It’s funny how ambitious I feel when I am away from home, and how quickly that ambition fades on the way home or as soon as I arrive. I made it into Atlanta before 3pm, and with the exception of picking green tomatoes and ripe peppers from their bushes before the freeze, I did little else yesterday.


This morning I am baking a breakfast casserole in order to use up food from the refrigerator and freezer, and heat the house a little using the oven in the process.

Later today I will work WLF in preparation for the freezes and nearly six inches of rain predicted this week. If I am feeling chippy I may also drive out to Sweetwater State Park to get in a short hike and renew my annual park pass. I intended to stop at Hard Labor State Park on my drive home, but then I decided that it was too far afield from I-20 and not worth spending the time for the detour.

Wordle: three, my starter was STORK
Connections: one mistake, Yellow > Blue > Green > Purple

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with BEACH. Perfect Connections: blue, yellow, green, purple.

    Yesterday I prepared some stuff for our upcoming GUTS race at Pine Mtn. It’s going to be a wet one. Ran with Janice in the afternoon. Worked on my cabinet doors. Mulched leaves. Walked the dogs. Nothing too exciting.

    Today, all the bosses are at a trade show in Austin. I have been left in charge! Hopefully things run smoothly.

    Welcome home Paulie.

    • Thanks Sal.

      I spent twenty minutes last night working on the jigsaw puzzle that has vexed me for weeks, I found one piece to fit. I don’t think the puzzle is *that* hard, I think it’s my poor dining room lighting combined with a little attention deficiency.

      Enjoy being the boss today! 🙂

  2. I have a ton of things (read “boy did I spend money this weekend”) due to be delivered today by a uniformed representative of Jeff’s General Store. None of my Black Friday / Cyber Monday purchases were critically needed, but I decided to pounce on a few “sale prices”. I did manage to show some restraint by not buying any new Apple products, nor a new Kindle.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 2 and my starti g word only gotme the first letter.

    Sitting at my gate after almost 30 minutes through security. Hopefully the PC support team figures out the issue and can get my device to me tomorrow.
    There is other stuff to do, so no worries.


  4. Jeff’s General Store has now informed me that some of my items will be delivered on a Thursday? Harrumph!

  5. Jenka says:

    Rosalynn Carter’s funeral is happening at Emory today and they told us categorically that we are NOT welcome on campus today. All faculty, staff, and students were told to work remotely, all classes are online or cancelled. Yesterday the Secret Service were on campus and the helicopters were overhead! Hey, I’m happy to be working in my pajamas right now.

    Busy day for us today. The dumpster is set to be delivered today. The packers are coming to pack up the kitchen and take away the dining table and chairs. We purged so much out of the master bath over the weekend that we don’t need them to pack it anymore, the only stuff left are things we use daily which we will bring downstairs to our mother-in-law suite where we will sleep. I want the next two months to be over already!

    • Barb says:

      I work in my PJs every morning – eventually I might take a shower & get dressed (that is, if I have to leave the house)

      Nice that they tell you not to come to campus.

      So exciting to get this project started!!!

    • I hope your renovation runs more smoothly than Betsy’s has. She’s nearly a year into the process and if I had to guess about only 2/3rds completed.

      • Jenka says:

        I haven’t talked to Betsy about her reno but I guarantee hers is WAY more involved than mine. In the kitchen we are basically just changing out the countertops. The master bath is going to be completely gutted and re-done, but it is a very small room. Our contractor says 6 weeks, which is why I’m saying 2 months. Famous last words, but I am cautiously optimistic that it shouldn’t be too long.

  6. Trying to manufacture some Christmas cheer through the playing of holiday music this morning.

    • Of course my Christmas cheer is ruined by the Apple HomePod Minis not doing the one thing they are designed to do, play music.

      Perhaps this is a hint that I should be outside choring.

  7. Holy shit, how did it get to be nearly 10am? I feel as if I have pissed away the morning.

  8. Barb says:

    yellow – blue – purple – green – (I would have never gotten green)

    So close to a deuce, but Wordle in 3.

  9. Bob says:

    Wordle in 4, on my third guess I had 4 correct letters but all in the wrong place. WTF!

    No mistakes on Connections, somehow green was easy for me. Knowing what an Atoll is sent me down the right path. I would not have gotten purple, thankfully it was the last one.

