At the Waschsalon this morning, and just like everything else, the cost of cleaning clothes has risen.

Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day for me. I ended the daytime by going grocery shopping for an interesting 4.3 mile walk which took me past familiar sights and many happy people, which of course sent me in the opposite direction. Things were so strange that I had to cross the street to not appear to be the creepy guy walking behind the pretty woman out walking her dog.

Okay today… I’m struggling to decide whether or not I should try T-Mobile again, given that I theoretically thawed my credit checks until tomorrow. There are still many chores already on my schedule for today, this week, and in the time period when I return from Florida.

Wordle: three, my starter was FIGHT
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Blue > Purple > Green

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  1. Steve says:

    Again today, Wordle in 3 from having 1 letter in the wrong place! Connections with one error. Purple needs to get better, because today was pretty ridiculous.

    A couple more episodes of “Imposter” last night (I think that’s the name). A long con game where those conned are now in pursuit of the con artist.

    55 minutes on the trainer. I did add sealant to the tubeless tires on the new bike Sunday. I need to check and see if they are holding air any better.


  2. Sally says:

    Wordle in 5. Started with DELTA. Don’t use that word. hahahaha. Took 3 guesses to get one correct letter. Not many letters left so I got it in 2 after that.

    No mistakes in Connections. I agree with you Steve, I would don’t have guessed purple. Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

    Tonight is the GUTS run 1st Tuesday so Pizza and Beer afterwards. I get Mia and Emma tonight thru the 15th.

    Seeing the Pulmonary doctor today. I’ll give him one more chance to tell me why I can’t breathe. After that…I’m seeing someone else. Maybe there aren’t any answers.

    Got the list of Chattahooligans for BRAG. There were two interlopers on the list. Might have to contact them to see what they are about. I hated that Franklin listed the team names so anyone could register and pick a team.

    • Sally says:

      I like how auto correct changed “I wouldn’t have guessed”…to “I would don’t have guessed.” hahaha

    • Was one named Patrick? If so, talk to Stan.

      Good luck at the doctor. Hope he can finally crack that nut.

      My normal attack on purple is “Why is that word, which is such an outlier, here?” And then work to see how I can use it. I guess it all seems normal to me after watching “Only Connect” for nearly four years.

      • Sally says:

        That makes sense. I’ll try that tactic tomorrow! Patrick is one of Stan’s friends. It was two people from Warner Robins. Apparently serious riders as one has already clocked in 600 miles this year already. I may contact them as I now have their numbers. 🙂

    • Jenka says:

      I look forward to seeing the pics from Joanna’s and Mike’s adventures on the Facebook Machine! I wonder where they will go this time?!

  3. David says:

    Here’s the rundown on cancellations: Delta, no problem, canceled online. Hertz: couldn’t cancel online but their Facebook Messenger support is amazing, they’re refunding my prepayment. Marriott: I called and got the one night penalty they wanted waived. Hilton: cancel online without penalty. AirBNB: screw you, motherfucker, we’re keeping your goddamn money. I did manage to open a dispute with AmEx, so one can hope. It’s probably just a stay of execution but I’ll take it.

    I’m sure you can guess who’ll be doing business with going forward and who I won’t. The Hilton and Marriott stays were part of plan B when I shifted my trip from Sunday-Thursday to Tuesday-Saturday.

    My trip is getting rescheduled to later this month or March.

    Who wants to get a Silver Comet ride on the calendar in March or April?

    • Sally says:

      AirBNB tacks on a lot of fees too. Glad you got everything else refunded. I’m in for a Silver Comet ride, as long as it’s on a day I’m not working. :).

      • And let’s not forget that the cleaning fee is not part of the rental fee and seems to be the same if you spend one night or one week at the AirBnB. I’ve ignored many potential rentals because of this.

      • David says:

        I had a good plan, I had found an oceanfront apartment in Malibu, I’d cover the first two nights, my client would cover the third, and then I’d take the red-eye back the day of my gig. Oh well, lesson learned. Even with the fees the Malibu place was commensurate with an LA hotel. It could’ve been heaven but it turned into a hell. Whatever, I’m moving on from it.

    • I’m in for March and/or April as long as there is no cancellation fee. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    • David says:

      I’m still in a dialog with AirBNB support via their web site. Some sort of relief might still be in order. Fingers crossed. That’s one angle, my credit card dispute is a second angle. I also have a dialog going with AirBNB’s Twitter account. I’m not going down without a fight.

  4. Home from Waschsalon, because it was too early to go to a T-Mobile store since they don’t open until 10am.

  5. It’s amazing how many things that used to work flawlessly which now take a workaround to work. For example, my password manager used to never fail to suggest the user name and password, but now occasionally requires me to kill and relaunch Safari for it to work. Death by a thousand cuts…

  6. Barb says:

    green – yellow – blue – purple.
    I thought – green can’t be right – but I’ll guess it anyway. (and it worked)

  7. Jenka says:

    Welp, Oakdale between my house and Emory is now well and truly closed for sewage work. So that fucks up my commute for the next six weeks. However, I took Moreland this morning and it was pretty fast, it may even be faster than the back roads. So I am optimistic!

