Happy Groundhog Day!
Happy Groundhog Day!

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone for a hike, too long. It’s been so long that I no longer fit into the hiking pants I bought in 2021. Regardless, I am going hiking today even though I didn’t accomplish some tasks yesterday and hiking today will probably see them unfinished again. Today I am headed to Gainesville (Georgia) to visit Don Carter State Park for the first time. It’s possible that I may ruin some of my exercise by stopping at a brewery on the way home. It’s 100% certain that I will be drinking beer later this afternoon.

For the first time this year I managed an entire hour on the trainer. Progress!

Dinner last night was my cannellini beans, sausage, tomato, and sage dish. The meal was decent if not a bit weird for an entree. I ate the concoction over thick toast made from Monday’s loaf, and along side salad greens.

Last night I watched a documentary about the Linotype machine. Nerd much? The film, Linotype: The Film – In Search of the Eighth Wonder of the World came out in 2020 and is currently on YouTube (follow the link). It makes sense that I would find this documentary entertaining given that I was intrigued by typesetting as a child.

It’s currently 5:30am and I am lying in bed, listening to the bizarre calls, which sometimes sound almost chimpanzee like, of the barred owls outside.

Wordle: three, my starter was WAIST
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Purple > Blue > Green

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  1. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with OCEAN. Perfect Connections: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green.

    Packet pickup today for the Red Top Rumble. I will get to see many friends stopping by. Tomorrow is race prep, packet pickup and trail marking. Forecast is calling for rain on race day.

    Hope everyone has a fun week-end.

  2. Sally says:

    Have a good hike. Opt Outside! :). Weather looks good for today.

  3. David says:

    Greetings from Thomasville, Georgia. Surprisingly I can almost throw a rock and hit a Starbucks from my suite at the Best Western, which is manna from heaven. I am living large for $115/night. I surprised myself by stopping at Buc-ee’s in Warner Robbins. The thought of any fast food restaurant was curdling my stomach. I had a damn tasty pulled pork sandwich and a crack-laden apple pie that ensures a repeat visit tomorrow afternoon on my return from the hinterlands. Buc-ee’s used to trigger the fuck of me, now it’s actually amusing in an over the top carnival way instead of being an absolute sensory assault. It’s another testament to my recovery work.

    I’m glad you opted for a change of scenery, Paulie. It is always good for the soul.

    • Sally says:

      I have yet to stop at a Buc-ee’s. It’s something about a Disneyland convenient store that doesn’t interest me, but eventually my curiosity will win out. I am glad you enjoyed the experience.

    • Bob says:

      If you made it through a Buc-ee’s I would say your recovery is going very well 🙂 That place is nuts but I love it. There is always an open gas pump, bathrooms are super clean, and if you know what you want you can get in and out pretty quickly. However, do not go anywhere near there on a holiday weekend, crazy doesn’t even begin to describe what is going on

    • Barb says:

      I will never go to Buc-ees “on purpose” but if it is convenient & we at least sort of need gas, need to pee & are hungry, its the greatest invention in a long time.
      Allan & I did learn, the croissant breakfast sandwich, while delicious, is not a eat in the car sort of thing. We will opt for the brisket breakfast burrito next time.

    • Jenka says:

      I find the whole Buc-ee’s thing hilarious because the concept is one that I grew up with in Massachusetts and New York. Toll roads like Rt 90 meant you had to pay a toll to get off the highway, so they built massive rest stops at intervals along the road. There was one called Guilderland in MA right near the NY border that we always looked forward to. Pull in, get gas, go to the bathroom, get food from the food court, buy a sweatshirt or a beach chair from the store, etc.

  4. Barb says:

    nothing too exciting going on around here, did get out for a nice walk last night, our favorite gas station’s lottery ticket machine was down, so we made our way to the QT to buy 1. I like having a destination on a walk. Went past Sally’s house, she wasn’t home & made it back just before dark. Dinner was pork chops & leftovers in the fridge.

    I feel like I want to do something this evening, but not sure what.
    Slutty SoCo is on the other side of town, as is Hash Happy Hour, so those won’t happen. Hell – maybe a beer at the American Legion & then bingo at the VFW.
    Or, we may end up being boring & staying home….
    We have 1 episode left of Murder at the End of the World. Weird show, but I think Allan likes it.

    • Barb says:

      we should have to go get my car too – 30,000 mile check up, oil change & new tires. (a bad alignment I knew was happening, but I also knew the tires were already messed up, so why pay for an alignment after the fact?)

  5. Jenka says:

    Back when we had that really cold snap the TPMS light came on in my car. I ignored it for a couple of weeks until a few days ago when I decided it was just the temperature change so I set the car to calibrate and the error message went away. Sadly it was not a permanent solution because it came on again as I was driving home last night. Wer wer.

    This morning the moving & storage company has already come and gone, delivering our dining room furniture and all the kitchen stuff that have all been in storage since Thanksgiving. I will have a busy weekend unpacking the kitchen stuff. I am vowing to not put away anything that I haven’t used in years. I am thinking of a couple serving platters that I have never once used in the almost 9 years I’ve lived in this house. I’m sure there are others.

    • Barb says:

      serving platters – you need to have a PARTY!!!
      just saying.

      BTW – the Buy Nothing group for your “neighborhood” on FB is probably a great way to get rid of stuff like that. You post it – someone says they’d like it – arrange for then to come pick it up off your porch. I just got rid of some queen sheets I didn’t like.

      • Jenka says:

        I have THREE sets of serving platters. I definitely don’t need all of them. When we first moved into this house we had a lot of parties, and I still didn’t use all the serving platters.

        Sadly there is no Buy Nothing group for Candler Park. There used to be a massive one that was comprised of 6 neighborhoods but they decided it was too cumbersome so they are going to split them. But that hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with GREAT. Perfect Connections.

    The soup experiment was outstanding! It’s more of a stew – thick and hearty. I’ll make it again and start tweaking it a bit. We’ll be eating it for days which is good since our Gobble box was never delivered. Our regular FedEx driver must be off this week.

    Buc-ee’s grows on you. I thought it was too over the top first time I went in, but now I think it’s really easy to get in and out. They always have plenty of cashiers. You can’t beat their prices for fuel. It’s at least .30 cheaper than anywhere else.

    Talked Steve into doing a barn project today so we’re out gathering materials. Happy Friday!

  7. Jenka says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with STEAL.

    Perfect Connections: green > yellow > purple > blue.

  8. Barb says:

    my giggle of the day – I guy I’m dealing with on email is Luigi.
    I’ve never met a Luigi.
    I do like that name

  9. Steve says:

    Server error!

  10. Will catch up more later…

    Eight mile hike done, stymied only by the state park shower facilities being behind the registered camper gate. Had to take a bum’s shower to wash my hair.

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