Other than eating lunch at a place called “Hookin’ Ain’t Easy”, where I had a delicious plate of smoked ribs and fried shrimp, I don’t have much to report.

It’s currently raining in Florida, and after meeting up with my buddies today I am going to try to break off and remain mostly alone for the remainder of my stay in order to get more chores done at the Florida house. It should also help curb the enormous calorie intake that I have had since coming down on Christmas Eve.

Wordle: three, my starter was STARK
Connections: perfect, Blue > Yellow > Green > Purple

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3, Connections perfect.

    I’m guessing the name of the restaurant was referring to catching fish?

    A quiet day yesterday. I stayed online most of the day, but there was nothing happening. I did some online chores but that was the extent of actual work.

    After getting the truck completely filthy on Tuesday, I decided to install the mud flaps I had bought some time ago. Sadly, they are the wrong ones and will need to be returned. Grrrrr. My own damn fault.

    A hard 40 minutes last night. I rode this workout last week and didn’t quite finish it. Success last night, but my legs feel it this morning.


  2. David says:

    Greetings again from Manhattan. Boy howdy, I am glad that I’m leaving on a train this afternoon, just to save me from myself. Yesterday we started our day with a walk on the High Line, which is always a must when I’m here. Unlike the warmer months there wasn’t much art, although there is an incredible hand-crafted red tree that you can see from several blocks away when approaching. We walked through Chelsea Market, which inspired Ponce City Market. What a cool building. Both of them, but I do like Chelsea Market better. I didn’t spend any money at Chelsea Market, and I’m sick of always feeling like PCM is trying to wedge a car wash vacuum hose into my wallet.

    After that we navigated our way to the PATH train. Weirdly, I had to buy rail cards from one machine, and then use a second machine to put passes on them. Exactly what year is it?

    We stopped off in Hoboken and walked around the river front park, I’d never seen Manhattan from that perspective. Hobokon has a banging bike protected bike lane. Hopefully it goes on for miles, and isn’t just a tease like any protected bike lanes in Atlanta that are only long enough to protect a tricycle.

    After Hoboken we made our way to Newark to Tops Diner. The food was good, and the service was fine. Definitely not the best diner in the USA, at least in my book. My lunch at Mel’s Diner in Phoenix touched my soul a bit, this was a much more transactional meal. There was a 30 to 60 minute wait, so we strolled around gritty Newark. I took a picture of a disused piece of industrial equipment that turned out to be one of the best pictures I’ve taken in my life. I’m going to get it printed and framed. Steve, if you go there, you won’t need to eat for about 24 hours, or you’ll have leftovers to take back to your room. You’ll be covered either way.

    After Newark we made our way back to Manhattan, crashed in the hotel for a couple of hours, and then set out again. Earlier in the day Lucas scoffed at a 99 cent pizza place, saying how could that taste good? So of course I took him to a 99 cent pizza place, and was surprised to find that it was still 99 cents, as from what I’ve read most slice parlors charge $1.50 or more. It was good pizza! We then went back to Little Italy again for a triumphant return to the gelato place for the second time in two days. After that, we threaded our way through the crowds at Rockefeller Square to see the tree and skating rink. Whomever designed that tree is seriously on their A-game. I’m not usually impressed by Christmas trees, but this is one impressive tree. After that we were only a few blocks from our hotel so we called it. It made my head hurt last night to realize that we had woken up in Atlanta just the day before.

    This morning I managed to Ess-a-Bagel, around the corner from our hotel. I can pick up on patterns like nobody’s business, and I noticed the line literally wrapped around the building later in the morning on Tuesday and yesterday. I also noticed yesterday morning when making my Starbucks pilgrimage that there was no line outside, so today I figured I pounce. That sure was a tasty bagel. I had an “Eggstacy”, which means ham, sausage, egg, and chedder”. My choice was an everything bagel. I love me some Emerald City Bagels, but this was a notch above.

    This morning we’re doing a walking tour of Grand Central Terminal, then catching Amtrak this afternoon out of Penn Station to Philly. Our whirlwind tri-state tour wraps up tomorrow evening on the last flight to Atlanta. Keeping a beady eye on Delta’s web site paid off for that flight, as a week or two ago I was able to secure $10/seat Comfort Plus seats. Also, I need to look into this further, but yesterday I saw an Instagram video about Google Flights having a new lowest price guarantee, where if you book a flight through them that has a lowest price badge on it, they’ll refund any difference to you if the fare drops.

    Alrighty, I need to walk off that bagel and make some room for an actual Philly cheesesteak sandwich this evening. Other than communing with Edgar Allan Poe at his 1843 to 1844 residence tomorrow morning, we are going to see where things take us in Philly. We’re staying downtown, and will at least make the obligatory Liberty Bell visit. I might or might not be yelling out Adrian’s name at some point during my roughly 24 hours in Philadelphia. I’m making the most of a limited budget.

    I do have to shoutout the NYC subway again. We have only waited for any length of time for one train, and that was around 10:00 PM Tuesday evening. The trains pretty much appear in front of us when we arrive at the station. Yesterday we needed to switch from an express train to the local, and we literally walked off the express and onto the local. The dizzying amount of underground infrastructure blows my mind as well.

    Wordle in 3 starting with CRYPT, and only one miss in Connections. For a minute there I thought I was on the highway to Conniptionville but I managed to find my bearings.

    • David says:

      To be clear, the Comfort Plus seats were an upgrade from what I had already paid. Delta doesn’t assess change fees, so it pays to keep an eye on their shenanigans. I caught a $300/seat price drop on our Belize flights this summer, and used Lucas’ credit to cover most of his airfare up here. Rachel and I used our $300 credits when we went to Colorado Springs in July.

  3. Steve says:

    Curious to see your picture from Newark. From our office there, you have a great view of 2 draw bridges over the Passaic river. My quizzing of regular staff in the office found no one had ever seen them raised. Being rail bridges so close to “the city” means they are in constant use and would really gum up the works if they were raised for any length of time.

  4. Barb says:

    busy end of the year shipping – I don’t remember it being that crazy.

    But – the economy sucks – and we need Trump back? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Jenka says:

    It rained all day yesterday so instead of sitting at the pool we sat in the outdoor preferred club lounge and stared at the ocean and people watched and had cocktails. Still relaxing.

  6. Barb says:

    yellow – green – blue – purple.
    took me a minute to see blue – even though I thought of that category before I even guessed the green.

    took me 4 for wordle – 2nd guess did me no favors

  7. David says:

    All aboard! We’re on Amtrak to Philly. Todays’ walking tour of Grand Central Terminal was well done and very interesting, well unless you’re 14. I made it by the MoMA gift shop and accomplished what I wanted to there.

    • Barb says:

      SO – how many subway rides have you taken over the past 2 days?
      or have you mostly walked from place to place?

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