny about your bottle opener. Why? Because two weeks ago I lamented not having one when given a bottle of beer. I cursed myself for not having one on my cooler. It wasn’t until someone said that he has one on his keychain that I remembered I carry TWO bottle openers on me at all times, one on each of the keychains I carry. And that’s how few bottles beer I drink these days…

        • David says:

          OK, that’s very funny. I am sure that now that I have removed the bottle opener from my keychain that an occasion where I’ll need it will arise. It’s OK, there’s usually something nearby that become an improvisational bottle opener. I’ve gotten creative in hotel rooms when traveling with the other set of keys that didn’t have an opener.

    • I have yet to identify my decluttering target for today. That will occur when I return home.

  10. Though neither in my weight loss plan nor my budget I decided that since I paid my mother’s mortgage at Truist today that I would treat myself to a beer out. Nearly followed a young women into Flatiron when reality struck, and I have come to Midway instead.

    • Walked home and spent five minutes outside. Holy cow is it hot out there again.

    • David says:

      OK, I’ll bite. What do you mean, “reality struck”. Is the Flatiron scorched earth for some reason?

      • Jenka says:

        HAH! We had the same question.

      • Clearly you know me well enough. The young woman was too young and attractive to have interest in me, and I would not have the ability to do anything to change that — that reality. Besides, the beer selection at Midway suits me better. Along those lines I’d love to go to Argosy more, but who can wait until 5pm to drink? Lol

    • Jenka says:

      Just curious why Flatiron was not acceptable today? (For me it is never acceptable, but my reasons are because of their clientele.)

      • steve says:

        Yeah, I’m curious as well.

        In the orifice and knocking $hit out. Waiting on the 5 o’clock change whistle to blow.

        Came through town as the connector was quickly backing up. Do they not teach cross walk 101 at GSU? Asking for a friend.

        And David, I’m confused. The condo is the wife’s, or you’re leaving the kids to fend for themselves like my parents did?

        • David says:

          No free ranging, their mother will live there and I’ll continue on in Grant Park. She’s been in an ill-fitting rental property all year because she made a knee-jerk decision. So, this townhouse is monumental for our family in a number of ways.

    • Barb says:

      I heard this song on the drive to Rambo Sunday – I hadn’t heard it in awhile – and it always makes me thing of Paulie.
      As She’s Walking Away – by Zac Brown & Alan Jackson. I think it came out in 2010.
      Y’all should look it up & listen.
      here’s the Chorus
      Now I’m fallin’ in love as she’s walking away
      And my heart won’t tell my mind to tell my mouth what it should say
      May have lost this battle, live to fight another day
      Now I’m fallin’ in love as she’s walking away

  11. And my email tubes for blog comments is clogged, so forgive me if I am slow to respond.

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