The Florida house is unrecognizable. Under different circumstances, like fully functioning plumbing, I’d consider buying my brother out and owning it. I’m typing this while completely sober, but I am not crazy enough to become a long distance landlord, and my days of living in Florida are over. As I sat at the house yesterday I found it hard to believe that the Super Bowl occurred a mere week ago. Living and working with my brother and sister in law made for an action-packed week.

On Friday night I had a weird dream in which my mother was in the house in its current state, and she was upset that we had removed all of her things.

I thought my T-Mobile Home Internet problem solved itself on Saturday morning because I was able to stream music on my iPhone, or so I thought. However, when I tried again on late Saturday afternoon it failed on all of my devices. Ugh.

Rain this weekend canceled the thoughts of bike riding, but, the breweries were open!

With some creative cleaning I managed to cook and eat all of my weekend meals at the house. Most of my meals consisted of leftovers, but I did whip up a couple as well. I’ll be eat in four with a cousin tonight, and have plans to head to St Pete (ironically I’ve just given you an answer for today’s NYT Mini Crossword) this week where I will also consume a meal out.

This being Presidents’ Day means that all of my business-related tasks are pushed to tomorrow.

Wordle: three, my starter was LATCH
Connections: perfect, Blue > Yellow > Green > Purple

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  1. Exercise is a MUST today. I am feeling incredibly flabby and disappointed that it’s been over a week since I have done anything about it.

    • Sunny and in the low 50s this morning. Could ride but didn’t prepare since I assumed roads and Pinellas Trail would be wet. Riding will happen tomorrow, and at least two more times before I return ITP.

      Once I finish my coffee and brush my teeth I will get dressed and go for a walk.

  2. Even though it’s Presidents’ Day local residents believe that their trash and recycling will be collected today. Therefore I have followed suit and put out the filled cans for the Florida house.

  3. Sally says:

    I didn’t accomplish much on Saturday other than to get a long run in at Kennesaw Mtn. I went to the Wheelhopper hash yesterday and had a fun day. The trail and beer stops were good. It just took a long time to get back to the cars and thus I missed my staff meeting, which I didn’t want to attend anyways!

    Picking up a new dog today and will have him through Thursday. His name is Chance.

    Wordle in 3 starting with DANCE. I hear Barb got it in two! :). Perfect Connections: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green.

  4. Barb says:

    Wild ass guess using Paulie’s start word for 2 in Wordle.

    Weekend was good –
    Friday night went to a Japanese place – service is slowwww – but when you realize it is 2 people doing everything – you just play along.

    Saturday walked up to Waffle house for breakfast, but it was actually lunchtime by the time we did it – so I got a sandwich.
    Went out south of Rockmart to the Paris Mountain Vineyard to hear a friend play some music, wine was better than expected, though I have no idea how they call it a mountain – we barely saw any hills.

    I still have a little of a head cold breathing issues, and I know the hills around Marietta, so I skipped the Wheelhopper. But – went to the start to sell a hoodie, and got roped into helping AssWeGo get a car to the end. (it was a very A-B trail). After all that run around, Ramaho, daughter Libby & Double Suck got a 3+ mile walk in.

  5. David says:

    Wordle in 4, 1 miss on Connections.

    Saturday was a 45 mile ride to Stone Mountain. It’s probably been 18 months since I went out that way. My friend MJ saved me from myself by reminding me to lubricate my chain and to hydrate properly to avoid cramps. Damn it, she was right. Of course I had to pee for most of the second half of the ride but that is much easier to handle than debilitating cramps.

    Yesterday the kids and I and my “wife’s” stepmother went to see a local production of Montgomery: The Musical. It was an all black cast except for 1 white dude. What shocked me was that the play was written by a white male superior court judge. It was an amazing play, and some of those actors can seriously sing. The play centers around how MLK got his start as a pastor in Montgomery. I have a lot more empathy than I ever thought I would for Coretta Scott King, she truly went through the wringer in many ways. The play sold out, and the audience was pretty evenly divided between black and white. It surprised me to see a play like that a stones throw from Alabama.

    • Barb says:

      45 miles- you go David!!!

      sounds like an interesting play.

      • David says:

        Thanks, Barb! Did you ride bikes out to Rockmart? And it was a very interesting play. Very well done.

