I’ll keep this short, mostly because I did fairly little yesterday. I met up with my buddies in St Petersburg yesterday for lunch and a couple of beers. From there I returned to the Florida house and relaxed. I made a dinner of macaroni and cheese before doing a little cleanup and turning in.

Today’s big chore is picking up my mother and then going to the post office to send out some items regarding the house.

With no weekend plans I hope to continue to dig through the house and make some keep/toss decisions ahead of my brother’s and sister in law’s arrival next week. It’s too bad our schedules didn’t align, but in the bright side means we’ll have to meet up at least once more in order to
sell the house in the future.

Wordle: four, my starter was STAGE
Connections: perfect, Purple > Green > Yellow > Blue

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  1. See you all in 2024!

    (okay, I’ll be checking in today but will probably be on the go most of the day)

  2. David says:

    Greetings from Philly! The blog ate my homework so I’ll post an update from the airport this afternoon. It’s been an amazing trip, and the concentrated time with my son has been a blessing. He’s gotten to the “must pry him out of his bedroom”’stage of adolescence. Oh yeah, there’s the living between two houses as well.

    Good luck today, Paulie, that sounds tough all the way around.

    • Steve says:

      I hope your son can begin to appreciate the outside world and the fact that you’re taking the time to spend it with him.

      • David says:

        Traveling with teenagers can be tricky. I keep showing up, and keep trying. I remind myself that this trip is about presenting opportunities for his consideration. Rachel was a snot for much of the Costa Rica trip last year. I stayed above the fray and focused on not engaging with her angst. Once we got back home she gushed “that was an amazing trip.” The other thing is there’s also a shadow teenager on this NY/Philly trip. The one that no one ever did anything remotely like this for him. That teenager is getting a ton out of this trip. Time will tell with Lucas. I’ll just keep showing up, no matter what.

        Today’s breakfast was chipped beef on toast and a hot apple dumpling from the Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal. Time to start getting some walking in!

        Wordle in 6, which was redeemed by an error-free Connections n

        • Steve says:

          They used to occasionally serve creamed chipped beef for breakfast at the bank. Ms. Shirley worked the serving line and I’d say, “Ms. Shriley, let me have some of that SOS, please.” and she had a wonderful cackling laugh that she would let out…

          • David says:

            SOS indeed! I haven’t had it forever. I did walk by the Philly Fed this morning, looks like all is well there. We made a quick visit to see the Liberty Bell and the outside of Independence Hall. I knew better than to try to push more than that on Lucas. Plus we’re on a serious time constraint. I’m happy with our accomplishments. This afternoon we’re touring Battleship New Jersey. Lucas is excited about that. I totally whiffed on visiting the Intrepid in NYC, it wasn’t on my radar until we left town. I mean, it is important to leave *something* for next time… 🙂

        • Barb says:

          I never did anything like what you are doing with your kids as a teenager. I think its incredible that you are trying to do these things. I don’t think I ever spent and 1 on 1 time with either of my parents – unless it was golfing.

          BTW – we went to a new (to us) Japanese place last night – not too far from the 1 we went to that crazy rainy night. I guess its been there over 30 years. We had some interesting sushi rolls – next time we will try some of the Japanese dishes.
          When Rachel is ready to do it again, let us know. Hopefully there will be no raw shrimp.

          • David says:

            Thank you, Barb, that means a lot. Their childhoods are moving a warp speed now that they’re teenagers, I have to be intentional about getting time with them before they slingshot out of the house. I mean, Rachel already has one foot and a couple of toes out the door. Sheesh.

            We are down with the Japanese place. Between Rachel’s job and mock trial and her social life, Wednesday nights are best for that. Let me know when Allan has something available. It’ll be great. Even if there is raw shrimp! I learned an important lesson on Wednesday in Newark, it’s not *where* you go in life, it’s *who* you go with. I never dreamed going to Newark could be fun, but we had a great day. We definitley had our fill of Newark pretty quickly, but nonetheless it was a nice time. So bring on the raw shrimp again, it keeps things interesting. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3, Conniptions- zero! I had 2 of the right ideas, but never could complete.

    Another BORING day “at the office”. Sorry you are being overwhelmed, Barb. I did actually work a bit, but mostly I read.

    I think we’ll head to Outback in L5P to look at gravel bikes this afternoon. I want to do business with a shop I have some connection with. While I do support my LBS (the Trek dealer in Newnan and the shop in Senoia) I also want to support Pete and Kate. They will at least get first crack at my wallet.

    Last night Debbie and I played dominoes. It has been a really long time since I’ve played, while Debbie played on a girls trip a couple months ago. She’s not mopping the floor with me… yet. As our set is a double 12, we have the last third to play tonight.

    When are you coming back to the ATL?


  4. Sally says:

    My last day on the cape. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Today is windy so it’ll be a walking on the beach kind of day and a little trail I found yesterday that I want to explore. Fun riding bikes on the beach too.

    Even though it’s a Black Sheep Sunday I will be doing Sally’s Outlaws last run/hike/bike at Sope Creek Sunday afternoon. Come join the fun.

    Wordle in 5 starting with SANDY. Just couldn’t see the word. Two mistakes in Conniptions, trying to get that blue category..so I moved on to another one. Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green.

    Hope everyone has a good week-end. Glad David had a good time up north. Hope Paulie is productive!

  5. Jenka says:

    Yesterday we got lounge chairs on the beach and spent all afternoon staring at the ocean and reading our books. Well, Kevin listened to his book. Then we went to the Italian restaurant, which was not terrible.

    Heading home today! Leaving for the airport in about an hour. I’ll miss swimming every night before bed!

    • Barb says:

      how big is your backyard? add a pool? 😉

      • Jenka says:

        Not big enough, and it would also be extra expensive to get our non-flat lot ready, and it would have to be down about two flights of stairs…not worth it. Believe me, I’ve thought about it!

  6. Barb says:

    Mini in 55 seconds – at least something went well of the games.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5, perfect Connections.

    I just realized that the giant ham I bought for my family’s Christmas gathering on Sunday could not be cooked at our house with our large oven on the fritz. Steve to the rescue; he’s off to pick up a new heating element. I was ready to buy a roasting pan and shop for new ovens. Thank God he’s clever about these things.

    I stopped by the clinic yesterday to wish one of my coworkers well on her last day. (She’s pregnant with her 3rd child so staying home with them. ) It was insane. Phones going off the hook. Everyone was frazzled. I expect next week will be nuts too. We’re down 2 people in the office and the new hire ghosted after her first day. It’s going to be rough for awhile.

    I love that you’re doing the one on one trips with your kids David. I took each of my brother’s kids on trips when they were teenagers. We made some great memories.

  8. Well, it appears that I am a plumbing jinx. As I was cooking lunch I saw water seeping out from under the kitchen cabinets. I cut the water off at the street and am now trying to formulate a plan.

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