Yesterday I peeked at next week’s weather and it appears that things will be changing in the Atlanta area, we are predicted to have near-freezing temperatures. Therefore this weekend I must prepare WLF and the ITP Estate for this possibility.

I still have unfinished projects from yesterday on which I need to focus today. Hopefully I can knock some of this shit off my plate soon.

What are you all getting into this weekend?

Wordle: three, starter RABID
Connections: one mistake, Green > Yellow > Blue > Purple

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  1. At 4-3 the Atlanta Falcons are in first place in their division. Some say “parity”, I say “mediocrity”.

  2. Sally says:

    I am dog sitting big lunkhead Whiskey this week-end. Working on Saturday. Pumpkin Butt 50k on Sunday. Probably heading up to Rome on Sunday to spend the night with mom as our night sitter is unavailable. I need to take Whiskey for a walk this morning. Last week-end of the Partners Card which benefits Camp Twin Lakes. Wordle in 6. Started with VOICE. Too many words with two of those letters. Connections: Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue. No Trivia last night as I had a GUTS Board meeting. Enjoy the nice weather this week-end. Next week will be cold.

  3. Think I will go hiking tomorrow, or more likely Sunday. Do I dare go to north Georgia?

    • Sally says:

      Probably going to be busy with the leaves changing and the nice weather. If you hike at Kennesaw on Sunday….you might see runners carrying pumpkins!

    • Barb says:

      We are trying to figure out what all to do this weekend –

      Saturday night is a Halloween party up in Canton.
      Thought about the Home Crawl, but not sure I want to do that with the party to go to that night.
      Its in the Grant Park area of town David – look out for crazy hashers.

      Sunday – I might want to ride my bike, or, maybe hike…… who knows?

  4. David says:

    Wordle in 4, somehow no missed on Connections.

    I am apparently hosting an impromptu party for 15 to 25 high school students at my house tonight. My daughter decided she wanted a birthday party after all. I’m 100% down with this, I would far rather have Rachel here than who knows where.

    Apart from that my weekend will mostly be comprised of writing and/or updating dozens of webinar descriptions as my much of my 2024 speaking schedule is now nailed down.

  5. Just finished “watching” a YouTube which was nearly two hours long (!). In it the creator mentioned the changes YouTube is planning to enforce the watching of their ads. Pity that this will most likely convince me to watch a lot less YouTube.

    Speaking of watching, there are new episodes of “True South” on ESPN. I really like that show.

  6. Barb says:

    Wordle in 4, but I wasted 1 guess putting a litter in a spot I knew was wrong.
    Connections – took a minute, but got it . Green > Yellow > Purple > Blue

    Last night was massage night, then a nice dinner after out on the deck. Weather was perfect to sit outside.

    Tonight I’m going with Kevin to the Oakland cemetery Halloween tour (or whatever it is called) . Sani bought a ticket for his friend Michelle (who is in NY) so I get to go. We will most likely meet Allan somewhere after for dinner. Trying to decide if we go somewhere nearby (so we don’t have to move the car) or somewhere else. Such decisions.

    • Jenka says:

      Six Feet Under! DUH!

      • Barb says:

        well yeah – but Kevin is not a seafood fan (I know, they have other things) – so trying to think of other choices. You know me, I’m a suburb girl, I don’t know all the cool places.

        • Jenka says:

          Oh my god, the best thing on their menu is the fried chicken tacos. But Mezcalito’s is also good, as well as Manny’s.

      • David says:

        I have inside intel that Six Feet gets absolutely slammed during the tours. Rachel’s hostessing shifts start an hour earlier and last an hour later on those weekends. So, I’d plan on somewhere else. 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 and should have been 4.

    I returned the dick harrow to the friends I borrowed it from, about 7 miles away. I mention that as the easiest way was to attach it to the tractor and drive it there. Not fast, but if you can’t deal with farm machinery on these roads, you have no business driving. I thought I had a bad flash relay, but the turn signals work, so maybe just a bad switch.

    Thinking about a ride to Yoders for lunch? Wasn’t that the name of the Amish restaurant you mentioned some months ago?

    The hunt has a Halloween party Sunday, but I have no costume.

    Just got assigned to be chief Judge at the UCI cyclocross in Hampton first weekend of December. Nice gig. Make plans to attend.


  8. Jenka says:

    Thank the sweet merciful sunflower that this week is OVER. My fellow organizers of the accreditation visit took today off, and I should have done that. But I didn’t. I may leave early today.

    Smack dab in the center of our three week Finn stint. No plans this weekend. I wanted to take him to the movies but the Taylor Swift movie is the only one that’s playing. I was thinking maybe the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Sunday we have tickets to Nick Offerman at Symphony Hall and are going to Rumi’s Kitchen at Colony Square beforehand. I’ve never been there but everyone raves about it.

  9. Feel like I am being gaslit by critters. I swore I heard something in the gutters again. I went up onto the roof, and while there was one spot where it appears the gutter was bent by a falling limb, there are no entry points. I also looked into the gutters and saw nothing. Then, I went into the article and saw nothing up there either!

    Now, I have just been bitten a few time by an ant (ants?) and it’s bothersome. I’ve already taken allergy medication to try to combat this.

    Only positive, I got to talk to a cute lizard for a minute.

    What a start to my day…

  10. Bob says:

    Late check in, mental health day is going well. I have been all over north GA and the leaves are fantastic. I’m about 100 or so miles in and stopped at the overhang (ranger camp in dahlonaga) for a burger and a beer.
    House work tomorrow and possibly Psycho cross at the velodrome Sunday but who knows.
    Have a great weekend all!

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