The last day of January…

Well this is strange. I received an email this morning from Goodreads (an Amazon subsidiary) telling me that I finished reading “Strong Female Character”, except that I haven’t. According to my Kindle I am 71% complete at the time of writing this blog post.

Since we missed last week it’s still my turn to bring food over to Betsy’s tonight. I think I will make this Cannelloni, Sausage, Sage, and Tomato recipe (link removed because it’s behind the Washington Post paywall), and bring over the remains of the loaf of bread I baked Monday.

Wordle: five, my starter was MOUTH
Connections: three mistakes, Green > Purple > Blue > Yellow (the Purple did me in today, I knew what it was but I couldn’t get the correct set of four)

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3 (less than a minute) and Connections… somehow.

    A long day with a 4 hour call setting up test devices around the district. If the guy I was working with is in charge, this may be a long row to hoe.

    Picked up my new computer glasses yesterday- still useless. Great at about 5 feet, just a blur up close.

    I took the ramp test in Zwift last Friday (warm up, then bump your wattage 20 points every minute- I lasted for 10 minutes) and my FTP went up about 20 points. Last nights 30 minute interval session was killer..

    And I was minding my own business in the hot tub last night when it started to rain!! WTH? I called out to Debbie and she brought me an umbrella. Yes, I will sit in the hot tub under an umbrella. Don’t judge.


  2. Barb says:

    We went & saw Poor Things last night – $5 on Tuesday.
    It was a really weird movie – I don’t know how to describe it. But I liked it. The Cinematography was very interesting.
    Emma Stone was awesome – she really could win the Oscar. I guess I should look at who else is nominated.
    It was raining when we left the theater about 9pm.

    Still haven’t seen Oppenheimer – its on the list again now that its back in the theaters.

  3. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with SUPER. No mistakes in Connections: green, yellow, blue, purple.

    Nice evening for a run last night at the mountain. The sunset was amazing. It did sprinkle for a bit on us afterwards but not enough for us to give up our parking lot shenanigans. Had a nice visit with mom.

    I need to test my creek this morning before going in to work. It’s the last mile of the Frozen Feet Challenge tonight at Scofflaw. Adidas will be there with demos to run/walk in. They are also supplying pizza. 20% off your beer tab.

  4. Just launched the Amazon Prime Video app and was shown this pop up saying “A change to Prime Video: Movies and TV shows included with Prime now have limited ads. You can upgrade to ad free for $2.99/month.”

    Or, I can delete the app. Screw you, Amazon.

    What’s next, ads before you can listen to a song on Amazon Music?

    • Barb says:

      The ads on Prime weren’t bad, just 1 here & there.
      (We finished up Reacher on Monday)

      we are watching A Murder at the End of the World on Hulu.
      No where near as many as Hulu.

    • Jenka says:

      Prime announced this change on Monday, it’s the trend for all streaming services. I hate ads so they will probably get my money. Ugh.

      • David says:

        They already have mine. I watch very little TV and I refuse to endure any ads when I do. Northern Exposure is on Prime, and surprisingly Lucas likes it, so we’re a couple episodes into that. I did finish the second season of Reacher.

    • I missed the news.

      Nope, it’s a hard pass for me. Hulu is the only one for which I suffer ads and even that has caused me to scale back my viewing on that service. All streaming services are going for more money, which will drive me away from streaming. To be honest, reading books and listening to music is looking more promising for my future.

    • Bob says:

      I have used Amazon’s FreeVee service to watch movies before. There were like 3 ads that took about 45 seconds each. Wasn’t too bad to watch a free movie.

  5. Jenka says:

    What do you and Betsy watch when there’s no Amazing Race? Just curious.

    The cleaners are at my house right now doing a deep clean. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I’ve been sort of cleaning but there has been a layer of dust over EVERYTHING since demolition back in November. Every time I cleaned something it would be dirty the next day. It is so hard to live like that.