        • Barb says:

          we decided not to – decided it was breezy & was easier to just get a walk in here at home was easier that dragging the bikes & a change of clothes, etc before going to the winery.

    • Well done on the ride. I’ll be preparing my bike for a ride tomorrow. The ride to Tropicana Field for the house is about fifty miles, round trip. Hilariously Google Maps warns of “Steep Hills”, 300 feet of incline change over fifty miles, all overpasses.

      I’m guessing this play was at a smaller, local theater. It sounds like the type of “February Play” (Black History Month) that I’d have a ticket to see when I was a theater subscriber before the pandemic.

  6. Jenka says:

    Called executive meeting this morning means I won’t have time for games until afternoon. Zoom technical issues this morning, so frustrating!

  7. Just received a text which was a phishing scheme. Perhaps they should have used a url different than one that references cosplay for dolls as a url used by a bank?

  8. Three mile walk done, starting to heat up out there. Want more exercise, because I feel terribly fat.

  9. Bob says:

    Wordle in 3 with no cheating 🙂
    2 mistakes in connections and 100% fell for the red herring.

    Wheelhopper was fun yesterday, got to love when we can add a second beer stop in there. Although, the 40 minute round trip shuttle to the cars from the end kind of sucked. Great seeing everybody, can’t wait for Spring Tune Up!

    You are not going to reboot your life and be a Florida man? Oh the opportunities down there. 🙂

  10. I feel as if I should be going out to buy a mattress or linens today, I’m sure there are some Presidents’ Day sales occurring. Instead I will be picking up some Amazon purchases at Whole Foods, go to Target, and later meet some cousins for dinner.

  11. Barb says:

    speaking of cousins –
    I’m meeting my uncle for “lupper” as he is driving from his sons (my cousin) place in Orlando back home to Tennessee today.
    He thinks he will be in town around 3pm.
    So – easiest place I could think of off 75 is Ruby Tuesdays.
    (lets hope the wait staff actually exists)

  12. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4, no Conniptions, maybe later.

    Curiously, I tried to hit this website from my phone, while waiting on my breakfast at WH. I got a warning that it wasn’t secure. When I tried to proceed, it wasn’t found. Hmmm.

    A pretty good weekend, though not a lot of exercise. Saturday work went well, spent some extra time at the orifice catching up on things, then found lunch at Old Hickory House in Tucker. Stopped by the greatest hardware store in the world – Handy Ace in Tucker (Sorry, TLC), then found the Games party.

    A good turnout. Our awards were well received and it seemed everyone had a good time. Still made it back for dessert at a friends where Debbie had dinner.

    Sunday was blueberry pancakes and house work. I did get a half hour on the trainer and replaced the chain on the road bike, but shoulda gotten out on the road.

    Watched “The Dirty Dozen” on TCM during 31 days of Oscar.

    Chores now, then a bike ride.


    • It’s not secure, I’ve never looked into getting a certificate to make it https instead of http.

      Speaking of movies, my brother and SIL got me into watching movies at night. I am contemplating buying a Hitchcock collection and watch those classics.

      • Speaking of insecure, the website that I have been earning money through completing surveys has flagged my ip address for some reason so I am not able to do any today.

      • Barb says:

        I’m 99% sure Allan has all of the movies you might want on his hard drives. If you bring over a hard drive – he can load them up for you for free.

  13. Barb says:

    oh – my brand new tires – and I have the TMPS light on saying I have low pressure.
    Need to youtube how to get it turned off I guess.

    • David says:

      Barb, check and see if your vehicle allows two sets of tires, meaning summer tires and winter tires. What happened to me is Discount Tire tied my new tires to the “winter” set but the car is expecting the “summer” set. It may not be the TPMS at all, but rather just a configuration issue.

  14. Steve says:

    25 in the books on the actual road bike. Felt funny to have to steer! ( it’s been on the trainer all winter).

    Still no website from the phone. Screwy.

    • Well done.

      No idea, I’m using my iPhone now, but I’m a special case.

      I still can’t access Apple Music nor the iOS App Store, which is frustrating me.

      • Barb says:

        Sorry Steve- this works fine from my phone

        Sorry Paulie – my Apple Music is working fine on my WiFi.

        Apps I think update fine- I just do it when I need an app.

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