I should probably remind myself that I have a bum foot before I go out for a long day of walking. Yesterday I walked from the ITP Estate down to Constitution Lakes (4.5 miles), then around Constitution Lakes (2.2 miles), and then finally from Red’s Beer Garden to home (2.4 miles). I’ve already given up running, I really can’t afford to give up walking too.

The neighborhood surrounding Red’s continues to change, with the elimination of the abandoned car wash and the bamboo forest beyond it; so much for that parking. I managed to spend $40 at Red’s, between food and beer, and it wasn’t until I inspected the receipt that I discovered I had been charged for a beer that I did not consume. Harrumph! It all seems to work out in the wash I guess, as I got a free beer on Thursday night.

Pain or not, today I have to spend time in WLF preparing for the oncoming predicted rain and cold temperatures. I need to harvest a ton of peppers, cut back many volunteer tomato plants that won’t have time to produce, and cover some potatoes plants I’m trying to protect for another few weeks.

With Halloween being on a Tuesday the weekly bike ride has been moved to tonight. If my feet are agreeable I will ride, but this very well be my final dark ride of the year.

Wordle: three, my starter FORCE. Someone at the NYT is fucking with me, TODAY’S SOLUTION WAS THE WORD I STARTED WITH YESTERDAY!!!
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Purple > Blue

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 4 without a yellow letter.

    A pretty good weekend with a little bike riding Saturday and scooter riding all 3 days. I was riding north along Pine Mtn yesterday when I spotted a horse coming towards me being followed by a truck with its flashers on. Curious, as the horse was tacked up but no one was in the saddle. I got ahead of them, hopped off the bike and managed to catch the horse. The folks following her just had come up on her going down the road. The little saddle bags contained business cards for a trail riding company which the gentleman called. It seems she had been in a group and had gotten away from them at a stop, so no rider bucked off. The gentleman said there was no point in both of us waiting around, so I left him with a reasonably happy pony munching grass and waiting for his owner. Life in the country, I suppose.

    I’ve been in a funk lately. Debbie says it always happens after the Games are over. I’ve never noticed before, but she may be right. We both hope I get over it as she’s bound to kill me if I don’t.


  2. Sally says:

    I’ve been in a funk lately too but for other reasons. Been letting past relationships cloud my thinking and disturb my sleep. Plus mom issues. Today’s Mark Manson’s helpful 5 minutes each week that might change your life entry: Choosing to be nice is strength. FEELING compelled to always be nice is weakness. Choosing when to be disagreeable, when required, is strength. Always being disagreeable is weakness. I’m weak. Wordle in 5 starting with PAINT. Like Steve always says…I could have had it in 3…had I chosen the correct word. :). Connections: yellow, green, purple, blue. I am guessing Barb gets blue first.

  3. Sally says:

    Oh yeah, I completed the Pumpkin Butt 50K yesterday. And yes I was victorious and walked away with the pumpkin pie!

    • steve says:

      Hardware?!?! Nice work, Sal.

      Sally, you are one of the nicest people I know, so as we used to say, “Illigitimus notatum carborundum”- “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

      • Sally says:

        Thanks Steve! Hope you get out of your funk! Always a let down after big events. I am that way after BRAG! :).

  4. Barb says:

    dang Paulie – over 9 miles of walking? No wonder your feet hurt.

    Busy enough weekend –
    Friday night went with Kevin to the Oakland cemetery thing – then tried to figure out where to go for dinner – wanted to go to Highland Tap, but they had an hour wait. Got in at Fontaine’s. Almost went to George’s. Scored free parking spots at both the cemetery & VA Highlands – felt like we won the lottery.

    Saturday we went & rode the mtn bikes at Allatoona Creek park – rode Driftwood – its skirts around Lake Allatoona – that lake is WAY, WAY, WAY low. Never seen it that low. We did see a white squirrel, I’ve never seen one before besides in Brevard, NC.
    Saturday night was a Halloween party.

    Sunday we went to breakfast at Red Eyed Mule – walked the neighborhood (partially with Whisky – since Sal was busy running a 50K) and made fish tacos & sat outside on the deck since it was a perfect temperature out.

    It was a nice weekend over all.

  5. David says:

    I did yesterday’s Wordle at 11:58 PM, which saved my minor streak I have going. It was fun being able to do back-t0-back Wordles. In 4 last night, 5 today. No misses on Connections today, which means no conniption fit either.

