Saturday would have been my mother’s birthday. I had chores to do, mostly cleanup of Friday’s lumberjacking, but had in mind to go out for dinner to celebrate her life. As I walked the mile to Dunedin’s Main Street I walked past Grant Field (TD American Park?) and saw many people exiting the stadium. I made it to a very crowded Dunedin Brewing where after a couple of beers surmised going out for dinner would be a bad idea. The thought of returning to the Florida house was improved by remembering that I had food in the house that I could prepare, and save some money in the process. I may have eaten at least as many calories as if I had eaten at a restaurant, but at a fraction of the cost.

Though I was probably an hour too late to start, I went out for a 45 mile out and-back ride on The Pinellas Trail yesterday. The reason I felt that I started too late was the number of people on the trail upon my return. This was my third ride of the trip, not bad given the weather and other commitments I had.

I’m going to the Blue Jays spring training game against Pittsburgh this afternoon.

I’m feeling aimless these days. I no longer know what I want out of life…

Wordle: four, my starter was FRAUD
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3. And I figured out why you’re still in Florida- looks like “Florida Man Games” were this past weekend in St. Augustine. (I’ll spare you the NYT link).

    Saturday was the 30 miles Border Wars gravel ride and I can honestly say I have never felt that bad on a bike- ever. It was my own damn fault, as I started with a half full water bottle. While I got more at the turnaround, not enough, so the last 5 miles were a death march. Oh, and the WIND!!. Holy F. The course was in great shape and otherwise it was a great ride.

    Sunday was a recovery day and after WH and grocery shopping, Debbie suggested I burn one of the smaller piles still around, so that was the extent of my afternoon.

    Watching “For all mankind” after we finished “Imposters” which we highly recommend.


    • Barb says:

      We have started season 3 of For All Mankind. It’s a crazy show. Allan is loving it – he’s always liked astronaut & Nasa stuff. I’m enjoying it – as I have never paid that much attention to the space race, and these alternative ideas are interesting.

  2. David says:

    Wordle in 5, 1 miss on connections.

  3. The commonality of my residences continues. I just went outside to add some trash to the garbage which is out on the curb, and just like in Atlanta, some dog owner chose my garbage can to deposit a bag of dog shit. Every house on the street has a garbage can on the curb, I wonder how many of those also contain bags of dog shit.

  4. Jenka says:

    Happy Monday! I had a great weekend. Saturday we went to see Les Mis the movie. They remastered it for its 10 year anniversary and released it on the big screen again for a limited time. I hadn’t seen it in the theaters the first time around so I enjoyed it. Sunday I made a big pot of soup, it’s a creamy Italian sausage and tortellini. Kevin swears it’s the best soup I’ve ever made. I’ll take it!

    • Barb says:

      I made a creamy Italian tortellini soup with no sausage on Sunday – but – added some bacon.
      We had massages – so I always feed Sue dinner after we are done.

      • Jenka says:

        I also added bacon, I had some leftover from something else so I added it. I also used the bacon fat as the base for the mirepoix. That could have something to do with why Kevin likes it? NAH.

  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with False. One mistake in Connections

    Lovely, horsey weekend. Fun hunt on Saturday as a road whip. I was riding with the OG road whip, Rick; he’s fun to spend time with and so knowledgeable about hunting and the electronics we use to track them. I was going to ride in the afternoon, but decided to opt out due to the wind.

    Good rides on both horses yesterday. What a stunning day to be outside!

    I need your soup recipe Jenka.

    I made a warm salmon salad with sauteed shaved brussels sprouts with a whole grain mustard vinaigrette with dried cherries, goat cheese and pistachios. It’s my new addiction – so tasty!

  6. It took longer than it should have, but ticket purchased for today’s Blue Jays game. I am still uncertain why there were $4.50 worth of “fees” when I purchased the ticket at the box office.

    Sadly had to loosen my belt today. Even with all of my bike riding I am eating and drinking far too much to maintain, never mind, lose weight. Must change that upon my return to Atlanta.

  7. Steve says:

    Hey Bob- shoot me an email address for you- steve.brady at atl.frb.org

  8. Eating poutine for lunch at the ballpark. To my surprise Labatt’s is no longer the beer sold at Blue Jay games. I was all set to suck it up and order one.

  9. Bob says:

    What you want out of life? How could you want more at this point? You are living the dream! Ride bikes, drink beer, tinker in the garden, enjoying your semi-retired life, I’m jealous.

    Good weekend visiting Brint, he is doing really well up there. I think he knows the whole town too, anywhere we went he was saying hey to somebody. He can probably run for mayor and win 🙂

    Fun times riding motos and drinking beer.

    Thanks for the link Steve, I’ll see what happens.

  10. Barb says:

    busy, busy Monday.
    hope y’all day is not as hectic as mine.
    and – its soooooo nice outside – its killing me!

  11. Back from the ballpark. I’ll write up a summary tonight, and since I will be on the road tomorrow will post it before I leave.

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