    • David says:

      Over the weekend I had all 5 letters in 3 but only one letter in the right spot. That was a first for me. My guess was WORTH and the correct word was THROW.

  10. David says:

    I unlocked a new level of parental anxiety today, as my daughter has her driver’s license now. We had to drive out to Carrollton to get an driving test appointment. We drove out last night and spent the night at her grandmother’s house. We also had to borrow her grandmothers car because you can’t have any warning lights on the dash, and the last time I changed the tires out on both cars Discount Tire couldn’t get the devices to pair with the cars. So it hasn’t been a thing, until suddenly it was. Also, Claire’s car was almost on empty, and you have to show up with at least 1/2 tank of gas for the test. At least Rachel obsessively studied all of the minutae involved.

    The driving test was administered by camera, so I was in the passenger seat and instructed to keep my damn mouth shut. The stressful part was her trying to parallel park an unfamiliar vehicle within an oddly placed set of cones. If you touch a cone, you fail immediately. I was able to provide feedback by making covert breathing sounds, afterwards Rachel said that was helpful. There was a godawful of paperwork involved, including a 40 hour driving log that they barely glanced at and yet I had to get notarized. I caught a serious break yesterday, I was checking in with Jamie and he happened to mention needing to get a form notarized. I had completely forgotten about that step, and I was able to run 3 minutes away to the UPS Store to get the log notarized. It definitely made me yearn for olden times where you basically walked in, got your picture taken, did the driving test and moved on.

    On the way back there was a wreck on I-20 East that had both Apple Maps and Waze instructing us to leave the freeway for a bit. Waze had the path of least resistance. Back in town Moreland and Boulevard were jacked up, so we took the Bill Kennedy exit and I did my rabbit run through Reynoldstown to get Rachel to school. There was definitely a shit ton of cops in the vicinity of Paideia.

    Wordle in 4, no misses on Connections.

    My ultimate destination tomorrow is the Grand Canyon. Boy howdy, do I need some unstructured time outside after getting through the driver’s license gauntlet.

    • Bob says:

      Dang, I didn’t realize there were so many rules involved for the license either. Back in my day it was like you described, show up and drive for 5 minutes and you get your license. I’ll have to make sure Travis studies up a bit.

      Stressful day but now you get to look forward to relaxing, enjoy your trip.

      • David says:

        It’s a damn buzz saw, Bob. I’m happy to share the rundown of what to expect, feel free to text me. You don’t have to have a notarized driving log if you send Travis to a driver’s ed class. I chose to teach Rachel directly, and the log was a last minute pop quiz. No matter what, there’s a required 30 hour online Joshua’s Law class that don’t want to let Travis wait until the 11th hour on, as that certificate is not generated automatically. Rachel took it down to the wire. Getting his permit isn’t a big deal, he just needs to pass the written test. It’s converting the permit to a license that unlocks the blizzard of paperwork. Surprisingly though her license only cost $10.

    • Jenka says:

      Jesus. Why are all the drivers down here so bad, then? Maybe it’s only the adult drivers.

      • David says:

        A lot of parents have their kid attend a 3 day in-person driver’s ed course and call it done. I literally spent a year teaching Rachel to drive in a wide variety of conditions, including blinding, flooding rain, a forest service road, parking decks, all kinds of things. This is because I too was given minimal instructions and I am truly fortunate that I lived to tell the tale given that I once crashed a car into a telephone pole when I lost it on a curve and had said pole land literally inches from my head/shoulders.

  11. Late start means late lunch. Now boiling potatoes I harvested this morning.

  12. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3. No mistakes in Connections green, blue, yellow, purple.

    I’m home sick today. Headache, scratchy throat, bad attitude – it was not my day to people.

    I thought we could celebrate the first night with no accidents from the puppers, but Steve cleaned up on the way out this morning. We’re getting close though and I’ll be so happy when they both get the drill.

    I ran over to a friend’s house last night to do something off and saw a wild pig cross the road on my way home. Not loving how prevalent they are becoming in our area.

  13. Jenka says:

    Packers came and left. Dumpster is here. Now to bring down the clothes I’ll need for a few days and the bathroom stuff. I think I’ll wait on that until tomorrow morning as the contractor doesn’t get here until after 9:00. Don’t want to sleep downstairs until I absolutely have to.

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