    Family friend coming in to stay the night from Columbus today. Thankfully our guest room is back in order, just in time. I! Am! Going! To! Cook! Dinner! 🙂

    • David says:

      The Oakdale closure got me yesterday when I was trying to go back south. I have long found Moreland is more effective at getting to Paideia rather than turning on Euclid and traversing Oakdale. I go up to Fairview and turn right. Rachel had my car today and the Oakdale closure snared her as well.

      • Jenka says:

        It got me on the way home last night, too. Now that I know to avoid it, I will adjust my commute appropriately. Coming home is way worse than going in. There’s no way I can traverse Moreland during evening rush hour. So I’ll have to use Clifton and go all the way around Candler Park.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3, perfect Connections yellow-green-blue-purple. Whoever thinks up the purple category has way too much time on their hands. Green made me laugh. I, too, thought surely not, but I love adolescent humor.

    Off to deliver the last of Mickey’s ulcer meds to the trainer. Glad I wasn’t the one who had to administer the bulk of them. It has to be timed around meals so it takes a fair amount of effort to give it properly.

    New kitties are feeling really bold. I guess I need to come up with names.

    Cash has gotten attached to Minnie so the herd is split into pairs. I need to go back to integrating them, but Phinney is still in hard core attack mode. Farm soap opera.

    • Barb says:

      Such entertainment with the animals.

      are the new cats catching any unwanted rodents yet?

    • Jenka says:

      As The Farm Turns?

      • Steve says:


        We have unwanted mice in the crawl space, who seem to be ignoring my peanut butter baited traps. Someone recommended a water trap based on a 5 gallon bucket. I’m fine with a normal trap that is quick, but I don’t want to torture the little buggers.

  9. Jenka says:

    Wordle in 3 using STEAL.

    Connections with 2 mistakes: yellow > green > blue > purple.

  10. Did a little WLFing, including transplanting onions that I am certain will fail, but need to get out of the basement since they have grown as large as they can in the container in which they were started.

    Feeling run down, so I just ate some pineapple slices from a can, and drank the juice. Sugar rush!

  11. Still debating the T-Mobile gamble today. If I plan it right, I can avoid heavy traffic. It all would have worked out perfectly had I been able to make the purchase yesterday.

  12. Easy pangram for Spelling Bee today. My participation in that game ends whenever I find a pangram, or struggle too much to make it pleasurable.

  13. David says:

    I accomplished some decluttering today, and finally got the shelves put in place on my bookcase that got painted last month. I also cleared a boatload of expired credit cards, health insurance cards, local attraction passes, and other detritus from my desk drawer. A CHARM visit is definitely nigh. I’m also boxing up books that will get taken to the condo, since that person wants them and I don’t.

  14. Bob says:

    Things are getting interesting at work. CIO was kicked out a few months ago and now our CISO was just let go. This is a good thing because those 2 really messed things up. Big changes are coming, I just hope they are positive.

    Does anybody want a teenager? I just spent the morning at the orthodontist replacing the retainer he lost after only having it for a week (insert angry emoji here). That shit was expensive!!

    We are doing a few AirBnB places for our Florida trips next month. At least they were up front with extra fees and seems to be on par with a hotel stay.

    Steve you can still do the bucket trap just don’t put water in it. Once you catch them they can be released to an open field somewhere else (where a hawk will probably eat them :-)).

    • David says:

      That’s pretty impressive to lose one’s retainer within a week. 😉 Seriously, I feel your pain, Bob, on the teenager front.

      AirBNB absolutely has exclusions for refunding rentals during hurricane season, but you’ll be down there before the season begins.

      I think Steve’s new squatters will take care of business on the mice.

    • Jenka says:

      What is a CISO? For those of us who aren’t fluent in corporate-speak.

      I bet Travis finds his retainer as soon as he gets home. 🙂

      • CISO = Chief Information Security Officer

        Hahaha, I bet you are correct about that.

      • Bob says:

        I wish, he thinks he threw it out at lunch last Friday so it is gone gone.

        Sorry about the acronyms.
        CIO – chief information officer – head cheese for all technology
        CISO – chief information security officer – head cheese for securing all technology

        • Jenka says:

          Oh, no worries. CIO is completely normal, it’s just the first time I’ve seen CISO. I’m sure we have someone who is in charge of information security but it’s not someone who is widely known.

    • Sorry Bob, no can do. I barely (read “can’t”) afford my lifestyle as it is!

    • Steve says:

      That’s a good idea, Bob. I might just try that. As for the hawk being responsible, they still have a fair chance.

      Hand Travis the bill and ask him how he plans to pay for it. Only half joking.

      • Bob says:

        Oh the receipt is hanging on the fridge where he will see it 500 times a day when he is foraging for food 🙂

  15. Barb says:

    Listening to Toby Keith today – very sad he has died of cancer.
    His country music always makes me smile.
    I found a concert he did over in Iraq in 2006. its quite entertaining.

  16. Man, breweries in this town are weird. None of the ones in the Oakhurst/Decatur/Avondale Estates area open before 3pm, if they even open at all on a Tuesday. And here I was going to blow a little cash on beer…

  17. Speaking of breweries, I heard that the German bakery/brewery in Stone Mountain suffered major damage by fire last weekend. They will be closed for awhile.

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