Given that there is a weird, water-like substance falling from the sky, I spent time yesterday afternoon tearing out some warm weather plants and replacing them with colder weather crops like lettuce and kale.

My go to iOS weather app, CARROT Weather, has been letting me down of late. I reported an issue to the developer, whose response was “Yeah, it’s an issue, update to iOS 17 to fix it.” Um, requiring an OS update is a really shitty way to handle a problem. What if my device was unable to update? This is an app for which I pay a subscription as well, though that might not be the case if I can find a new app to replace it.

Did you know that there is a new series of “The Great American Baking Show”? Did you know that there is a service called “The Roku Channel”, on which this program is shown? I didn’t either until last night. Sadly there is no “The Roku Channel” tvOS app, so the only way I can watch the programming on my tv is to play it on my iPad and cast it to my tv.

It was a busy day yesterday, culminated with a delicious creamy gnocchi dish using this Creamy Spinach Gnocchi recipe made by yours truly.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are over, and my sprinklers never went back on sale so I didn’t buy any. During the past two days I bought some small sheet pans with racks, a new cycling light, and some toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was TRUNK. Even though yesterday’s solution was SKUNK, I took my chances that Wordle wouldn’t start with an S three consecutive days.

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  1. A couple of hiccups in Connections, but eventually solved:
    Purple > Green > Yellow > Blue

  2. I picked a bad day to mysteriously strain my lower back since I will have to climb into the attic with the exterminator today.

  3. Sally says:

    It rained a lot and now traffic is a mess. Hope all the accidents get cleared out before I have to head out the door. Wordle in 5 starting with Glory. Two wrong guesses in Connections. I like that they let you know when you are one away. Yellow, purple, blue, green. Just another work day for me. All the super big wigs from Adidas (from Germany) came in yesterday. They were really nice and very quisitive. They bought a bunch of Vuori for product testing. It was just me and 2 underlings in the store, no shoe buyer, clothes buyer or manager. I hope I answered their questions sufficiently.

  4. Holy smokes, I just called to schedule my semi-annual HVAC maintenance check and the earliest appointment I could get is on December 20th!

  5. Jenka says:

    Wow. Actually paying for a weather app, when all weather apps get their feed from NOAA? I use WeatherBug, it’s got a satisfying interface.

    Had drinks/dinner with a work colleague last night at Taqueria del Sol. Since it was raining there was absolutely no line! We walked in and sat at the bar! What luck.

    New nanny came this morning for her first shift driving Finn to school, and she slipped on our front lane and rolled her ankle. Uuuuuugh. I feel so bad!

  6. Jenka says:

    Also: saving that recipe. Thanks, Paulie!

  7. Barb says:

    recipe looks very tasty. I might have to make it sometime – looks perfect for the rainy day weather today!

    Allan is working today & tomorrow, 2 days all to myself. Do I find things to do or hibernate? Such decisions.

    Stupid printer is out of ink, bought some not HP brand – they aren’t going to work, the chips are not HP. What a freakin scam – we so rarely print, but sometimes you need to. Can’t figure out a way around it……….

    • It was simple as well since I used gnocchi purchased at Aldi. I also added two WLF bell peppers, one red, one yellow, to add more color and taste.

      The printer ink scam is why I bought a Brother laser printer years ago, especially since I only use it to print documents.

  8. Back still hurts, but was able to get in and out of attic with exterminator. No animals up there now, and he seems to think there were no gaps to allow a squirrel to enter. He thinks I might have heard them running in the gutter, since I have gutter guards.

    I know there is work to do still. He is going to send me a quote for their services. Wish this had happened before we got rain so I could work on dry wood. I’m not sure my fix will adhere to wet wood.

    I almost feel that my declutter item today should be the jeans I am wearing since they have many large holes (fashionable if I were better looking and 35 years younger) and now have been dragged around the mess that is my attic.

  9. David says:

    Wordle in 3 today starting with WRECK because I discovered I had apparently wrecked my 21 day streak. As I write this I remember why… I was backcountry hiking on Monday and didn’t Wordle that day. I’ll take hiking over a goddamn frustrating word game any day of the week! 😉

    I shan’t be bothered by Connections today, I took a peek and said Nope!

    I’ve committed to having a virtual assistant 4 hours a day, which is a testament to how yawningly large the pile of work stuff I’m behind on is. She’s based in South Africa. So far, so good. Time will tell, but I have a good vibe about it. I found her company through my friend Elan who lives in South Africa as well.

  10. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with BREAK. Connections fail. I’m way too impatient for that game.

    We got just over 3 inches of rain which may have undone all the work Steve did on preparing the pastures for seed. We’re going to go for it and spread it this afternoon though. Hopefully dragging it after will give it enough soil contact to take off.

    I’ve been on a string of fuck ups that hasn’t let up yet. Between knocking the windshield out of the truck, flushing its key at Publix and minor mistakes at work, I’m feeling really unsettled. Not being able to sleep well at night because my body aches so badly on our mattress is likely what’s throwing me off my game, but no luck fixing it so far.

    Steve is off to the Games field this morning for the start of the madness. I won’t see much of him for the next 12 days. Hope it all goes smoothly and he doesn’t get too stressed out.

    I’m going to have to try that recipe as well. Looks delish.

  11. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 and that took some doing.

    A short day on the field, just receiving most of the tables and chairs. A little maintenance work on one of the trailers.

    Tomorrow, the big trailers get moved and we receive more toys. Saturday is the real start of unload and setup.


  12. Barb says:

    AND DAVID – MINI IN 52 SECONDS!!!! you probably got it in 30 seconds

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