  6. Barb says:

    I got my care package of citrus from my friends that live in Vero Beach half the year.
    Its been too long since I’ve had grapefruit (not in a beer or drink).
    It is so good!
    I really need to buy grapefruit at the grocery store more often.

    • I hate grapefruit. I’m somewhat glad I do since I was told that it should be avoided by people taking statins, which I do.

      For those keeping score at home:
      Cucumber = can’t eat because I taste it all day
      Cilantro = tastes like soap to me
      Coconut = won’t eat raw, crunches in the teeth like onion
      Grapefruit = hate, too sour for me

      I may start calling it “Crapefruit” so it fits in with the others.

      • Ooh it just dawned on me that this would make for a fantastic Connections grouping. LOL

      • Barb says:

        more Grapefruit for me! (add a little sugar to it fresh – so good!)

        Cilantro – same – SOAP!
        Coconut – do not like – one of many reasons I could never be on Survivor.
        Cucumber – its ok – but not something I will buy.

        there’s plenty of foods I don’t like, but don’t hate. I will eat them at someone else’s house, but I would never buy/cook them.
        (example – brussel sprouts)

      • Jenka says:

        Same on the cilantro and coconut. Hate them. But I do love cucumbers and grapefruit.

        Unlike most people I despise sweet potatoes and mushrooms.

        • Barb says:

          2nd one for this list – Sweet potatoes
          there’s plenty of foods I don’t like, but don’t hate. I will eat them at someone else’s house, but I would never buy/cook them.

          • Jenka says:

            A couple of years ago I decided that I don’t *have* to eat things I don’t *really* like when they are presented to me (like at someone else’s house). I had been doing that all my life on sweet potatoes and other things and I realized that I can just admit I don’t like them and not have to eat them anymore! Very freeing.

  7. I have to walk up to the post office to mail a letter today. I’m struggling with the desire to stop at Grant Central for a slice of pizza and a beer. I have so much food in the house, and don’t need to spend the money nor ingest the calories.

  8. Barb says:

    I may need to go buy a lottery ticket

    I just got the images right on reCaptcha 3 days in a row 1st try on a website I use daily.

  9. Steve says:

    Mom and dad both loved grapefruit. I didn’t get that gene- yuck.

    I can’t think of much else I don’t eat, but while I like the flavor of coconut, the consistency is a non-starter. Debbie even got me to eat beets.

    • David says:

      So, did Debbie say, “here, eat these beets first and THEN you can have your umbrella?” 😉 😉 😉

      I like grapefruit but it countermands my thyroid medication, so I haven’t had it in decades. Cucumbers are fine, cilantro is fine, coconut is generally a no go except in pina coladas. I’ll take all of Jenka’s sweet potatoes, and Barb’s too. Mushrooms are fine in moderation, but I cannot abide portabellas. Eggplant and brussell sprouts are my two absolute no-go foods.

  10. Back from walking up to the post office, and picking up trash to and fro.

    I’ve learned a lot about you all today. As a child I was an extremely finicky eater, you are shocked I’m sure. However, adulthood, with a large dosage of Food Network turned me into a foodie.

  11. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with OUGHT. Conniptions today.

    The ponies got their semi annual shots this morning. New guy got the once over. His teeth are in good shape. He was a little reactive when she palpated his back. Hopefully no lasting damage from going through the fence yesterday.

    I think I’m the lone coconut lover in our friend group. When I was a kid, the coconut cake at the restaurant in Rich’s was a special treat. I occasionally torment Steve with it.

    My list of foods that don’t like me is longer than foods I don’t like. Bell peppers, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts are all on my cannot eat list. I don’t like raw onions or cilantro and can only do garlic in moderation. The Gobble meals we get always seem heavy on the garlic, but Steve only uses half of it when preparing the recipes. I generally use less than that if I’m cooking.

    Struggling to get accustomed to my new glasses with the progressive lenses. They are a bit disorienting.

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