    Steve and Sally, the funk is real, it’s been plaguing me as well.

  6. Major pepper harvest, very minor potato harvest. Doing some good cleanup in the process. Going to plant more garlic today.

  7. Jenka says:

    Many, many work emails came in over the weekend and I am still triaging them. Had a nice, quiet weekend. Saturday we recycled glass and went to George’s for lunch. Yesterday we went to dinner at Rumi’s Kitchen in Colony Square and then the Nick Offerman show at Symphony Hall. Rumi’s Kitchen is delicious, but it is SO LOUD and DARK in there. I was the only one in our group who didn’t need to use my iphone flashlight to see the menu. Nick Offerman was ridiculously funny, half of his show is him singing funny songs he wrote. Hilarious!

    Beginning of the third week with Finn. He’s lovely but so much mental energy. Fortunately, the nanny is amazing! She watched him while we were at the show last night.

    David, how was the teenager party on Friday?!

    • David says:

      Heh, the party was good until it wasn’t. I expected a crowd of Paideia kids, but Rachel also invited a couple of Maynard Jackson HS kids and that’s where things went south. There was a crowd of kids on the front porch, some kid tripped, and there went the leaded glass window adjacent to my front door. Amazingly only two pieces broke, the 10 or 12 other pieces are all intact. It’s a $2,500 restoration job, of which Rachel will be on the hook for a portion. Not all, but definitely a good share. It was a fluke thing, and although Rachel took precautions by closing off certain rooms and blocking the stairs, it still got out of hand. A flower pot on my front steps got broken as well. It’s all part of raising a teenager. No one got hurt, thankfully, and nothing else went awry. Teenagers need safe places to fuck up. I wasn’t given those, and accordingly my fuck-ups where of significantly greater magnitude.

      • steve says:

        Glad it went that well. You can’t bubble wrap the whole house. The house I grew up in in EP had a great backyard for sports. Great grass (!) and lots of room, but it also had a large plate glass window which meant we were never allowed to play there. My brother and I could occasionally throw a football, but no team sports of any kind. Not that I’m bitter…

        • David says:

          The funny thing in life is it’s very rare that the risk that we fixate on actually arises. It’s always some random thing out of left field that tends to take us out.

          Case in point, some driver in a gargantuan pick-up truck nearly caused my life to flash before my eyes yesterday when he literally came within a couple inches of my bumper. I was doing 80 in the paid lane in Gwinnett and this truck comes flying up doing 90 or 100. He was trying to get in front of a car to my right before leaving my lane, and only by the grace of God did that happen. I had a car in front of me, but fortunately I had left enough room to be able to speed up a little, I truly think he would nailed me had I not created that gap. I had 5 near death experiences between birth and age 20, and this is the most severe peril that I’ve been in since those days.

      • Jenka says:

        Yeah, like Steve said, it could’ve been a lot worse. Especially with those rowdy public school kids! (Just kidding.)

        • Barb says:

          damn public school kids – that made me laugh.

          • David says:

            Well, when the window broke the public school kids scattered like rats off of a sinking ship, while the Paideia kids stuck around. So….

          • Barb says:

            that makes it even funnier…….. and so stereotypical. (unfortunately).

        • David says:

          And I agree, Jenka, that it could have been worse. It’s an absolute triumph to me that I didn’t feel the need to rant about it on the blog today. There was a time when it would have been all consuming. The repair is in motion, and it’s just money. I know how to make more.

    • Barb says:

      Jenka – it seems too many restaurants are SO LOUD these days – its getting ridiculous. We tend to eat outside as much as possible because of it – now the weather will get colder & that will be harder to do.

      • Jenka says:

        It really has gotten worse. This is why we gravitate towards restaurants that are quieter. Almost all of the ones in our regular rotation are quiet enough to have a conversation.

  8. While still trying to decide how I will consume all of the food I harvested today I ate a tomato sandwich for lunch because in a moment of insanity I bought some tomatoes at Kroger the other day.

    • Barb says:

      I can’t believe how many tomatoes I still have on my vines. I’ll be bringing a bunch of green ones in today or tomorrow.
      I also have way too many jalapeños & banana peppers – I guess I can pick them – but I’ll never be able to use them.

  9. Just had to convince a skink that it didn’t want to go into my house.

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